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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oOOOO OOOO. OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" .OOOOOO OOOOOo OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO oOOOOOOO OOOOOOO. OOOO oOOOO OOOO .OOOO OOOO OOOOOOOOo OOOO OOOO" OOOO oOOOO OOOO OOOO "OOOO. OOOO OOOOo .OOOO' OOOO .OOOO" OOOO OOOO OOOOoOOOO "OOOO. oOOOO OOOO oOOOOOOO..OOOO OOOO "OOOOOOO OOOOoOOOO" OOOO .OOOO"""OOOOOOOO OOOO OOOOOO "OOOOOOO' OOOO oOOOO ""OOOO OOOO "OOOO OOOOOO |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | There Ain't No Justice | | | | #53 | | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| - 42 Creative Things to Do - - With the American Flag - by Kel'anth No one really thinks of the flag as a very functional object. This attitude is usually assumed because there isn't really much you are allowed to do with the flag. There are fairly well-known regulations on how to make, display, store, and dispose of these common household items. Flags are, however, actually extremely useful and versatile items, and can be used as such by any creative and freethinking person. I've put together a few examples to get you started. Two flags sewn together on three sides can be used as 1. A body bag for small children. 2. A trash bag. 3. A general-purpose sack. The flag can also be disassembled into pieces. 4. The red and white stripes, separated, are good party decorations. 5. The starry parts make good quilting scraps. 6. The mini-pole included with H.S. classroom flags makes a good ceremonial spear. 7. You can cut out the stars along with small circles of felt to make Satanic symbols. Other uses: 8. Three or four can be used to improvise a stretcher. 9. A doormat. 10. A towel. 11. A handkerchief. 12. A bandana. 13. A napkin. 14. A dustcloth. 15. A lightweight baby blanket. 16. A loincloth. 17. A tourniquet. 18. An absorbent wound dressing. 19. Flags make stylish curtains. 20. Great for hiding undesirable company logos at the Olympics. 21. Mopping up noxious spills that eat through paper towels. 22. Good for wrapping an ice pack if you want it REAL cold. 23. A flag can substitute for an expensive cardboard windshield shade. 24. A more envirionmentally friendly packing material than foam peanuts. 25. Bullfighting (in case your red cape got torn). 26. Strangling people. 27. Gagging cops and kidnap victims. 28. Throw one over a mud puddle. It keeps a lady's shoes clean but spares your clothing. 29. When camping, use it to plug a hole in your tent. No more heavy tarps! 30. Also good for starting the campfire. 31. Soak a flag with Raid and hang it under a bug light to kill moths. 32. Why get a perfectly good rag covered with oil while servicing your car when flags are so readily available? 33. If your car has a leather interior, spread a flag on the seat when you get in to prevent summer ass-burn. 34. The confusing colors make flags good blindfolds. 35. They also are good for when you run out of clean cloth diapers. 36. Impregnate a flag with acid and you can sell it openly. 37. Sew small amounts of contraband under the stars to smuggle it out of the country. 38. Flags make good stuffing for effigies of political figures. 39. They also make good bedding for household pets. 40. Use a flag to jam a paper shredder. 41. Use a toilet, then toss in a flag. It gets a great reaction. 42. Superglue one into each toilet and stall in a public building, and watch all the patriots go out the back door one by one. Hope this is enough to get you started. Good luck and happy flagging! [[ Now since that was so short, and I have a bit of Kel's poetry lying ]] [[ about, I include it as an extra.... ]] --- No Name --- The man with no name lived his life By the light of his own reason Deserted from an army in a time of strife Was caught and hanged for treason An alien in his land of birth His parents he never knew There was no place for him on Earth His words would ring too true No religion, no country He danced to a different tune Walking on the edge of society He had to fall off soon His body, swinging on a rope Deprived of life and pale and cold Is the only momument he can hope Through which to have his story told Yet tell me if you too can see The triumphant smile he wears He felt he won--how can that be? And how strange that no one cares --- Song of War --- Sing a song of war Sing a marching song As we train for battle As we march beyond exhaustion As we learn to aim our guns Sing a song of war