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*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-* *-* *-* *-* *-* TTTTTTTTTT AAAAAA NNNN N J *-* *-* T A A N N N J *-* *-* T AAAAAAAAAA N N N J *-* *-* T A A N N N J J *-* *-* T A A N NNNN JJJJJ *-* *-* *-* *-* There Ain't No Justice *-* *-* #14 *-* *-* *-* *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-* Phoenix Modernz Inc. 908/830-8265 *-* *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* -Going Crazy in the Suburbs: 01- by Hairy Leech this is a general collection of lousy writings by me. some are letters to people, some are just things i've written. some are new, some are old. some were writting specially for this file, others were not. i'll leave it to you to decide what's what. i'll just insert a handy "---" between each file, so you know where one ends and the other begins. are you ready? well, of course you are.. --- the day since i met her.. i can't believe it's true.." howdy do. i dreamt a little dream this fine morn. augh. the phone rang. i picked it up. it was teli. i knew it was him before i even picked the thing up. is it esp? is it intuition? or is he just an annoying piece of shit? hmmmm.. back to what i was saying.. i have been dreaming more and more lately. i wonder what changed.. i'm happier now, but that's just because i'm out of that blasted supermarket. anyhow. you were in it, i suppose. i don't know what you looked like, because, well, i would never spot you in a crowd, but it was you, none the less. atleast, my mind kept telling me it was you. i suppose it was my mind's impression of you. well, anyway. all i remember is that you were wearing boxer shorts. i.. umm, well.. errr.. no comment. i don't know what to think about all this. it's easter. big whoop. i won't lose your number. really, i won't. after i scribbled it down, i took out my dandy black spraypaint and wrote it in big letters on my door. i don't think i'll lose it. i have never been know to lose a door before. then again, there's a first time for everything. tomorrow.. tomorrow.. the sun might burn out tomorrow.. i may even call you this evening. hold on, teli called back. augh, oncemore. let me babble at him.. easter. what a holiday. we get to eat the heads off of chocolate bunnies and hunt for color-coated eggs. what fun. this, this is religion? umm.. ok.. sure. --- hey. listen to this. i have a story to tell. i'll tell it now, so that all the vivid details come through and all that. i hate forgetting the depth of my anger and whatnot. so here goes, eh? i went to new york today. it was nifty. (it's saturday, 15th, i might add.) on the way home, we (me, my friend teli, his mother, father, and 13 year old sister) piled into a car and drove. it was roughly an hour and ten minutes or so of driving. it was about 10:30. alot happened in that car. it started out that the daughter (the 13 year old) wanted to tell us (me & teli) about something that had happened to the mother that day. the mother flipped out, didn't want it told. so the girl hopped into the back seat and told us anyway. it was a very daffy story, but i think i'll clue you in anyhow. the mother was on the phone sometime during the day, and was talking to somebody or other. the girl walked by, said "who is it?" and a small conversation broke out. (small, as in only 2 exchanges, and really short ones..) then the mother slapped the girl. so, the girl went over and got some raid flying insect spray. she coated the mother in this gunk, and it made her stink like crazy. now the mother says it was disrespectfull. now, i (of course) can get all caught up in this respect shit. allow me to do so. maybe it wasn't respectfull. so? on the one hand you have fighting fire with fire. on the other hand, i don't see how she can respect the mother anyhow. i don't respect people unless they have something to teach me. and it seems to me that all the mother can teach is anger and unwarrented attacks and narrow mindedness. at any rate.. the conversation got full of wind with respect. then it shifted on over to rights. the kids (teli + 13 year old) said something that the mother didnt like, supposedly a curse or something. then they got onto what was a curse and what wasn't. meanwhile, i was sitting by counting stars. i didn't think i should say anything. it's their family, right? right. so i shut up. then, however, the father reaches over the backseat of the car, and begins striking the girl. multiple times. on the head. closed fist. well, as you would have guessed, quite a many things went streaming through my mind at that moment. the first and most horrid thought was "where does parental punishment end, and child abuse begin?" the night, however, was just beginning. i was quite appalled by now, so i stuck my big nose where it didn't belong. i started relating everything to politics and dictatorships and all sorts of other things. now the the kids were happy, because they had a neutral observer seeing things their way. teli, at one point, told his parents they might as well shut up, because i had them boxed in. i felt good. so then things began to unravel. i mumbled something like "i don't think i want to come over anymore, i don't want to get beat up for my opinions." i think a few others came out that weren't too great for my standing with the folks. i