FAITH Some people have faith in their religion, for others, their faith rests in science a

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FAITH Some people have faith in their religion, for others, their faith rests in science and its findings. Though both believers have faith, they have different types of faith, as explained below: Blind faith is the belief and trust in something without any basis in fact. A christian has blind faith. A christian must put his/her faith (hope, trust) in that belief system, and hope things turn out for the best. A christian hears stories about life after death (heaven and hell), hears stories about an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent god that created everything in six days, hears stories about long dead people coming back to life, hears stories about ships carrying the future of all life on Earth inside them for forty days and forty nights; the christian hears lots of unsubstantiated stories. There is no factual evidence for these stories. There is little to do with reality in these stories. Reasoned faith is the belief and trust in something based in fact. A person that has faith in science is one who has reasoned faith. A scientist (meaning a person who follows and/or practices science) does not blindly accept stories, instead he/she investigates claims, and uses logic and reason to ascertain the validity of such stories. Scientists do not espouse every wild claim made, and scientists do not stick with a belief system simply because it is venerable, or because many people subscribe to it. Scientists change their views according to new information and the new analysis of that information. Scientists are constantly learning more about life and the universe around it, thus some world views get outdated, such as christianity. Scientists are also constantly under peer review and scrutiny. If one scientist starts making claims, the others investigate the claims, instead of blindly believing and following them. This whole process of gathering information, analyzing information, forming conclusions about information, and peer review is called the Scientific Method. It is the most logical and powerful tool we have to investigate everything. It is not to be taken lightly. You may say "I believe what I believe, and that's that. No one can take away my faith!" That is fine, but you are only making a mockery of human intelligence, and insulting thousands of years of human endeavor. Progress has not come from the church, or religion, or god. It has come from humans; humans using reasoned faith, not blind faith. For more information write: Louisville Area Secular Humanists (LASH) P.O. Box 91453, Louisville, KY 40291-0453 Louisville Freethought BBS (502) 635-0204 Email:


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