Craig, William Lane +quot;God, Creation and Mr. Davies+quot; British Journal for the Philo

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Craig, William Lane "God, Creation and Mr. Davies" British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 37:163-175, 1986. William Craig is a philosopher at Westmont College who holds a Ph.D. in philosophy (from the Univ. of Birmingham, England) and a second Ph.D. in theology (from the Univ. of Munich, Germany). Craig provides a rigorous response to Paul Davies's 1983 book, God and the New Physics, in which Davies argues, "In my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion." From Craig's paper: The determined naturalist cannot be compelled to ascribe a supernatural origin to the universe on the basis of scientific evidence alone because he can always posit some unknown or even unknowable natural cause to take care of it. I prefer, therefore, to think of the scientific evidence as confirmatory of a position which is reached by way of philosophical argument or held by religious persuasion. (pgs. 172-3)


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