BINAURAL BEATS - by Priest R.L. Whitaker Temple of Set In 1839 an independent German exper

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BINAURAL BEATS -------- ----- by Priest R.L. Whitaker Temple of Set In 1839 an independent German experimenter by the name of H.W.Dove discovered a most unusual and fascinating audio phenomena which is called today by the name of "Binaural beats". Binaural beats, as the name implies, must have two independent sound sources which further must be isolated from interacting with each other in any way (if they do, you get monoraul beats which do not possess the interesting aspects of binaural). In the 1830's this could only be accomplished by using three rooms, sealing them, and having the subject stay in the middle room with tubes running from his/her ears into the left and right rooms. In the left and right rooms a tuning fork would be activated, one tuning fork of a slightly different pitch than the other. Alot of trouble, but it worked. Today we can use stereo separation and a good set of stereo headphones to achieve the same results. A binaural beat is produced when two separate sine waves of slightly different resonant frequency are applied -in isolation- to ones' ears. What occurs is of interest. What you will hear will be a "beat" which will represent the resonant difference between the two sine waves. For instance if you apply a 440 HZ signal to one ear, and a 434 HZ signal to the other, the binaural beat will be 6 HZ. the frequency difference between the two sine waves. This can also be achieved monoraully, but there is a loss of some very distinct characteristics which make binaural beats of so much interest. First off, binaural beats when produced feel as if the source of the beat is located within your head. You can feel the beat resonating physically inside your head! They seem to come from an internal source rather than an external one. The beats can be so potent as to make you feel a bit dizzy -similar to the effects of a strong magnetic field- this unusual manifestation is essentially considered an "illusion" by researchers for lack of any other explanation. Since researchers cannot explain HOW a low frequency HZ. signal could have as its source the brain they explain that it does'nt really exist at all! Because of this there has been very little active research done with binaural beats other than to determine the bandwidth of frequencies which makes them possible. In an unpublished paper for the Temple of Set's Order of the Trapezoid, I discussed in some technical detail that a combination of 2 or more sine waves would produce new audio elements as their frequency ratios were altered. The new element would not simply be the sum of sympathetic sine waves but rather was interactive and something more than the sum of its parts. Much along these same lines are binaural beats, though in my case they were monoraul. Scientific evidence suggests that binaural beats are processed very differently than normal sound waves. They have also found that the ability to hear binaural beats is greatly diminished when one is ill. There are also suggestions that hormonal levels in the bloodstream also effect the range and ability to perceive the beats. Another interesting facet regarding binaural beats is that they can be perceived even when one of the signal lies up to a 100 times below the threshold of hearing! Conversely with monoraul beats, only the louder sound level will be heard with no beats.Also, background noise will enhance one's ability to hear binaural beats and actually make them easier to hear. With monoraul beats the background noise would drown them out making them impossible to hear. Now that we know a little about binaural beats, the possibilities of their use in producing Tonally Angular effects becomes readily apparent. In TA, we know that a polarization of one's subjective impressions will occur within its monoraul area of influence. What of TA's effects when produced binaurally? What if the effects are synchronized to brain wave frequencies? Are the effects enhanced? diminished? Binaural beats will greatly aid the wise Sorceror who utilizes them in a Form resonant environment. The exact nature of its viability is yet to be discovered though we may postulate upon them. More later. end


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