5/22/87]]Standard report] Page 1 Title]]]Author] Cright 100,000 Years of Man's Unknown His

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5/22/87 Standard report Page 1 Title Author Cright -------------------------------------------- ---------------------- ------ 100,000 Years of Man's Unknown History Charroux,Robert 63 Aliens From Space Keyhoe,Donald 73 Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery Adamski,George 61 Bible and Flying Saucers,The Downing,Barry 68 Challenge to Science:The Ufo Enigma Vallee,Jacques 66 Chariots of Fire Parry,Michael 74 Crystal Skull,The Garvin,Richard 73 Day the Gods Died,The Ernsting,Walter 71 ET Visits From PreHistory to Present Bergier,Jacques 70 Eighth Tower,The Keel,John 75 Encounters with UFO Occupants Lorenzen,Coral 76 Flying Saucers Jung,Dr.C.G. 59 Flying Saucers-Serious Business Edwards,Frank 66 God Drives a Flying Saucer Dione,R.L. 69 Gods and Spacemen in Ancient East Drake,W.Raymond 68 Gods, Demons and UFOs Norman,Eric 70 Gold of the Gods,The vonDaniken,Erich 72 Inside the Flying Saucers Adamski,George 55 Intercept/UFO Vesco,Renato 68 Interrupted Journey,The Fuller,John 66 Invisible Residents Sanderson,Ivan 70 Is Anyone Out There Stoneley,Jack 74 Limbo of the Lost Spencer,John 69 Lo! Fort,Charles 31 Moon:Outpost of the Gods,The Sendy,Jean 68 Mothman Prophecies,The Keel,John 75 Mysteries of Time and Space Steiger,Brad 74 Mysterious Signals from Outer Space,The Lunan,Duncan 74 Mystery of Atlantis,The Berlitz,Charles 69 New UFO Sightings,The McWane & Graham 74 No Earthly Explanation Spencer,John 74 Not of this World Kolosimo,Peter 71 Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space Chatelain,Maurice 75 Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon Wilson,Don 75 Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle,The Ebon,Martin 75 Secret Forces of the Pyramids Smith,Warren 75 Secrets of the Hollow Earth Smith,Warren 76 Spaceships of Ezekiel,The Blumrich,Josef 74 Star People,The Steiger,Brad & Francie 81 Stranger Than Science Edwards,Frank 59 Truth About Flying Saucers,The Michel,Aime 56 UFO Missionaries Extraordinary Hewes & Steiger 76 UFOs From Behind the Iron Curtain Hobana & Weverbergh 72 UFOs Past, Present and Future Emenegger,Robert 74 UFOs and Their Mission Impossible Wilson,Clifford 74 UFOs in Space Vallee,Jacques 65 5/22/87 Standard report Page 2 Title Author Cright -------------------------------------------- ---------------------- ------ Unidentified,The Clark & Coleman 75 Walton Experience,The Walton,Travis 78 Why UFO's Keel,John 70


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