Sing a sailing song As we board our floating barracks As we cross the seven seas As we land near the battleground Sing a song of war Sing a drinking song As we fill ourselves with beer As we dull our brains with drugs As we distract ourselves with women Sing a song of war Sing a fighting song As we march into battle As we fill our foes with lead As we blow their forts to shreds Sing a song of war Sing a dying song As we meet their cavalry As we dive into trenches As we fall like bowling pins Sing a song of war Sing a mourning song As we pack our dead in body bags As we ship them back home As we find our friends and brothers dead --- The Machines --- I see them every day I see them everywhere They look but do not see They listen but do not hear They touch each other, but never feel Brains and hearts in neutral I hear them on the radio I see them on TV I meet them on the street They are everywhere Moving on invisible tracks Reading lines from a script Free, yet they are slaves Alive, yet they are dead Human, yet they are-- --THE MACHINES --- Invaders --- Invaders from space They came without guns Yet they took our place They were the chosen ones They lived in our cities Among us, yet apart Mankind, as it watched them Died of a broken heart We were animals in our own eyes Once those eyes had seen the light Their brilliance must destroy us The brute children of the night --- Insight --- I look into your eyes I see sharp steel blades Your stare cuts like a knife into my soul You know what I am thinking What I'm feeling Who I am And you know what can make me whole Never in a thousand years Have I found such a one A sharp mind, insight so keen It is an abstract quality A kind of thought A state of being Yet I could swear I saw its sheen --- Camera --- All-seeing eye Without comprehension Perfect image Yet without dimension Eidetic memory Without a mind Superhuman sight Yet truly blind --- 4,125,241,623 --- Citizen number four-billion One hundred twenty-five million Two hundred forty-one thousand, six hundred twenty-three If there ever was a great man, it must of course be he In school he did his homework and aced all of his tests When it came to football he was among the best The college he went to was top in the nation And he chose plastic surgery as his vocation But he could also write pop songs and his band Soon became the most popular in the land He became a trillionaire with a house that slept a battalion And it was always filled with women--he was like a wild stallion His hair was always perfect and his clothes in current fashion When he reached his fifth facelift he tired of too much passion He dumped most of his harem and ran for President He paid for his campaign himself, or so the story went The other candidates could not find any mud to sling No action of his was controversial, not a single thing He never got a parking ticket, he never ever got arrested He never took an unpopular stand, or demanded that ideas be tested It was unanimous; he won the election Since no one found reasons against his selection It went down in all the history books, his record was unbreakable He did nothing right but his popularity was unshakable He won reelection by a margin just as wide Since he did nothing wrong who could not be on his side? --- Computer --- Idiot savant Numbers' master But words it does not know Alien mind Fast as lightning Yet it can't think what to do Soulless genius Perfect logic It's nothing without you --- Inheritance --- "I promise you, my son Not to let you die I promise you eternity My inheritance, forever" My soul, created, born Into a world where pain is all Chaos, order, are meaningless Life and death, only masks My soul, mangled, torn Lies on the ground Broken, bleeding Eviscerated, crushed In a puddle of hate and lies Truth is a lie Light cannot shine on me The only truth is pain My soul, suffering I cannot die No way to stop the pain Sadness, anger, loss All that's left is pain "I promise you, my son unending life, but When did I promise you Love, Laughter, Freedom Hope, Light, Truth? I promise you, my son My inheritance--pain" --- My Heart --- My love, you owned my heart But when you left, it fell apart There's nothing left in me To love, you did not set me free You have killed a part of my soul And I can never again be whole --- Ghost --- I live here still, alone Where I once held the throne Only spiders, vermin venture here The people never dare draw near They fear me, but who has more to fear? I, a harmless wisp of light