Subject: MARK-OF-THE-BEA$T bar-code$ Date: 6 Oct 92 18:03:33 -0600 THE +quot;MARK OF THE B

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From: Newsgroups: comp.misc Subject: MARK-OF-THE-BEA$T bar-code$ Message-ID: <> Date: 6 Oct 92 18:03:33 -0600 Organization: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Lines: 31 THE "MARK OF THE BEA$T" ALL Christians are PROHIBITED by Revelation 14:9-11 from cooperating with the "MARK-OF-THE-BEA$T" bar-code, OCR- number, and magnetic-strip scanning systems, (as found in local libraries, supermarkets, retail establishments, etc.), which also THREATEN to SUBVERT Individual Privacy and Freedom. The scanners can serve THE SAME CRIMINAL PURPOSE as the TV cameras in the book "1984"! The UPC bar-codes are probably the most blatant form of the "MARK OF THE BEA$T" so far, with the "NUMBER OF THE BEA$T", 666, ALREADY CODED INTO THEM. Each of the so-called "guard patterns", pairs of thin lines spaced close together at the beginning, middle, and end of each full-length UPC bar-code, is IDENTICAL to one of the two codes for a 6. WARN YOUR FRIENDS! UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this IMPORTANT Information is ENCOURAGED. Robert E. McElwaine ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you check the date, you will see that it was NOT post on 1 Apr.


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