[This is a transcript of the May 29, 1988 Issues conference with abductee Shirley Coyne] I

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[This is a transcript of the May 29, 1988 Issues conference with abductee Shirley Coyne] ID Nod Rm Name / Forum Area ---- ------------ --- --- ----------------- 2 72135,424 PNX 5 Drax 34 76067,3777 MRT 5 Sysop Ted Markley 35 74270,3360 BOI 5 DON 49 70511,17 CRZ 5 Mike 68 76703,266 WBU 5 G-WIZ 71 Guest FLM 5 Shirley 81 71605,2013 OKC 5 Gerry Zeitlin 112 75376,1620 CVK 5 DBW 115 71331,1003 DLQ 3 steve 58 71521,240 CSG 5 Thomas F. Powell (Sysop Ted) Tonight we are privileged to have as our guests Shirley and George Coyne. The Coynes are Co-state Mufon directors and are not new comers to the UFO abduction phenomenon. In addition to their MUFON activities they are both are much involved in helping abduction victims. As if this were not enough to make them interesting guests, Shirley is herself an abductee. Shirley, to get things kicked off I have a few questions that I know will be on everyone's mind. So let's start with: . Can you describe your abduction experience and include such information as when did you first become aware of the encounter and how many times has this happened to you. (5,Shirley) I had been trying to make up my mind since 82 to have regression when we started have some sightings in 1983, the fear and emotional feelings got worse. I walked straight up to Budd and he looked at my name tag and said you're the girl Dan Wright has been telling me about. Under regression the story came out. I was 9 years old. My mother shot at them and the shot woke me up. (with a 22). The beings told me I had to come with them. When they took me through the living room, I could see my mother. kneeling at the window, and she was frozen with the gun to her shoulder. This was in Arkansas on a 500 acre cotton plantation. They floated me across the living room and the door was closed, it never opened. We went through wall and all. I remember going up the ramp but didn't remember entering. My next memory was sitting on a table affair in a circular room. Very cold and very frightened. I was put through a physical examination. They took me back and tucked me in; my mother was still at the window. I'll stop here for any questions.ga (Ted) Please describe the beings GA (5,Shirley) They were 3.5 to 4 ft tall. Very soft gray color which looked almost white. Large black round eyes. Very large head. No ears. Two little holes for a nose. A slit for a mouth. Their skin was marshmellowy. (Ted) Ok. any others want to jump in here with ?s. GA (5,DBW) ? (Ted) Ok Dale ga (5,DBW) Shirley, please describe the black helicopter experience and also phone tapping and being followed that we heard about and have you done an FOIA for info on a file about you with FBI NSA, etc? GA (5,Shirley) No we have not done an FOIA yet. We suspect NSA involved and have been told that by a man from the military. He says they fly that type of helicopter. I understand details of some of our helicopter experiences are in the uploaded article in the library here. When we had our sightings (ufo sightings) in 83 around our property, we saw as many as 16 at one time buzzing around our property. Not at the same time a UFO was visible.Two weeks ago on May 15, at 11 am we were on our way to Lansing for the MUFON membership meeting. I looked out the window near Perry, MI, the black Helicopter was pacing our car. It stayed with us till the arrival at the meeting. Then someone came in and said come out here there's a big black helicopter flying around. We went out, George got a picture, and one of the members got 2 minutes on a video camera. The air national guard denied that it belonged to them. They say they have no black helicopter and do not operate at low altitude over cities. There were as many as 3 over the area at one time. Even DBC saw one of them. On the way George blinked his lights, and the copter blinked its lights at us, when we were in the parking lot. The blinking light of the copter is on video. ga (5,Drax) ? (5,DBW) follow up? (Ted) Dale one short follow the Georgia then DRAX ga (5,DBW) Shirley, Rick Dell'Aquilla, my Co-Director is competing against you for the Central States Director. Rick is a lawyer who has never had an abductee experience or a sighting. I would like to ask, with no dis-respect intended, if this is a stunt to gain support for your appointment.ga (Ted) ga Shirley (5,Shirley) No way Jose....George believes in his record speaking for itself. We had nothing to do with the helicopters appearing at any time. ga (Ted) Georgia yer UP! (5,G-WIZ) Shirley, how much did your mother remember of the abduction shooting, or anything? ga (5,Shirley) My mother was terrified. She is very religious and refuses to talk much about it. She does remember it, the shooting and all. They rest of my family also remembers. There were 8 of us children at that time. Some of the other children were abducted, and they rember the incident. They have not acknowledged any abductions yet. ga (5,G-WIZ) thanks. ga Ok. (Ted) Drax is up and then I have a question. GA DRAX (5,DBC) ? (5,Drax) Hi Shirley (Jim Speiser of AZ MUFON) <1> Any markings on the helicopter that stand out in your mind. <2> Are you aware that Dan Wright is circulating a list of people that should be on the lookout for these copters (or am I talking out of school)? (5,Shirley) Yes there were specific markings on the left side. A white cicle with a black circle inside the white circle. We do not talk up that markings order to allow us to compare with other reports. So please don't spread that around much. Regarding the question of the list, we are aware of that.ga (5,Drax) Thanks GA (5,DON) ?? (Ted) Shirley, did the being speak or communicate anything vocal or were there any sounds at all. ga (5,Shirley) Yes they communicated telepathically. ga (Ted) Did they say anything verbally or was it all telepathic? ga (5,Shirley) It was all telepathic.ga (5,Drax) ? (Ted) Don next ga (5,DON) Hi Shirley, Don from Id. MUFON. I just signed in, and wanted to ask about your suspicions concerning tapped telephones, etc. Have you been able to have your lines swept by the phone co. or perhaps private security firms? Also have you had any problems with mail, or any other reason to suspect you are under surveillance? If you think that it may be from fed. government, the FOIA will enable you to find out if there are any files on you, and what they contain. ga (5,Shirley) Yes we believe our phone is tapped and I understand there are some details of it in the uploaded TXT in the library. We have been in touch with MI Bell, but they won't cooperate we suspect they have a court order. We have not contacted a private firm to help us detect the tap. I think an FOIA would be joke. We suspect all the black helicopter activity is just a means of telling us they have us under surveillance.ga (5,DON) follow (Ted) Don, a quick follow? ga (5,DON) Shirley, I have been a policeman for over ten years and in order to have a court order, you would have to be suspected of a crime or a national security threat. Also it is mighty expensive to operate a helicopter on an hourly basis if it was the feds, I think they would find a less expensive way to transmit you that message. Have you had any contact with any federal agencies, or have they contacted you? ga (5,DBW) ? (5,Shirley) We have had no contact with the gov. directly. Since when does the govt worry about nickels and dimes? The gov. actually considers MUFON... a national security risk. Thus we may fall under that category, and possibly because we work with abductees. ga (5,Gerry) ? (Ted) DBC did you have a ? GA (5,Drax) ? (5,DBC) Shirley, I understand you had a mysterious pregnancy when you were 17 the pregnancy terminated after 3 months without any explanation can you tell us more about that abduction? ga (5,Shirley) I was in Florida at the time. They abducted me and impregnated me clinically (I didn't know it until later under hypnosis). Then they came back (now in Arkansas) and apparently took the fetus I definitely was pregnant because I had been to the doctor and no trace was left. The doctor couldn't understand what happened, because I didn't abort. ga (5,DBC) There have been example told by Budd Hopkins of subjects seeing a child later on that may have been the result of the fetus development. Have you ever experienced this type of encounter? ga (5,Shirley) Yes, when the baby was very very small and also on several other occasions. The child had very small features very pale skin. Red hair, very wispy. He has very blue eyes. A blue you cannot really describe. ga (5,DON) ?? (Ted) Dale is next followed by DRAX then Gerry DON and Ted GA Dale! (5,DBW) Shirley, after people get involved in these type of incidents, they usually tend to go towards different positions of faith. Have you been drawn to crystals, the bible, or some other form of semi religious or religious realm.....And a follow up ? (5,Shirley) Like MUFON policy, I'm strictly a nuts and bolts person on this subject. The Bible has always been a part of my life, and I'm definitely not into crystals. I am not into past lives, channeling, and other paranormal activities. Strictly nuts and bolts. ga (Ted) Drax is up next ga drax (5,Drax) Shirley, Will you and George be at Lincoln and if so, will you bring the copter video? And how can we confirm that the US