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TOP SECRET MAJIC SUBJECT: AUTOPSY REPORT #2 DATE: 7/14/47 COPY ONE OF THREE INITIAL FINDINGS UPON EXAMINATION AND AUTOPSY OF AN APPARENT ALIEN CREATURE 1. EXTERNAL APPEARANCE This body was observed to be in a state of profound deterioration. It had not been preserved but was delivered in a container of rubberized canvas, to which some of the tissue had adhered. The cadaver was 36 inches long with a weight of 8 pounds. The external appearance of this cadaver was not of human type. The skin appeared smooth and a dark bluish-gray in color. There was no clothing on the body. There were no genitals and no way of determining sex, if any. The nose consisted of two slits, the mouth was a small opening that did not appear to be supported by an articulated jaw, and there were holes in the position of ears. The cranium was round and large in proportion to the body and the eyes were almond-shaped. The eyes were closed and could not be opened without damaging structures, due to condition of decaying tissue. Arms and wrists were very thin. The hands displayed a three-digit arrangement without thumb. The arms extended to approximately three inches above the knee. The three fingers extended directly from the wrist, with no palm. 2. DISSECTION The body was opened from crotch to chin. A green liquid emerged from the incision. The skin was not backed by fascia, and the bone structure appeared to be a cartilaginous substance of light green-blue color. Internal organs were observed but their function was unclear. The thoratic and peritioneal cavities communicated and there appeared to be no respiratory system and no stomach. The esophagus was vestigal and dissipated before reaching another organ. There appeared to be two multichambered hearts and it was surmised that body fluid could be pumped rapidly. There was an extensive circulatory system that involved three different types of vein. Some material was extracted from one of these systems and suggested possible waste, leading to the notion that waste may have been exuded through the skin. The fluid removed from the body was analyzed under the microscope and found to be a vegetable substance, chlorophyll-based. It is possible that photosynthesis was the means of obtaining energy. The cranium was dissected and it was observed that a ridge of cartilage separated the brain into 2 completely isolated components. The brain was severely deteriorated, but appeared to be extensively fissured and divided degree of bilateralism of the two halves could not be determined with any accuracy. This cadaver exuded an unusually foul odor. 3. CONCLUSION This is not a cadaver of a kind previously observed by or known to this pathologist. It appears to be a form of creature utilizing elements of both animal and vegetable.


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