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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oOOOO OOOO. OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" .OOOOOO OOOOOo OOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO oOOOOOOO OOOOOOO. OOOO oOOOO OOOO .OOOO OOOO OOOOOOOOo OOOO OOOO" OOOO oOOOO OOOO OOOO "OOOO. OOOO OOOOo .OOOO' OOOO .OOOO" OOOO OOOO OOOOoOOOO "OOOO. oOOOO OOOO oOOOOOOO..OOOO OOOO "OOOOOOO OOOOoOOOO" OOOO .OOOO"""OOOOOOOO OOOO OOOOOO "OOOOOOO' OOOO oOOOO ""OOOO OOOO "OOOO OOOOOO |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | There Ain't No Justice | | | | #29 | | | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| - An Off-Road Brain - by Spartacus Today I went to the mall. Not to hang out. To buy something. I needed a ride. I went with my mom. We went in. We bought. We came back out. There was a woman who had laid a baby on a car hood. It was crying because of the heat of the metal against its skin this unseasonably hot day. She was changing it's diaper. Of course, my mother, fundamentalist Christian and good little citizen that she was, felt the need to protest. "Imagine exposing the poor thing out there in public like that. It's so crass." (Slightly paraphrased because I can't remember the words.) Good citizen, upholding the public morality. Let's all give her a hand. *** STOP! *** Can you see what's wrong with this picture? See baby. See baby being changed. See baby being changed on car hood. See car hood fry baby like egg. Complain about crass exposure of baby's unclean backside???? I tried to explain to her. Who cares about the fucking parking lot??? It's not as if it were a busy day and there were many people out there. Probably get more traffic in a bathroom. She wouldn't listen. "I still think it's crass." Yay society. Society is probably the worst thing for us. We should all just abolish all this crap. Total anarchy. Run around and kill everyone. Just like war, only you don't even have to leave home. Weed out a lot of bad seeds this way, before a government is reestablished. Do this a few times, most of humanity might even be able to live WITHOUT killing each other. Wishful thinking maybe. I think it's at least worth a try. More than more weapons, more than more technology, more than more money, food, democracy, paper, children, space, anything...what we need is people who think for themselves. Who can agree to disagree. Who don't feel that their way is the only way. Who can stop to think about each other as people and not things. Whose care is stronger than their weak stomachs and distaste. Most people, whether you accept it or not, are like livestock. A few people have it together. They're the ones who see we are sheep, and don't like it. Want to do something about it. Want to at least get it out of their own lives. Then there are the worst people. The totalitarian and religious fanatics. The ones who see we are sheep, and like it that way. Then there are the confused masses inbetween, who muddle their way through life never knowing or really much caring what it is about. They follow and think they lead. They serve and think they are masters. They muddle about in the darkness having never opened their eyes. Most people follow. Nearly all. They follow a lot of different leaders. Follow God. Follow the Pope, let him follow God. Follow Hitler. Follow Satan. Follow the trends, those rippling waves that wash to and fro through society. Follow Allah (just another form of God). Everyone following something. Then there are the leaders. Most leaders are followers. Follow money, follow power for its own sake. Just something the very society they were born into leads them to want to have. They follow the dead leaders that preceded them. Goes back to the founding leader. He started something for some reason. Very often because he was following the values of another leader of something totally different. A few leaders are not followers. They lead themselves, and others too. But they are very few. Thre are reasons, of course. There seems to be a reason for almost everything. Usually a dumb reason, but there nevertheless. Someone who thinks for himself is very uncomfortable for conformist cattle to be around. They bring new ideas, follow values different than society. They have to find a group of wanna-be followers, people that can't fit in with the current society, but still want to fit in, want something or someone they can follow. Then the freethinker has to get them to follow HIM. This is a very hard thing for a lot of people. And any such new movement is likely to be crushed by oppression from the existing order. All these groups and religions and hierarchies and government and such have one thing in common: a monomaniacal desire for MORE FOLLOWERS! What's the point? There is none. I guess it's what the first guy wanted who started religions/governments (yes, they used to be one and the same) and no one else came up with a new idea. Conformists who become leaders are known for their lack of creativity. We'll never really know though. It probably happened far before history could tell us. Another reason: a lot of freethinkers don't want to be leaders anyway. They want people to be themselves, not try to emulate, obey, or serve them. Sometimes they'll take these things as second choice anyway tho. Yes, another reason: there aren't too many freethinkers anyway. We've always been rare, and had an appalingly short life expectancy. The bastards who CURRENTLY run the world don't like us. Niether do most of the people. They never have. They brand us