Robert P.J. Day 277-3175 Next week, Thurs, Sept 17, I will be a guest on a local radio tal

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Robert P.J. Day 277-3175 Next week, Thurs, Sept 17, I will be a guest on a local radio talk show here in Calgary, discussing UFOs, including the field of UFO abductions. Conicidentally, this weekend, there is a psychic fair which features two speakers, talking about that very subject. From the Fri, Sept 11 Calgary Herald, "Psychic fair probing UFO calling cards" Many people have "missing time" in their lives they can't account for, says a Langley, B.C. woman who believes she was abducted by aliens in a UFO. "People who have undergone trauma may not be able to remember it. It's like missing time," says Linda Taylor, a registered nurse and trauma counselor. "It may have been that they suffered from sexual abuse or an accident or illness when they were young and it's been blocked from their consciousness." Taylor said that until she was in her 30s she was plagued by the feeling that something happened to her when she was four. "I thought I'd been a sexual abuse victim." When she confronted her parents about it, they told her she'd been abducted by humanoids in a UFO near Langley and examined on a table. Since then, she's had "spontaneous recall" of that event and subsequent other times aliens followed and contacted her. "Aliens treat us like we treat bears," she says. "They give us a shot, take us away, tag us, then drop us miles from where they originally knocked us out." Taylor says she feels more at peace with her experiences since going public with them several months ago and by helping other victims of aliens, childhood incidents and secual attacks. Taylor and Ed Hicks will lecture about UFO experiences at the ninth annual Psychic ESP Fair today through Sunday at the Calgary Convention Centre, which also includes talks by psychics. Hicks, a Tofield-born "research scientist," says that crop circles found in Alberta fields are mathematical signs given to us by aliens that Earth is going through major weather, crop and environmental changes. He says an alien gave him an idea for his invention, the Dream Dome (available soon for under $30), a canopy put over a bed which reportedly aids sleep. But not everyone is convinced there are spaceships in Alberta. There have been few UFO sightings in Calgary in recent years, says Bill Peters, executive director of the Aoberta Science Centre. "No one has convinced me that we're being visited by Little Green Men," he says. "Most things that people see in the sky have logical explanations." Sightings around North America have dropped off in the past five years, partly because of lack of evidence of UFOs, which has "devolved the subject from science down to the checkout counter tabloids." Peters adds, though, that he believes some planets are probably inhabited by beings. "We live in a big, complex universe. We've learned in 5,000 years of astronomy not to set up our world as special and unique." *** END OF ARTICLE ***


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