THE LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID - by R. Whitaker Of central importance to OIT is the study and ca

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THE LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID --- --- -- --- --------- by R. Whitaker Of central importance to OIT is the study and cataloging of the subjective/objective impressions and manifestations which occur within an "angular" environment. By the term "angular" I am specifically speaking of the ratios of both pi and phi. These may come in the form of physical planes, freqency ratios (resonant forms),measured electrical field phenomena, and visual representations. Why are these ratios important? Dr.Anton LaVey summed it up via his LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID which is: "All obtuse Angles are magically harmful to those unaware of this property. The same angles are beneficial, stimulating, and energizing to those who are magically sensitive to them." By environment I mean the AREA OF INFLUENCE by which the various representations of the angles (visual,audio,field phenomena) are able to act within. What exactly happens when an individual enters a angular environment? It is very apparent that a polarity is produced within the individual. This is in essence what the LAW OF THE TRAPEZOID describes. Some are attracted to the environment and others are repelled. Along with attraction comes mental imagery that tries to encompass infinite concepts. Those who are repelled go to the opposite with imagery that has a profound morbid aspect connected to it. Feelings of impending death on a individual and species wide scale, theirs is a finite image. These are generalizations, I have seen extremes with both polarities. The bottom line is that there is an effect produced, no one really understands the actual nature of the effects, nor its boundaries, we will find out. Most certainly each individual has felt the effects of an angular environment. Many symbols incorporate angular features into their motif, and most certainly we have all felt moved by particluar music forms in a manner falling into the above description of what happens in a angular environment. Haunted house phenomena is most common in homes that have many angular shapes both inside and out. Angles produce the COMMAND TO LOOK which then motivates into a polarity which can be predictable. The ability to unlock the secret of the angles will allow a more precise refining of its exhilarating -and thus inspiring- properties is a goal that OIT has been working on with some degree of success. We will continue to refine these findings to create a methodical approach in creating these environments.


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