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1 page printout Reproducible Electronic Publishing can defeat censorship. **** **** 1900 FORWARD In presenting to the public this edition of the writings of Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, it has been the aim to make it as handsome, durable and complete as possible worthy in every way of the valiant, generous, much beloved genius who penned these magical pages. Robert Ingersoll's tremendous message -- one of the most important messages of all time -- thunders through these volumes. The orator himself has passed away, but the words that woke America from sleep and stupor ring out as liberty bells for all mankind! The Age of Enlightenment dawned upon the world in that hour when Robert Ingersoll first delivered his lecture on The Gods, the opening chapter of this volume. In that hour the darkness of medieval madness and hypocrisy and witchcraft and superstition began to give way. The armies of the Terrible Unseen commenced to melt away into mist. The phantoms and weird horrors which had haunted the imaginations of men faded in the sunshine and sanity of an Emancipator who was the personal friend of Lincoln and did as much for enslaved minds as Lincoln had done for enslaved bodies! Were these books of Ingersoll's go there will be tranquillity in the spirits of men. He brings peace to troubled minds, courage to frightened hearts. With infinite gaiety and good-humor he builds up the strong fortress of Reason to defend men against the whirlwinds of Superstition. His speeches and writings were originally collected and prepared for publication by his kinsman, C.P. Farrell. At a time when the hosts of the dealers in hob-goblins still made a great shouting against Ingersoll, this man had the courage to be his first "publisher". All honor to him! Now Mr. Farrell too has passed away, and the legacy which Ingersoll left to mankind, his thoughts and writings, impose a duty on his family and friends. To perpetuate his influence and insure to his fellow-countrymen the easiest and readiest access to his books, the Ingersoll League has been founded. The League feels it is its duty to make Mr. Ingersoll's victorious point of view available to all who need and crave it. There never was a time when his type of thinking was more needed than to-day! And by preparing this official edition the Ingersoll League hopes to deserve the praise and thanks of all who wish mankind well! The League sends its cordial greeting to all those who are now and later to be benefitted, strengthened, cheered and uplifted by these books. If they are enlightened and helped and stimulated, if their lives are a little freer and happier and more courageous -- THE INGERSOLL LEAGUE. Bank of Wisdom Box 926, Louisville, KY 40201 1


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