Could not harm them in any fight I am little more than a memory Yet here I am, I cannot die Oblivion forever eludes me Why should people fear me, why? And yet, they stay away And I'm alone here, every day Slowly going insane --- The Sands of Time --- They are not a placid mass Trickling slowly through an hourglass While the Father, long white beard piled in his lap, not seen nor heard leans on his sickle, deep in thought as that which is becomes what's not The Sands of Time are a desert dry Where the hot sun beats down from the sky On every traveler or nomad band That seeks a path through the arid land And oft the wind will whip around Lifting the fine sand from the ground Flinging grit through the dry hot air And any pilgrims passing there Are blinded, stung by the sharp fine stones Many lose their road and go on alone Some, despairing, lie down to die The howling of the wind masks each final cry And they each gain a shallow grave, where they fall Until the dunes hear the wind's keening call And come away, leaving the bodies once within All gone but for dry bones and parchment skin And at these times the Father roams the land He emerges from the storm's blinding cloud of sand And strides toward his victim, his beard white and long And rippling in time with the wind's mournful song He lifts his sharpened, bloodstained scythe above his head And adds one to his quota of the violent dead Then disappears into the mist to strike again To continue his dread harvest of broken men --- Couch Potato --- Blob of gristly meat, still breathing This brainless lump lies on a couch, not reading Eating artificial snacks as his blank eyes stare It doesn't matter what is there The hand sometimes spasms, changing the station A psychedelic collage of information Washes over the empty man like the swell at sea Yet he derives a kind of pleasure from watching TV The eyes close, the mouth stops chewing Sleep is not noticed, does not disturb his viewing Dreams of sound and picture bites fill his head Things no one ever really did, or ever really said In the morning he rises, bestirs his ponderous weight And leaves for the job that he loves to hate --- Test Fire --- It was night A cool night in a hot summer The moon was full and bright It looked down on us Watched as we lovers walked Hand in hand on the beach But then-- A streak of light Blindlingly bright A bird of ill omen Making its flight Toward the lovers' lovely Celestial orb It struck The light Too bright We looked away When we dared look back A gash, it slashed Selene's face Red welt Artemis bled Then-- she was dead The Man in the Moon from his smashed-in head Wept, or so it seemed A stone tear shed For the lovers For the dreamers For the crazy caring minds That make this globe go round And for the suicidal folly Of his murderers' race Then-- No more face No more Moon Just a cloud of rocks Dispersing They could not dispel the gloom Of the night nor of our spirits As I held her in my arms We wept aloud For Selene's mutilation For each other For ourselves For spirit-sisters and brothers Our kindred in mind And for all mankind Now nights are dark And tides are stilled Since the night Luna was killed --- Survive --- The world died But never mind Nuclear bombs go off But all is not lost The snakes swallows its tail The end is only the beginning From life comes death come life And death again, from normal strife Renewal comes again with passing ages True progress comes in stages Next time or the next We will survive --- Tick --- I am alive I will survive I take what I need As you bleed, I feed Yet soon that tiny drop Of life-energy will stop Flowing from you too me And when it's time to set it free From old life will come new And what's one drop to you? Huge mountain of strange meat You won't miss what I eat Will you? --- Hellfire --- Feel the heat Feel the fire It rises Gets higher From the depths of Hell They come Bringers of Chaos Yet organized They sweep o'er this fragile orb Singed flesh all around Melting metal, softened glass Skyscrapers collapse in glowing heaps The demons feast on side of man Feel the burn Feel the darkness of death There is nothing anyone can do Not even you --- Animal --- I do what I do Don't we all? Don't you? A flash of inspiration Or an instinct Is all you need Why such perspiration Sweat of your high brow? I look at your kind You are confused I am certain You build your cities And they kill you And you fear death And what comes after What is after? I have never seen it You cry