t, it won't be them. They'll always find someone else.+quot;  -Richard Kimball, +quot;

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Bnd other women. Especially other women, because of the intense gratification which that conquest is associated with. This is the part of all human beings which I call "the Beast", after White Wolf Games's term for what makes vampires and werewolves frenzy.  The Beast is a wild boar living inside each and every one of us. It is tethered to our souls, constantly trying to bend our Superegos to its will. It is always ranting "I want, I want, I want", like the brat that it is. When it breaks free, as it is wont to do, we must satisfy it, or make a supreme effort of will to contain it. We become animals, for a time.  Both sexes must deal with this terror within, but on the whole, the "fair sex" has it a bit easier. Women, every 28 days, have an opportunity to completely let fly, give the Beast its exercise, and bottle it back up. This is why- on the whole-women tend to be more emotionally stable than men.  Men, on the other hand, have two things working against their control over their Beasts. Excessive testosterone levels, and a lack of the monthly hormonal release which women benefit from (even if they deny the good in it) give them the violent, aggressive streak which the sex is infamous for. The result is that most men are constantly "on the rag".  The "frenzy" I mentioned before is a part of being a man, it is the Beast taking control. Men will frenzy because of rage, because of fear, and (worst of all) because of sexual temptation. During these frenzies, the man's superego is completely overwhelmed by his Beast, and is not really in control of his actions. The Id takes over, and it takes an extreme effort of will to not do something to satisfy it.  Here is an example of what I mean. A colleague at work, named Brian, gave a woman a ride home from work one night, while he was on a fifteen minute break. She invited him inside, and gave him the grand tour of her apartment-straight to her bedroom. After staying as long as he could, he had to leave, and decided to give her a quick peck on the lips, as a goodbye. Suddenly, there was a tongue in his mouth... and he didn't own it. The Beast strained at the short leash that my friend had given it, and muscles tensing, it broke loose. Fifteen minutes later, they were still kissing passionately. With a strong effort of will, Brian ended his frenzy, and returned to work- ten minutes late.  He had done something he swore he'd never do: he lead a girl on. He never saw her again, and my friend is sure that she must hate him by now. Oddly enough, Brian does too, for what he allowed himself to do. This bestial part of him forced him to do something which he had never tolerated in others. Even those with the best intentions and most self control can lose themselves to the Beast.  The worst cases are the ones where women fall prey to men who cannot control themselves. This happens more than I like to think about, and most of the time the women involved are hurt and degraded by the male's actions, which they patently do not understand. The Beast is simply not something that people think about, and therefore doesn't figure into their world view.  In a teenager, the Beast is somewhat forgivable. We haven't the experience to completely cage the Beast and achieve that state of grace where Id no longer negatively affects us.  In someone over the age of 30, it is unfortunate, and unforgivable.  It is a sad commentary when a 17 year old boy has more self control than a 35 year old man. In this case the "gentleman" in question cares more about a bottle of Bud than he does about his girlfriend, flirts with other women in her presence, and generally treats her like a dog. She stays with him because she feels like she "owes him" for the nice  he gives her.  Unless she is a whore, she owes him nothing. This particular monster- this Beast incarnate- has dominated her without her realizing, and she must free herself quickly or be consumed.  Then, there is the less skilled, immature Beast. Heather's boyfriend is less subtle than the 35 year old man above. This is probably because he is about 20 and hasn't had the time to learn his craft. He is an ex-marine, and he enjoys abusing-mentally, physically, and emotionally, his girlfriend. The woman he "loves".  The Beast is strong in him; he frenzies in front of her family, hits her on the spot for not jumping to his every whim.... and her family sits back and watches.  Such a lovely group.  She doesn't realize that the problem even exists. She knows that she isn't happy with him, but she is that he'll stop- he her that he would! He begged her to stay with him, and he'll never do it again!  She bought it.  I'm closing the deal on the LRS Bridge with her, tomorrow.  Knowing that a problem exists is the first step to defeating it. When she understands the nature of the man she is involved with, and the trap he has sprung on her, she will be free.  I hope that she reads this one day, and that when she escapes, knows that there are men out there who can control their Beasts. Everyone has it, and has the potential to control it. What most men fail to do is accept that the Beast exists, and that is the first step in caging it. We must learn to extract our emotions from the smokescreen of "I want I want I want" which our Ids give us.  Men can still be affected by the Beast's stirrings, even when they do not frenzy. If unchecked, and most men haven't the insight to protect themselves from this, it clouds our thoughts, masks lusts as loves, and makes us forget who we most care about. It causes us to be jealous, callous, and violent. It confuses us and makes us seem to lie.


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