Did you know The churches own 81 billion dollars worth of tax-free property in Texas alone

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Did you know The churches own 81 billion dollars worth of tax-free property in Texas alone? Just in the medium sized city of Austin, Texas, church owned tax-exempt property is valued at $352,657,000? The holdings of the Roman Catholic Church alone exceed the total assets of the five largest American corporations (General Motors, Exxon, Ford, Mobil and Texaco)? The Protestants all combined own nearly as much? The Internal Revenue Service reports that the cash donations to churches annually are at least 19 billion dollars? (This doesn't include profits from businesses, property renewals, wills, stock holdings, bond holdings, retirement centers, or lease-back arrangements.) The churches in America, on the average, own 20 percent of all privately owned land in every state in the union? (When 20 percent of the land is removed from the tax base, the individual land or homeowner must make up the difference.) In 1992, donations (reported to the IRS) to religious institutions totaled 2 percent of the Gross National Product? The federal government under various programs of assistance, is spending 50 billion dollars a year in both direct cash grants and tax relief for religious purposes? The taxes collected would be more than enough to end the recession, upgrade the life of every American, and allow us to have better services, schools and medical care. We could wipe out the homeless problem by providing facilities for a person to clean up, re-group, and re-train, and return to a productive life. Until this blatantly unconstitutional tax-exempt law is corrected, there is no separation of church and state. For more information write: LASH (Louisville Area Secular Humanists) P.O. Box 91453, Louisville, KY 40291-0453 Call Dial-A-Freethought at (502) 363-3500 Louisville Freethought BBS (502) 635-0204


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