over spilt milk Wasted tears--what is done is done You try to understand Wasted time--only actions count What does your high brow bring? Suicide Depression Pollution War Murder Insanity Worry Regret You are human You are "advanced" You are "superior" You are hurting I am animal I am simple I am "inferior" I am happy --- Teardrop --- At the corner of your pretty blue eye It begins A drop of moisture Charged with the essence of your grief It builds Until the time is right It begins its journey down your pale cheek It falls A liquid diamond Dropping swiftly, glittering with moonlight It hits Its final resting place A tiny wetness, and sadness, I feel it You cry But I am here for you --- Heartbreak #1 --- Flesh parts Enveloping the cold steel In a warm soft embrace My heart open As once before The cold shining steel, sleek and slim and beautiful Enters my heart Where another, lithe and lovely, has before And then, withdraws, leaving an emptyness That I have felt before A broken heart Torn apart Bleeding on the floor As I have once before And will do nevermore --- Waterbed --- Sleeping in perfect comfort Dream sweet dreams Awake with the sun Waves roll across the waterbed As you lazily stir Servant brings breakfast Then, suddenly, takes the sharp knife Plunges it into your place of rest Your place of comfort Rent cloth parts Red stain wells up Wounded, revealing other, older wounds Sink into the pool of blood Servant lifts the domed lid A human head on a silver platter --- Traitor --- scream "TRAITOR!!" desolate rocks reply "TRAITOR!...traitor!...traitor..." mind reels utterly alone without self soul divided, at war blood pours away a rising red river infinite blood could bleed forever drown in blood!!! pain! scream! "TRAITOR!!" mocking mountains emptyness echoes as if alive "TRAITOR!!" the same voice replies --- Grey on Black --- Silhouettes, grey on black Staggering, crawling through the night Screaming, crying, dying in the night Wheeling like a bird, a spot of light A flitting flashlight beam picks out From the faceless masses of sufferers Here -- a face, contorted with pain There -- an ankle, slashed and bleeding Slit wrists, slit throat, gushing red A knife embedded in a chest A punctured head, one more is dead The light moves on Distracting attention from the pain Yet the pain goes on Silent suffering, or screams or cries or wistful sighs The shapes, the shadows, crawl on unheeded Yet the others cower, with frozen veins --- Vampire --- I feel the Hunger I lust for the Hunt Yet dare I stir from this dark crypt? Century upon century teach caution, yet My fangs tingle in terrible desire Do they know me still The mortals who swarm like bees? Or have they forgotten They have but short memories... The Hunger, the yearning Within me, is burning No time to think I MUST HUNT! I MUST DRINK! Goodbye, refuge dear I cannot remain here Mortal blood beckons me I shall never be free This Hunger, I cannot resist it call This Curse shall rule me, 'til I fall By weak mortal's hand, or sun's bright ray I see this, yet I cannot stay I must take my chances, out there... --- Sculptor of Worlds --- I am a dreamer Creator of visions Sculptor of worlds I live apart In this world Yet not of it I have seen too many worlds To think this one unique To think it's so special Superior to all others I have made its betters with my own hands What is this world, This land, these laws, These customs and values to me? Yet as I strive to transcend this small world's limitations Clinging hands, some hateful Some loving, yet misguided Some indifferent, yet offended At my presumptuous exit Try to drag me down to the ground where the pragmatists plod They are weak, yet their numbers Like the sand on the seashore Uncountable, unimaginable, even by me I feel I am falling, like a downdraft-pulled bird Yet I feel in my wings The strength still to rise No more goodbyes I will never look back once I'm free --- Lonely Hearts --- The loneliest heart Is the one that most cares Universal concern and affection and love Lead only to universal distance They can scarce believe a heart has room for a world They could hardly want to crowd it Or worse yet be crowded out They keep their distance There is often respect, seldom love The largest, deepest void is the least filled ۲ Phoenix Modernz Systems: 908/830-TANJ ۱ The Syndicate: 908/506-6651 ۱ The Matrix BBS: 908/905-6691 First United Church Kalisti: 602/753-3784 The Cell: 817/870-1060 ۲


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