US Department]Commandant] Washington, DC 20593 of Transportation]United States Coast Guard

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US Department Commandant Washington, DC 20593 of Transportation United States Coast Guard Staff Symbol G-OIS-4 Phone 202/267-1493 United States Coast Guard 5262 FOIA 88-271 7 June 1988 Major Ret. Colman S. VonKevicsky, MMSE Director of Project Intercontinental UFO Galactic Spacecraft Research and Analytic Network 35-40 75th Street, Suite 4G Jackson Heights, NY 11372 Dear Major VonKevicsky: This is in response to your letter of April 22, 1988 regarding the declassification of Coast Guard records regarding Unidentified Flying Objects operations around our coastal waters. There are no records responsive to your request. This is not a refusal to disclose information but rather is notification that there is no information to disclose. Sincerely, M. D. SMITH Chief Yeoman, US Coast Guard Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts Coordinator Office of Law Enforcement and Defense Operations By direction of the Commandant


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