TONAL ANGULARITY MUSICK THAT KILLS - Tonal Angularity (or TA for short) in its most easily

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TONAL ANGULARITY MUSICK THAT KILLS ------ ---- ----- Tonal Angularity (or TA for short) in its most easily understood conceptual sense is the COMMAND TO LOOK* applied within the construction of the components which comprise a sound. This very precise refinement and manipulation of the elements of sound have only become possible (outside a sound lab) with the advent of synthesizers, and in particular with the recent marketing of affordable midi digital synthesizers. The Principle of Tonal Angularity is intimately tied to the LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID: "All obtuse angles are magically harmful to those unaware of this property. The same angles are beneficial, stim- ulating and energizing to those who are magically sensi- tive to them." The prime difference in the application of TA as opposed to other forms of angularity is its method of transfer. Visual angularity is an observable medium, while TA is abstract. The angles of TA are vibratory in form and as such are dynamic in that they are in constant motion as one encounters an area of their influence. Other than mode of transmission, the underlieing mathematical scheme is precisely the same for all angular forms whether they be visual, field phenomena, or audio. All are dependent upon equivalent mathematical ratios to pi-phi and other mathematical formula which won't be discussed in this introductory treatise. TA is essentially geometric measurment applied to the creation of frequency ratios between multiple sine waves. Some of the elements which can be manipulated in TA would be PITCH, WAVE FORM, HARMONIC STRUCTURE, HARMONIC RELATIONSHIPS, FREQUENCY MODULATION, AMPLITUDE MODULATION, FREQUENCY RATIO (very important), the ENVELOPE and finally, VOLUME. Over the past two years OIT has created a number of musical compositions based upon the TA concept. If you would like to personally participate in experiments based upon these concepts leave the sysop some feedback stating your desire for more information. If you would like to purchase a cassette tape featuring two TA oriented compositions the price is $7.50 with all funds going directly into our research. Leave the sysop some feedback to get the details. *THE COMMAND TO LOOK by William Mortensen END


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