05 Jan 88 - 11:48 am LAKHOVSKY MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR - The MWO (multi wave oscillator) is

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05 Jan 88 - 11:48 am -------------------- LAKHOVSKY MULTI-WAVE OSCILLATOR --------- ----- ---- ---------- The MWO (multi wave oscillator) is a unique high voltage electronic device which was invented by the late (1942) Russian scientist Lakhovsky prior to the advent of WWII. The MWO utilizes a Tesla coil to supply its' high voltage electrical discharge and was touted in the 1930's as being a device capable of curing nearly every major human ailment (sounds like a little snake oil here). The MWO uses two vortex shaped secondary coils, one is called a resonator (shades of from beyond!) and the other is called a radiator. To obtain the MWO's purported medicinal effects the subject would sit between the two secondaries and act as a receiver. The purpose of this article is not to suggest the unauthorized medical use of this device. There are other more esoteric functions which the device has been purported to be capable of and it is these that OIT has an interest in. The supposed medical uses of the device are mentioned for historical information only on the MWO. The MWO emits a bandwidth of radio frequency energy which ranges from the audible spectrum up to and beyond the microwave frequencies. It is theorized that with this multiple range of frequencies that every living cell in a "receiving" subject can have its particular resonant frequency (cellular resonance) activated into a higher state of biological activity. Though the electrostatic energy from the MWO cannot enter living cells- it follows the surface of the skin- the electro-magnetic field DOES penetrate and stimulate an EMF within each cell. The basis upon which Lakhovsky supported the operation of the MWO was that all cells capable of reproduction contain within their nuclei filaments of conductive material surrounded by insulating tissue. This filament (suggested to be the RNA/DNA complex) is in the form of a spiral or helix -in other words the shape of a coil. The implications of this shape is that like ALL coil shaped forms it will react as a tuned circuit when its particular resonant frequency is approximated by an external oscillating coil. Independent experimenter, Robert Beck, further postulated in the 1960's that by exciting the nuclei with electro-magnetic energy that a "charge" is induced by the long established principle of electro-magnetic induction. This induction demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps vitality of every living cell within the MWO's field of influence simultaneously. Because each cell is individual and of differing physical dimensions, the exciting wavelengths must be multiple and span a broad spectrum of frequencies. The electromotive force produced by the MWO and induced within the cells nucleus raises the cells metabolic rate through electrolysis and it is here that the beneficial qualities of the MWO supposedly take place. Very little experimentation has been done with the MWO due to its unavailability in the United States. Most machines here had to be built from scratch using the original patent designs (which expired in 1952). A new age electronics lab Klark Kent Super Science in Dayton Ohio now offers an updated version for sale for about $700.00. Time Travel? Some of the more interesting theories concerning the MWO is that if one stays in the Oscillating field for extended lengths of time that the vibratory rates of the cells will be speeded up to the point that the subject will disappear into a time Warp! No one's tried it. One independent experimenter who stayed in the field for over an hour reported feeling faint and had to get out before he lost consciousness! OIT intends to purchase a MWO for independent study of its effects within Angular Environments, and also to test the "time theory" which may develop into an aid for those interested in Erotic Crystallization Inertia (ECI) studies. If you have had experience with a MWO contact the OIT-NSBBS sysop. end


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