Govt. considers MUFON a security risk? GA (5,Shirley) Regarding the Lincoln conference, does a cat a have a tail? (5,Drax) Haha! (5,Shirley) Yes, we will bring the video of the helicopter and an audio tape from the regression-related incident.... (5,Phil Klass) this i want to c (5,Shirley) Regarding the gov as considering MUFON a security risk.... (5,Drax) [Kiss my Klass, Don] (5,Shirley) why else would they tap phones, tamper with mail and harass us with helicopters etc. By the way our mail is frequently delivered open and sloppily taped shut. And some letters never arrive at their destination. For example, I sent Don Ware a copy of some signs and symbols that I wrote during a period of "sleep". And he never received it. I also sent a copy of it to someone else, and they never received it. ga (5,Drax) follow up? (Ted) Ok DRAX Follow (5,Drax) If I may just suggest its just possible that whoever is doing this is not connected with the govt. there may be "higher authorities" at work. Just a theory. GA (5,DBW) ? (Ted) Drax - just what did you have in mind!?! ga (5,Shirley) You mean God or UFOs? (Ted) Or Ted? (5,Drax) No, something in between. Not Ted, or Georgia, either! Perhaps a well-funded multinational conspiracy of some kind. GA (5,Drax) I'm done. GA (Ted) Gerry has been patiently waiting GA Gerry (5,Gerry) Drax's theory has to be considered always but I was going to say that the blinking light exchange when they could see you videotaping which means you would likely show it at a conference means we ALL are being put on notice that they or somebody is interested in us. Also about the child did you, Shirley, see the drawing in Intruders and would you say there was resemblance to the child you saw? ga (5,Shirley) I have not seen the drawing in Intruders. Budd gave me the book, but I have not read it or others like it in order not to contaminate the case However, I have made drawings long before the book came out and I'm told the drawings resemble those in the book also last year at the MUFON conf. in DC, without thinking Budd showed me some drawings. And I burst into tears. ga (5,Gerry) follow... (Ted) Ok follow Gerry ga (5,Gerry) The blinking light would have been done by the pilot on the spur of the moment and may not itself indicate any policy or higher intent but the general visibility of all those helicopters still makes me think it is a message to all of us. Wise of you not to look at Budd's book yet. ga (5,Shirley) Another reason I have not read the book is that Kathy Davis (of Intruders) and I became very close friends and I'm not ready to deal totally with what happened to her. We have never discussed our individual cases when we get together. ga (Ted) Don is up then Ted then Dale ga DON (5,DON) Shirley, during any of these experiences have you ever received any explanation of "WHY" I mean, why the genetic experiments and perhaps why are they here? Anything? ga (5,Shirley) I can't answer that. I was told something, but I'd prefer not to say. ga (5,DON) What was the last part, ran off the screen (5,Shirley) prefer not to say.ga (5,DON) WHY (5,Shirley) There are things we have to keep secret so we can compare to other cases. And we don't want other people picking up the same story. As for example Budd Hopkins always holds certain things back in order to validate information coming from other cases. ga (5,DON) !!!!!!???!!!!1 (Ted) Don Follow ? (5,DON) Yes. Ok Shirley, for years this is one of the things that have split the UFO fraternity, everyone has a secret. Right now I am researching a paper concerning the aspects of the phenomenon that have proved both dangerous and deadly. Going back in the 40 years that this has been investigated there have been dozens and perhaps hundreds that have been harmed or even died while being involved with this subject. Now a week after talking to Hopkins, and it is obvious that he does not believe that they are harmful,. however this does not seem to be the case. Now this forum is for the exchanging of information, and hopefully the truth. If you have an insight as to what you believe may be behind this mystery, don't you think you owe it to the forum and MUFON to share it? ga (5,Shirley) We guess like everyone else. They are in control. We have NO control. As to the question of WHY I'll go this far. They told me that they needed our help so that they could breed love and compassion into their race they have no intention of harming us. They have caused pain to people they have abducted, but when they were aware of the pain they eased it for us. ga (Ted) Apparently they do not feel pain themselves? Also What kind of self help group are there? and finally. Can I call you during the day this coming week? GA (5,Shirley) We have formed an abductee support group in MI that meets monthly yes you can call anytime.ga (Ted) Do they not feel pain? ga (5,Shirley) I don't know. I suspect that they do not.ga (Ted) Dale has been very anxiously waiting GA DALE (5,DON) Dale is off line (Ted) Oh No! MIB's! Ok anyone else at this point GA (Ted) George have you anything to add? Have you had an experience yourself? (5,George) Mainly on Sept. 23 of 1983, and again on April 19 of 1986. I have had two encounters within 75 feet. They stopped my pacemaker and I had to have the pacemaker surgically removed both times each time much dead tissue was removed. ga (Ted) Was the pacemaker ever analyzed as to the cause of failure? I know a little about this area to know that the manufacture would be almost paranoid because of potential product liability suits if one of their units failed. GA (5,George) There was nothing wrong with the pacemaker my surgeon is convinced that microwave caused it to shut down and caused the burned tissue around the device.ga (Ted) Were you near any Microwave radiating equipment? Also, if it happens again scream LAWSUIT. You'll get plenty of in depth analysis of the unit. Microwave once maybe, but twice... I dunno. GA (5,Drax) (Listen, I know a good law-yuh...) (5,George) there were no microwave sources in my home or in my presence at either of these times. I'm firmly convinced that because of the timing of both incidents, the ufos were to blame. I cannot blame the manufacturer. There are too many unnecessary law suits as it is. ga (Ted) Yes, I know, but if you want to get an in depth and VERY detailed look at the failed unit then complain to the manufacture. GA (5,Gerry) ! (5,Drax) ! (5,George) The only thing I want to do is get answers from the ufos. Each time I try to get them (ufos) to talk to me. So far they have chosen not to, as far as I know. ga (Ted) Gerry is up then DRAX GA Gerry (5 Gerry) Aside from the fact that there were no appliances nearby were there are other problems with the uwave idea not that it really matters but this could either be a case of the well-known stoppage of electrical and electronic gadgets but for the first time with organic tissue around them or a case of a directed energy of some kind possibly meant to kill you. ga (5,George) I absolutely reject the theory that they were(].?-_##W# o##/O5 to me. They came around us after I was injured. But they seemed to be aware and subsequently kept a greater distance.ga (5,Gerry) ok, but there is still the first thought. That now we know a bit more about what is happening to devices that stop Namely there is a lot of heat or other energy in their immediate vicinity. ga (Ted) Ok is up GA DRAX (5,Drax) We mentioned lawyers before and I know George seems adverse to the idea of suing but I am aware of at least one project going on right now to try and sign up as many qualified trial attorneys as possible who would be willing to work pro-bono. (that means FREE!) or at least for drastically curtailed fees on a lawsuit against the govt. related to UFOs specifically charging that the govt. is not doing its job in protecting us from an outside menace. I think if such a project gets off the ground, citizens like yourself, George and Shirley, might want to consider joining such a suit. GA (5,George) Shirley is the one who has a legal complaint. The national tabloids have quoted her many times, without benefit of interviews or permission to use her name or picture. And they sensationalize facts that were in the original interview from the Washington Post for example. ga (5,Drax) Go for it, Shirley! But I assure you, you have a complaint as well, George. GA (Ted) We could go on for hours (and we have!). I want to thank Shirley, George, and finally DBC for his time and effort in bringing us the Coynes this evening. I hope that Shirley and George will join us again. It has been absolutely fascinating! Also Jim and I are going to be roomies at the MUFON conference in Lincoln and we want all you to know that we will be organizing a gathering during the conference. Hope you can all make it. Any comments Jim? (5,Drax) PARTY!!!!! Bring your best vis and your best party favors! (Ted) (5,Drax) Look for the Speiser/Markley room! (Ted) The dynamic duo will prevail! (5,George/Shirley) We want to say we've enjoyed it and would like to return again sometime. Also we look forward to meeting you all in Lincoln.ga (Ted) Great! (5,Drax) Be seeing ya there, G & S! (Ted) Thanks again and we hope to see you all soon. (5,George/Shirley) We are bringing 14 in our motor home from MI.ga (5,Mike) Good night Ted (5,Drax) Nite everyone, its been fascinating!


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