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SPECIAL RELEASE:AQUARIUS IS UFO PROJECT, SAYS NSAPARANET ALPHA 04/01 -- No, this is not an April Fool joke. Nor, by the way, is it the full extent of the Big Breakthrough. But its a good start.Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) is reporting that the NSA has CONFIRMED thethat the US Air Force project code-named Aquarius is UFO-oriented. In theirlatest CAUS BULLETIN, editors Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett state thefollowing:<< One of our members, Clifford Stone, received copies of letters sent toSenators John Glenn and Peter Domenici affirming that this was so. Stonerequested the assistance of the Senators when the NSA became balky atresponding to his requests on Aquarius. This comes as a striking reversal toprevious statements about the non-relationship of Aquarius to UFOs.Apparently, the NSA does have their own "Project Aquarius" which they claimdoesn't relate to UFOs. Feeling pressure from public inquiries which confusedthe NSA's "Aquarius" with the rumored Aquarius/UFO project, the NSA seeminglyhas decided to "spill the beans" on the Air Force. Why this happened isunknown since a simple "no" to the senators probably would not have gone anyfurther. The NSA may have felt that with the number of inquiries coming insuddenly on Aquarius, there may have been a "smoking gun" in someone's handsthat would have rendered additional denials into the category of "bald-facedlie". >>The significance of this revelation is this: 1) The Air Force, contrary topublic claims, continued investigating UFOs covertly at least until 1976. 2)The document which first tipped investigators off to the existence of Aquariusis now rendered much more credible. That document also spoke of somethingcalled MJ-12, a rumored high-level brain trust signed into existence by HarryS Truman in 1947 to study the UFO phenomenon. The next part of the BigBreakthrough is reported to be an admission by the Pentagon of the continuedexistence of MJ-12.I can now tell you the media to keep your eyes on for further revelations, ifany are forthcoming: The New York Times, and 60 Minutes. There are unconfirmedreports that the latter TV magazine will be featuring a very revealing storyon the UFO front sometime this month. There are CONFIRMED reports that the NewYork Times Science editor has heard rumors flying around the Pentagon to theeffect that either A) there will be an official announcement, or B) awhistle-blower is about to blow.In the same vein, last night I had a phone conversation with Major JamesMcGaha, co-founder of Tucson Skeptics, Inc., the same group that today awardedthe first "Fuzzy" to former state rep Jim Cooper (see ews). Last yearbefore going public with our info on Aquarius, I showed the document to theMajor, whose reaction was quite interesting. When I told him last night thatthe document had been reportedly confirmed by Sen's Glenn and Domenici, hisreaction was somewhat different. "The letters from the Senators are probablyforged", he said. "You know, its like


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