x1k04P +quot;Neighborly Love+quot; - The Willingness of People to Help Others

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x1k04P "Neighborly Love" -- The Willingness of People to Help Others"Neighborly Love" -- The Willingness of People to Help Others A homeless man with a family sits on the sidewalk watching people walk right by, as if they don't see him. A woman is raped in broad daylight on a busy city street, and nobody stops to help. A man is attacked by a gang of eight neo-nazi-looking teenagers because they think he's a "queer", and the people around go about their daily business as if nothing unusual is happening. Is it too much to ask for the members of a society to help other members of the same society? Isn't the purpose of society to survive? Isn't it the responsibility of the leaders of the society to either reform or excommunicate members which don't pull their weight, or are downright harmful to others? Or is it just a mistake on my part to think these "outrageous, liberal, dangerous, commie" ideas? It happens much too often in today's society. People today are too willing to humiliate, injure, or even kill their neighbors, and too busy to provide assistance to them in time of need. It's almost as if society suddenly collapsed one day, and we were thrown right back out into the jungle, with every person for him or her self. I suggest that, unless we're ready to forget the concept of society altogether and devolve into mindless barbarians as we once were, we need to be willing to do more good. The reason the early forms of society developed, called a pack, was because of logic. It is much more logical to have others help you to survive, than to have them competing against your survival. In order for this to occur, however, you must also do your part to help them survive. If you do not, it will become increasingly difficult for you to compete against those you once betrayed. So, the next time you get in your car to go shopping, ask yourself this question: If I get into a terrible accident on my way and am severely injured, will I want a passerby to stop and help out? If your answer is "yes", then you need to re-evaluate yourself the next time you pass by someone in need. If your answer turns out to be "no", you have no need to live in this society, anyway.


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