To: All Dec-13-93 12:35:06 Subject: More Stuff on the Occult This is a continuation of a s

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From: Rick Vanderzwaag To: All Dec-13-93 12:35:06 Subject: More Stuff on the Occult This is a continuation of a series of messages that I posted a few days ago on Satanism and is based on recent findings, based on more information that has become available to me. As I find more information on the Occult, I will post a brief summation of what I find here. For a complete copy of the texts that I am using, you can F'req a list of files from my board, (magic name: FILES) and then you can access my system through your front end mailers. Anyways, here is the new stuff: Order of the Nine Angles: This is a group, originating in Shrewsbury Shropsprie England (PO Box 700) founded by Anton Long, which views Satanism as a "sinister way of life" or a "Left Hand Path". They distinguish themselves from the ritualistic magick groups/Satanists/Occultists in that they consider it a misnomer to call Satanism "a) a worship of the Devil/Satan; b) a religious cult which practices Black Magick; c) an inversion of the Nazarene religion and its rites; d) a sect which preaches and practices perversions and sexual licence." By their reckonings, Satan simply means "the accuser" which etymologically has its roots in the Greek word "Aitia" "the accusation". The Hebrew word for Satan, for them, is a "corrupt form of the Greek word." As such, for the Order of the Nine Angles, the concept of Satan represents an "opposition" or social "dialectic" which seeks the fulfillment of their destiny through the progression of human evolution. To this end they seek the establishment of their own sense of value, which is not based on the societal norms or religious dogma or any other set of morals, ethics or standards. "They create their own standards, and live by their own morality, however dark or evil that morality may seem to others or 'society'." The progression of human evolution appears to be a central theme in their "philosophy", where they apply a very Social Darwinian approach where "the strong survive, win through, while the weak perish." Their goal is to "excel - to go beyond what one is." To this end they engage in a number of activities, which in the ealry stages focuses on a use of magickal practices and ruituals, but in later stages is transcended and left behind. "These are experiences, the development of certain esoteric skills, and a learning of 'forbidden arts. They also enable indulgence in worldly pleasures - carnal, materials and otherwise. But such rituals are not a fetish or of a religious nature - they are merely a means, to be used, learned from and then transcended." For them, Satan is mainly a symbol or serves as an achetype for change (the sinister dialectic of history) as the advisary, the proud one, the one who refuses to bow and be subservient to some 'god'. Through a series of question and answer, Anton Long attempts to set the reconrd straight about what "Satanism" is all about. According to him, groups which focus entirely on magickal rites and rituals are mere novices and have no understanding of what true "satanism" is all about. "The real magick of a Satanist takes place through their way of living - what they do and achive in real life and situations, by trying to fulfill their Destiny and aid the sinister dialectic. They live Satanically, rather than play Occult Games. Those that do have an outward Occult or ritualized form, are only a learning [SIC], a stage for the Satanic novice - the mere beginnings of their Satanic life." In answer to the question of whether or not Satanism involves human Sacrifice, Anton Long states: "The 'reason d'etre' for Satanic culling [human sacrifice] is some people are worthless, a liability to evolution, and their removal is healthy: it aids the human stock. And thus helps to achive Satanic goals. Further, those chosen really choose themselves, by their deeds they reveal their worthless character or their suitability by what they do, or do not do, in real life. Thus a culling is akin to an act of 'natural justice' a restoration of the creative imperative." Those individuals who are found worthy of culling [human sacrifice] are given ample oportunity (tests) to show their worthiness, and only those who are found "suitable" are culled. Even though this practice is illegal, they deem it necessary in certain situations. The Law for them represents "tyranny - of someone else taking away this judgment and character: of society treating people as children." Additionally, they believe in the right to manipulate others. According to Anton Long, "some people are natural slaves. Satanists are natural leaders. But each person has a free choice - if they need to follow, to be led, if they enjoy being manipulated, or out of weakness have little or no character of their own, then that is in their nature. Existence is often ruthless: the strong win through while the weak go under. Thus is human evolution achieved." An example of this is as follows (presented by Anton Long): "Some people in their weakness become addicts - for this example we will say on drugs. As such, they are life's failures. A Satanist views them with contempt - they have made their choice, and revealed a weak character. Thus, he or she might consider it worth their while - and certainly justified - in 'using' these worthless people, by, for instance, supplying them with what they need. To wit, drugs. This would be profitable, and enable the Satanist to live their life a little more Satanically. It would also aid the sinister dialectic in two ways. First, the addicts might in the near future die, and thus remove or cull themselves. Second, the 'drug-culture' is symptomatic of a society or societies infested with the Nazarene disease: where a slave morality has triumphed and noble, strong insticts are repressed/surppressed. (where, for instance, the idea of combat, of war, as healthy, is heresy. Such a society or societies need to be undermined and destroyed and replaced by healthier ones." Source: ONA.DOC by Anton Long (1992) Further information available from: Anton Long Shrewsbury Shropshrie, England PO Box 700 Order of the Left Hand Path: This is a group out of New Zealand which believe in the Nietzschean-type self-overcoming to the fulfillment of Satan's (Lucifer or the Serpent) promise that "ye shall be gods." They view the figure Satan in the bible as the "first free thinker and saviour of the world." They believe in the Faustian Soul, which stands for "wisdom undefiles and unfettered by any dogma. Our desire for knowledge, to see the scope of human thought extended unto infinity is insatiable, and the free-will on which it is predicated is a sacred trust we must guard with vigilance." Primarily they are a group of individuals who believe that Godhood rests in each man, and they seek to attune themselves to this consciousness. For Further information: Graeme Wilson @ Southern Vortex BBS (64 0-3-454-3900) Fidonet: 3:770/505


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