The Following Sighting Reports Are A Partial Excerpt From The 1988 March-April edition (Vo

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Following Sighting Reports Are A Partial Excerpt From The 1988 March-April edition (Vol. 9, #2) of the CUFORN Bulletin, reprinted with permission. For more info on CUFORN Please access the appropriate Menu option. -Tom Mickus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ParaNet Pi: - 300/1200 Baud - 40 Megs - 24 Hrs - 416-244-9999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ REPEATER IN TORONTO CE-1 REFUSES HYPNOSIS ========================================= (-by Lawrence Fenwick) A close encounter with two UFOs occurred in Toronto, Ont., Canada in the early morning hours of March 11, 1988. This was less than 1/2 mile from Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes of North America and in a major metropolitan urban area. One of the observers, Deborah Theaker, later told investigators that this was only the latest in a series of UFO events that had seemingly followed her around wherever she lived in Canada. CUFORN was alerted to the report when Deborah and friend Darren Boyce called Metropolitan Toronto Police, who referred them to Downsview Air Force Base. Staff Corporal McKay had CUFORN's phone number and gave it to the couple who called us. Deborah, 25, is an actress an scriptwriter for SCTV (Second City Television), a famous TV comedy show. She and Darren had just arrived back in Toronto from Darren's native Australia, where they had just watched the Channel 7 special about the Nullabor Plains CE-2 of January 20, 1988. Darren, an electrician, 24, was a skeptic until the night in question. Flickering Lights ----------------- Here is what happened in Deborah's own words: "It was approximately 1:10 or 1:20am on Friday morning that the incident occurred. I was watching television, sitting on the sofa, when I noticed lights out of the corner of my eye. Something seemed strange about it and so I looked out the window to my left which was uncovered and gave a clear, unobstructed view. I saw a very large oblong object surrounded by flickering lights. There were definitely red and white lights, but I'm not sure whether there was another colour or not. There might have been blue lights as well, but I'm not exactly certain. I am uncertain of the time, but I would think that I saw it around 1:20 or 1:30 at the very latest." "There was a large, luminous "headlight" in the sky over the trees across the street to the right. It was pulsing and I felt that it was communicating with the larger object. The larger metallic object moved towards the light. But I don't remember seeing it move there", Deborah said. Woke Up Friend -------------- "I phoned my sister and she instructed me to wake Darren up as he was asleep in the other room. We both looked out the window at this point, I could no longer see the bright "headlight". I thought that the object moved slowly behind the trees on the street opposite Coe Hill Drive. It was either moving west or descending slowly. After a brief period of time, we lost sight of the object. Darren suggested that we phone the police. They arrived within approximately 20 minutes. It was just after 2:20am when they knocked on our door." Curiously enough, Deborah had a dream the previous night which she felt was a warning that "something was coming to get me". She called her mother in Sidney, British Columbia, 2000 miles away, that night, and told her "a UFO is coming to get me." Something Hovering ------------------ Darren described his part in the observation: "Deborah woke me up shouting that there was a UFO outside the window. I went and had a look and could see something hovering beyond the line of houses across the street. While it was too dark to see the outline of the object, it appeared to be pulsing. It slowly moved away from us to the west. All the lights were on all the time, but each light would individually pulse bright. The pulse would take about one second to complete one revolution." That night was a clear one, with no wind and few stars visible in the glare of the city lights. There are high tension power lines in the area. No sound was heard. The objects were about 20 degrees above the horizon. In our interview with Deborah, she said she was "scared. I felt like they were looking at me and I felt like I knew who they were and they were coming back." Investigators Harry Tokarz and Joe Muskat did what the two police officers had done on the night of the event -- they carefully looked at the area where the UFOs were seen -- a small park and a children's playground. No traces were found, nor was there any damage to the trees. Muskat and Tokarz personally investigated the case on March 12. The next day, Tokarz spoke to Police Constable Wilkinson who had been summoned alond with Police Constable Sonsini. The officer said Deborah was "hysterical but sensible." The officer said a Staff Sargeant had gone to the area first, but on checking police records, there was no mention of any such prior check by a Staff Sargeant. Hearing Defect -------------- Deborah recently had visited an audiologist who told her she had a congenital defect in both ears. She cannot hear low frequency sounds. Yet she could recall no ear problems in her past, except for the odd