remember saying to teli that "..i just have to smile when i think about the way your parents blame me for all this secretly.." it's the truth, you realize. freethinkers bring everyone down. okay.. so we eventually arive at teli's suburban dwelling. the folks vote to take me home because they had enough of me and my opinions and my thought-out thoughts. teli piled in the car and went along for the ride. i got out at my house, teli got out, hell broke loose. teli asked me if he could stay at my house. it seems his father used that old line "my house, my rules." teli, i found out, had challenged him in the car, so his father told him he didn't live there anymore. so, i said "fine." his mother, the twitchy rabbit type of person, went hysterical. she wanted to wake my parents up at 12am and mull it over with them. well, i had been very cheery and nice and compliant up to that point. here, however, i told her to forget it. i told her i didn't care if her son stayed or not, and that it was their problem to work out. i didn't want anymore. you can only take so much.. it ended up that they pulled out of the driveway. "whew!" i exclaimed. then, to my disgust, i saw the stoplights up the road a ways. the mother came back, wanted to use the phone to call the cops. seems that teli jumped out of the car and ran into the woods. the mother said if she found out he came to my house that she would sue my and everyone i know. i gave her my cordless and went to look for him, to prove i had nothing to do with his hauling ass. as i walked down the flooded road (it was raining) i got splashed, no, drenched, with mud and water. just thought i would say that. so i found him where i pretty much expected him to be, and i told him the situation and the cops and all that. i basically told him that what he does is his buisness, and that i personally supported him. i told him, however, to do whatever he was going to do away from my house. that's the last thing i need now - more cops. i feel like a backstabbing bastard for this, and i suppose i am. it ended up that he was just going to get back in the car and go home. along the way, he said he was going to jump out at a stoplight or something. well i haven't heard anything yet.. i read your letter. i remember you said you didn't want to have kids. well hey hey hey, it looks like we're riding the same bandwagon. i don't want any part of this child-raising bullshit. it was an educational evening, i must say. i remember saying that talking to his parents was like talking to a brick wall, it just dosent work. then a little later i said something like "you don't talk to brick walls, you break them down.." teli told me that he didnt care what happened, he just wanted to get his family into some sort of counceling. it seems like he should be the man of the house, atleast he can tell when there's a problem. after the girl got hit, she went to say something else. (that's why she got hit, for voicing her opinion..) teli tryed to make her shut up, and she said that she didn't care if she got hit again, maybe he'd hit her harder and she could just die. somebody stop the ride, i just can't take it anymore.. 1:19am. i am sure this night is going to burn into my brain along with all the other hardships i have seen.. i was so happy today. damn it to hell.. --- it's still easter. i just learned of a stupid thing.. a really stupid thing. teli's 14 year old cousin (female) wants to (and i quote) "go out with me". can you see what makes me think this is so idiotic, or should i explain? well.. just to be on the safe side. the whole "going out" thing never appealed to me to begin with, because i think it changes the way you act around people. i mean, if you like a girl, why should you rush out and tell everyone you're "going out"? what difference does it make.. i suppose this is why i think getting married is meaningless. it's the feelings, ya know? of course you do. besides that.. i mean, jesus christ. it's only a 3 year difference. i dunno.. i don't know how i can explain it. it just dosen't sit right with me for some reason or other. want to hear something funny? she grabbed the phone out of teli's precious little hand and started asking me questions. this was fine and dandy because i'll answer just about any silly question you can think up. but then after oh, a good 45 seconds or so, she asks me "are you a virgin?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------* WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS FOR SOME GIRL WHO DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ME TO BE ASKING?! --------------------------------------------------------------------------* it just strikes me funny is all. i am, and i told her that, and i also told her i didn't see as it was the sort of thing you ask someone you don't even know. maybe you can figure this out. i mean, well.. what do i mean? i suppose you know what it's like to be treated like a thing rather than a person. this is a new experiance for me, however.. adkokjhfkakhfkfghkg!?!! i'm going nuts in his crummy fucking suburb. i'm going to come up there some day.. some day soon. i won't tell anyone i'm coming, either. i'll just wake up and say "hey ma, i'm going to boston." then i'll just get there. i don't care how. i'll walk, i'll take a bus.. anything. i'm going to come up there