WHERE TO GET GEAR! - O.I.T. The following are addresses where scientific machinery may be

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WHERE TO GET GEAR! ----- -- --- ----- O.I.T. The following are addresses where scientific machinery may be purchased, and also where books may be obtained perintent to OIT interests. No longer should you shake your head and ask "Where can I get this stuff?" THE TESLA BOOK COMPANY --- ----- ---- ------- P.O. Box 1685 Ventura Ca. 93002 Books on Tesla, electrical fields, time/space dimensions, high frequency resonance, electro-magnetism, Wilhelm Reich, Soviet scalar weapons and much more! This is a great catalog and a must for any serious enthusiast interested in what real OCCULT TECHNOLOGY entails. LINDSAY PUBLICATIONS ------- ------------ P.O. Box 12 Bradley Il. 60915-0012 ph. 815-468-3668 Unusual, rare technical books on a variety of subjects from metallurgy to Tesla to embalming! REX RESEARCH --- -------- P.O. Box 1258 Berkeley Ca. 94701-1258 Infolios is a tremendous collection of unusal, outre' information on many interesting topics. Field theories, Tesla, Lakhovsky, perpetual motion, flying saucers, prophecy, electro magnetism etc...etc.. here are a few titles: The Utron- a discussion on the molecular shell which covers atoms. --- ----- THEORY H- An alternative perspective of the transverse EM field. ------ - THE DEAN DRIVE- Converts rotary motion into Unidirectional motion! --- ---- ----- DYNA MOTORS- Collection of articles on EM motors that claim 100% ---- ------ efficiency. This catalog is almost 60 pages long, a must for any serious enthusiast. The following are the addresses where actual gear may be obtained. KLARK KENT SUPER SCIENCE ----- ---- ----- ------- P.O. Box 392 Dayton Oh. 45409 ph. 513-298-7116 This place is the only one I know of that currently offers the once banned "Orgone blanket" invented by Wilhelm Reich. They also offer a briefcase size Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator. This place is expensive but where else can you get THIS kind of stuff other than making your own IF you have the plans and the necessary skill. INFORMATION UNLIMITED ----------- --------- P.O. Box 716 Amherst, NH 03031 ph. 603-673-4730 Wow. This place has almost (but not quite) everything. Four million Volt Tesla Coils, Magnetic distortion detectors, lasers, phasors, plasma generators (laboratory grade), ion generators, electrical field measuring devices, see in the dark devices, particle beam/proton accelerators, atom smashers, magnetic cannon (devastating-faster that a .45 caliber bullet!), ligtning ion lamps, geiger counters, stun guns and much more! This is where OIT picked up its 250 kv Tesla Coil. I had some initial problems getting it to work so I called them. The head engineer was more than happy to work me through the problems---now that's service. Highly reccomended. If you have an address of a book company or laboratory supply house please feel free to leave the sysop a message and we'll add it. We need the following info: 1. NAME OF COMPANY 2. ADDRESS/PHONE 3. SHORT DESCRIPTION OF WHAT IS OFFERED Thanks.


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