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######################## ## ## ## INTRODUCTION ## ## TO THE ## ## AHA TEXT FILES ## ## ## ######################## Welcome to this interesting collection of articles, essays, commentaries, lists, etc. I hope you find it as stimulating in the reading as we found it in the writing and compiling. Please feel free to make copies of this disk (so long as you assess no charge beyond the cost of doing so). Except for limitations noted with the copyright notices on separate files, you may freely distribute this material in electronic or printout form. However, you may not change the text in the individual documents or mass produce any of them (that is, make more than 10 copies), in whole or in part, without the express permission of the American Humanist Association. The documents are currently in ASCII format and can be read with an IBM PC or compatible using DOS 2.0 or higher. If you have the capability, you may freely convert the documents in a manner that makes them readable in other formats. If you do so, however, you may wish to change the wording of this paragraph accordingly. TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= Filename Bytesize Description ------------------------------------------------------------------ CHILDDED.TXT 7,081 | A Humanist Child Dedication Ceremony | by Patricia Burnet of Washougal, WA CONTEST.THD 4,549 | What happened to the Humanist Essay | Contest? Questions and answers. CREATION.TXT 23,606 | Dealing with "Scientific" Creationism. | An overview of an important controversy. DECPEACE.TXT 3,584 | Humanist Declaration of Peace | for adoption by your group?? ENVJUST.TXT 16,137 | What Do You Mean, Environmental Justice? | Sermon by the Rev. Ned Wight FREETHOT.TXT 41,060 | Freethought Challenges of the 1990s. | What is Humanism's role in this decade? GLOBAL.DOC 5,764 | Global Ethics. A humanistic statement | from the Parliament of World Religions! HUMANISM.TXT 27,520 | What Is Humanism? Are there many types? | Here's an analysis of the main varieties HUMANIST.SNG 2,174 | Two standard Humanist songs: The German | "Our Thoughts Are Free" and a surprise! HUMART.TXT 24,960 | Can there be a Humanist Art? | What are the benefits and the risks? HUMINTER.TXT 7,680 | Sample graveside internment ceremony. | Written by James T. McCollum, Esq. HUMWED-1.TXT 16,384 | Nontheistic Humanist wedding ceremony. | Written by James T. McCollum, Esq. HUMWED-2.TXT 15,872 | Mixed-faith Humanist wedding ceremony. | Written by James T. McCollum, Esq. INGERSOL.TXT 4,224 | Robert G. Ingersoll Birthplace Home: | Exciting Travel Information. KWANZAA.INF 3,140 | Information on the holiday of Kwanzaa -- | There is Humanism in its history. LEBRUN.TXT 6,716 | Humanism with a Capital H . . . | A concise definition of modern Humanism. LOVE.LTR 4,920 | An open letter to teenagers involved | with a pregnancy. MANIFEST.TXT 33,898 | Humanist Manifestos I and II -- COMPLETE | -- with an invitation to sign on !! MEDITAT.TXT 4,278 | A nontheistic group meditation that | harks back to ancient Greek philosophy. MEMLSERV.DOC 7,013 | A Humanist Memorial Service. | Coping with the reality of death. MORALITY.ARL 37,466 | The Human Basis of Laws and Ethics. | Without God, how can you be moral? MYTH.TXT 32,768 | Myth, Legend, Fable, Fiction, and Art. | The role of storytelling in Humanism. NOT-DEAD.DOC 11,264 | "Scientific" Creationism is NOT dead! | Learn the unseen dangers to our schools. PATRIOT.ARL 26,045 | The Religious Character of American | Patriotism -- from Nov/Dec '87 Humanist PERIODIC.PUB 729 | How to know when a publication should be | labeled bi-monthly or semi-monthly, etc. POETSEYE.SNG 843 | New words to the old "Amazing Grace." | POLAND.ARL 30,357 | Polish Democracy and the Catholic Church | From The Humanist, March/April 1990. POPULATE.ARL 22,386 | Overpopulation and the Catholic Church | From The Humanist, March/April 1993. POSITIVE.TXT 10,668 | "Positive Humanism" by Dr. Gerald Larue | From Free Mind, November/December 1978. PRES-AHA.DOC 1,174 | Complete list of all the AHA presidents, | including the years served in office. PROGRESS.INF 2,983 | For Progressive Social Activists -- | Humanism my underlie your social passion PROMISE.TXT 20,992 | What is the PROMISE of Humanism? | What do we Humanists have to offer? RELRIGHT.TXT 38,587 | Getting Out God's Vote. | Reprint from The Humanist magazine. RYBW.SNG 2,822 | "Red and Yellow, Black and White" -- | Song written after the Los Angeles riots SCHOOL.TXT 10,332 | How to fight the fundies when they try | to take over your local school board! SERVICE.TXT 5,719 | Order of Service for World Humanist Day | Poems, readings, songs, etc. to use. SPEAKER.DOC 2,004 | Want to get Humanism on radio and TV? | Download this file for your local media! STOICISM.TXT 26,654 | Stoicism, Reason, and Mental Health. | A Humanist angle on living the good life SUCKERED.ARL 14,920 | I Survived a Creation-Evolution Debate! | A harrowing but true story. THEBIBLE.TXT 60,476 | Why Humanists Reject the Bible | by Joseph C. Sommer UUHYMN.SNG 1,536 | Songs for the Cerebration of Strife!!! | Parodies of U-U hymns - Rev. CG Raible VITAL.TXT 24,523 | Life Is To Be Lived Now! | A Vital, Personal Humanism. WEDDING.TXT 5,376 | A formal Humanist wedding | with full orchestra WEDDINGS.TXT 20,480 | Wedding ceremonies written by | Carl and Maureen Thitchener WHYBAD.DOC 3,054 | Why IS there evil in the world? | Why do bad things happen to good people? YNOTUU.DOC 3,744 | Why I am NOT a Unitarian Universalist: | A Humanist View of the UU church. The contents of this disk constitute a collective work, which is (c) Copyright 1994 by the American Humanist Association All rights reserved.


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