MAGIC AND MACHINES As one begins to study the complex of ideas and concepts pertinent to t

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MAGIC AND MACHINES As one begins to study the complex of ideas and concepts pertinent to the interests of legitimite Satanism, one is always surprized AND interested to hear of the utilization of electro/mechanical means to influence the atmosphere contained within the immediate area of the Ritual Chamber. Ionization, Ozonization, High Frequency resonance, and electro-magnetic fields have all been used within the Chambers of Sorcerors through the use of such devices as Van DeGraff generators, Tesla coils, synthesizers etc. The introduction of these energies into the Chambers environment serves a dual -though connected- purpose. The first is to heighten the physical separation of the Ritual Chamber from the outside world. Secondly, it is used to create a cerebral separation within the participants who enter within the Chambers immediate area of influence. The most commonly known source of information regarding this very specific type of Black Magic may be found in Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey's book the "SATANIC RITUALS" (LaVEY is also the author of the "SATANIC BIBLE"). In particular the ritual entitled the "Elektrischen Vorspiele" contains many of the essential elements germane to this article. I highly recommend its reading. In addition to the energies inherent in any high voltage electrical field, high frequency tonal resonance, specific lighting designs, and the actual Chamber layout all contribute to the alienation which is desired in the Black Magicians Ritual environment. The Temple of Set has been conducting research into these little known areas of Black Magic for several years. Our Work has been generally successful. Recently, a Southern California company has begun to market machines which utilize flashing lights and tonal frequencies to produce desired brain wave states in humans for relaxation purposes. It is rather interesting to note that turn of the century German Sorcerors were using these same general techniques within their Magical environments over 80 years ago! The Temple of Set has continued to refine the tradition begun by our Black Brothers nearly a century ago. The specific theories which lie behind this very distinct and effective form of Black Magic may be found within the archives of the Temple of Set. These materials are not available to the general public. END


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