ear-ache. CUFORN investigators Tokarz and Muskat discovered in their interview with Deborah that she is a "repeater". She was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Her father was Mayor of the town of Esterhazy in that Canadian province. Her mother was a nurse. She has one younger brother, Kent and one sister, Shelley. Deborah said that when she was three years old, she saw what she called then "the Easter Bunny". She remembered its eyes as being bright but otherwise normal. That would have been in 1966. At age seven, she and Shelley saw a circular object in their home town. In 1976, at age 13, she did not menstruate for four months. She did not go to her family doctor or tell her parents. She did tell CUFORN that at the time, she felt "something was taken from me." She has what Darren says appears to be a Caesarian birth scar, although she has never been pregnant. Looked Like Beans ----------------- She said, when she was 13, she woke up one morning feeling sore all over. When she looked at her bed, she saw what looked like dried-up kidney beans covering the bed of her brother who slept in the twin bed next to her. She thought he had eaten some beans and had vomited in his sleep. He had not eaten beans, however. She slept through the night and was not awakened by anything that could have caused the beans to appear. She said that one night when she was at summer camp at Round Lake, Saskatchewan, she and other campers saw a formation of UFOs. The camp was Camp O'Neill. She recalled one other camper, Roger Keyes, and that the head of the camp, who was a Minister, also saw the object. The minister said he would report the sighting to someone, but, as far as Deborah can recall, no authorities were ever notified about the encounter. The year was 1978. We also found out that when Deborah lived in Saskatoon, in 1982, she and her brother Kent observed a UFO on a summer night. She recalled that she could not account for a period of time amounting to an hour and a half. Not only is Deborah a repeater, but the element of missing time may mean that she was abducted. She has noticed in the past three years or so, that she has a hollowed out cut or scoop mark on her left shoulder. Fear Of Hypnosis ---------------- All these stories remain just stories at this time, as, after some discussion with Tokarz, she got as far as agreeing to visit our consultant in regressive hypnosis, Dr. David Gotlib. And that is as far as it got, as after an interview with the doctor, Deborah said she was afraid to undergo hypnosis. She said that an amateur hypnotist had unsuccessfully tried to hypnotize her years ago. She used that and her fear of what she might find out as her reason for declining to pursue regressive hypnosis. Hypnosis would give some scientific credibility to CUFORN's investigation and could relieve her fear or the trauma she may have undergone as a result of an abduction by humanoids. Unless she changes her mind, we will never know for sure what happened to her over the years. GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR SEES UFO WITH BLACK PIPES HOVERING OUTSIDE HER 44TH FLOOR APT. WINDOW IN MID-TOWN TORONTO ================================================================ (-by Lawrence Fenwick) A lady whom we will call "Shelley Wells" was watching television while laying in bed at 7pm on Friday, March 18, 1988, when out of the corner of her eye she saw a strange object hovering outsider her 44th floor apartment in the Thorncliffe Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Interviewed by Joe Muskat and Harry Tokarz of CUFORN, she described the object as a charcoal grey metallic device about 15-20 feet in diameter with black struts hanging from each end. She said she was "astounded and ran to the window". The UFO seemingly reacted to her movement by first moving slowly eastwards, then swiftly ascending to the clouds. She called the two appendages "pipes" which were about five inches long. The UFO had no seams and she could not hear any sound as her window was closed and there was no balcony on that side of the building, so she could not go out to observe more closely. She estimated the UFO was no more than ten feet from the window which faces north. She estimated the total observation lasted 15 seconds. All her neighbors were either away at the time or were elderly and no one else reported seeing anything. Ms. Wells told us that it was dusk, overcast and cool. The UFO had sharp edges. The area is near high tension power lines and a hydro-electric substation. She waited two months before calling the police about the sighting. They referred her to Downsview AFB who gave her CUFORN's number. Her disbelief in what she saw made her wait to report the sighting. Shelley is a former Air Canada stewardess and now works as Director of Communications for one of the Ministries of the Ontario Government in Toronto. She is 43, and has a male friend, Lawrence Sherman, Jr., who is an architect former U.S. Air Force officer who was based in the Pacific. Sherman's late father was Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon and a friend of the late U.S. Air Force General NATHAN TWINING of MJ12. Colonel Lawrence Sherman, Sr. was also the Director of U.S.A.F. Intelligence for the Pacific.


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