lunatics, heretics, seditionists, insurrectionists, enemies of the people. When only among us can be found the people's true friends. They lie to themselves and lash out at us when we speak the truth. They have locked us up, suppressed us, brainwashed us, given us electroshock therapy, and killed us in thousands of ways, varying widely in their cruelty. We have been killed by mobs. We have been killed by isolated individuals. We have been killed by the Spanish Inquisition. We have been killed by soldiers and policemen. We have been killed by executioners after a trial by grand jury. --- Just a brief note: while I was writing that paragraph, there was a bit of an interruption. My sister wanted the computer to type something for school. I hate when that happens when I'm writing. When I'm REALLY writing. I have something I need to say and the words flow out onto the page as fast as my fingers can type them. When I'm spilling the contents of my soul or mind or heart or all three into the computer, paper, or whatever. When I really have to say it. There is a driving force, a compulsion. I HAVE to write and I hate being interrupted. I feel like my fingers are bleeding from being pulled from the keyboard. I felt like I had to break something but instead I just walked outside and watched all the people. All the people I was watching looked at me. They looked nervous. People aren't used to anyone actually giving a shit about them, being interested in what they are doing, so they figure I must be stalking them or something. See, do anything society doesn't think is "normal", it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, people hate you for it. Now back to your regularly unscheduled textfile... --- Yes, there has been a program going on among the establishment, all the varying forms of the establishment, as long as history records, to destroy all of us, to eliminate us from the gene pool. It is a plan every bit as subtle as a left hook. No wonder most people don't really realize it. The leaders have been breeding EVERYONE to be conformist, to be dependent, to be cattle. If you are the pope or a minister or president or premier or dictator or cop or district attorney or executioner or "good clean citizen" who doesn't like all this stuff, because you are too blindly loyal to your country ("patriotic") I have a special message for you from us. The few. The enlightened. The thinkers. Beings complete within themselves. WE KNOW YOU ARE KILLING US, WE KNOW YOU ARE SUPPRESSING US, WE KNOW WHAT A THIN FLIMSY VEIL THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM IN THE "FREE WORLD" REALLY IS. Much as we'd like you to stop, we are NOT afraid of your fucking guns, or your weapons, your witch hunts, your police, your prison camps. We have ONE THING you don't have and CAN NEVER HAVE (or you wouldn't be what you are), and it is our sword and our shield and our light and our darkness and our day and our night and our country and our government and our constitution and our right and our wrong and our strength and our weakness and our life and our death and our heaven and our hell and our god and our devil and our only truth and our only law and the one thing that cannot be taken and cannot be given, and that is OURSELVES. We have ourselves. We don't need you. Fuck you all. Fuck your leaders. Fuck your ancestors. Fuck your money. Fuck your respect. Fuck your laws. Fuck your gods. "I'm free up HERE!" said, Bozo, the crippled broke pavement artist in George Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London." Read Orwell. He knows his shit. Maybe you'll learn something. Maybe it'll lead you to finding yourself. Then you'll be one of us. Read Ibsen's "Enemy of the People" too. I really liked it. It has a nifty and controvesial message. Don't reject it just because it may offend you. Think it out. Truth hurts sometimes. I was raised in the Christian faith. Later, as you probably see by now, I rejected it completely. The Bible says, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Most Christians I know don't seem to love other people for shit. I know I didn't. I love people, in general, more now than I did then. I love them enough to offend them and curse at them and whatever it takes, to maybe wake them up from their complacency and let them know themselves for what they are, and work from there. I hate people too. Love and hate are really two sides of the same coin. Contempt is really the true opposite of both love and hate. You don't really give a shit. I do that too. It depends on my mood. Sometimes it varies over less than thirty seconds. But still I love people more than I did as a Christian type. You can't really love someone, I think, unless you own yourself. If you are a follower you are too wrapped up in the system to have anything of yourself to give. Same goes for hate. But you can't really contempt either. You are too much wrapped up in everyone else for true contempt. True warm perfect love, true rabid killing hate, true wipe-you-out- of-my-plane-of-existence contempt, are all unknown to the masses. They haven't the internal resources. Always stuck in neutral really, wobbling about with half-feelings. Usually someone else's half-feeling, at that. Wake up. Look. Listen. Think. Act. You make the rules when you form your own opinions. It hurts, but it's worth it. Think. [>> Phoenix Modernz Inc. :908/830-TANJ <<] [>> Modern Textfiles Inc. The Matrix BBS:908/905-6691 <<] [>> The Lawless Society Inc. CyberChat BBS:908/506-7637 <<] [>> -also- <<] [>> Terrapin Biscuit Circuit:908/506-6651 <<]


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