and find out where you live. i'm going to come up there and beat on your door until someone answers. and then, then i'm going to bother you until you just can't stand it anymore. want to know why? do ya? do ya, huh? so you can feel what it's like to live in the boonies. that's what these bastards are like.. they're just hicks living in condos. you can't shut 'em up and you can't tell 'em anything.. they'll just keep annoying you and annoying you until you go off and kill 'em. you read about it in the papers, i'm sure. about the isolated murder out in east bumble-fuck, new jersey.. know what it is? it's some intelligent person who finally broke down and couldn't take it anymore. i mean this. really. i can't shut the phone off, the critters call the other line they're not even supposed to know about. if they can't reach me by phone, they drive over and come in. they don't knock, no no no.. they just open the door, strut on inside and yell "honey, i'm home!" and then they clomp up the stairs, because they are just too damned dumb to walk like a human being. instead, they stomp.. maybe they're trying to scare off small animals, i don't know.. they come, they come and they find me.. they bother me and ask me stupid half-ass questions because they are too lazy to think for themselves. and what's more, they ask me about things i don't even care about. they ought to nuke the suburbs. just give everybody a week notice, then just blow the whole damn thing up. let the silly bastards die, that's what i say. as long as they keep the warning in the newspapers, only the intelligent people will know. hillbillys can't read worth a damn, they just watch cosby and.. and.. and mtv for christ's sake. that's reason enough to blow them to itty bitty bits. am i too offensive tonight? i don't know anymore.. --- "reality is the only word in the language that should always be used in quotes.." - my life with the thrill kill kult today's the 21st. keep that in mind. yesterday we (me, teli, and sam) hopped in the car and jauntered off on a shopping extravaganza. let me explain all this.. about 4-5 months ago, this kid adam from new york ordered an american express card. that was fine and good. not too long ago, maybe 2 weeks ago, he got another card issued. now this is what he did. he had teli sign the card, then go to stores and buy things. fine. then adam wanted to call up american express and go "where the hell is my card at?" that way, he gets free goodies and no bills. no worries. fine. dandy. what an idea. hell, its just one of the loopholes in credit cards. i heard on the news today that it's a $1 billion per year operation. someone's definately got their shit together. anyway.. teli came back from new york with the card. adam got what he wanted, a super-nintendo, so he didn't care what teli bought. want to hear? lookie: - portable c/d player ($150) - 2" portable t.v. ($150) - 6 c/ds ($80) - car stereo ($200) - assorted car stereo shit ($50) - 400 watt amp for stereo ($250) - answering machine ($150) - radar detector ($150) - car alarm for all his shit ($100) - 5" black and white t.v. ($75) - assorted t.v. shit ($25) --------- ye grand old total: $1,380 (all figures approximate, of course) that's not to mention the shit he bought adam in new york. all together, about $1,600. want to hear what he got me? 2 c/ds out of everything. well.. he felt sorry about this, so we went out again today with some of his insane greek relatives. he wanted to get me a $700 camcorder, the lunatic. here's the story. we drive for an hour or so northward 'till we find a store that's both open and carries camcorders. it turns out to be radio shack. he buys a $799 model because it's on sale, and, of course, 2 blank tapes to go with it. damage done: $892.51. crazy fuck. so they check the card, and it wants the store to do a referral. what this means is they have to call in the card with the real phone and talk to them. they do that, and american express wants to speak to teli in person. they tell him that someone or other has rung up over $3000 worth of merchandise in the past 3 days. they wanted someone to call them and verify that teli was the real cardholder. so. with this, we told them to hold the thing, we would be back later with either cash or a check or something good like that. now let me explain what all just happened. you see, we were abusing adam's second card. it was tied up in the computer, connected to the first card. and adam, being a dork, had his mom and dad co-sign or something or other for his first card. amex wanted teli (who they thought to be adam) to call his mom and dad, and have them call amex to o.k. the purchase. we drove to a payphone. i was going to be adam's dad and call up. i did. fine. we didn't realize the cards were strung together or how his parents fit in. i was winging it. the first call got fucked. i was messed up, pumped up on the adrenaline from the thought of stealing almost a grand's worth of merchandise. that, and we had been listening to the revolting cocks. i was wacked beyond belief. i couldn't think straight, so i bashed my head into his car hood 2 or 3 times.. cleared me out really quick. i made a second call, realized how everything worked, then realized we needed adam's original card number. adam wasn't home. radio shack still has the camcorder. we got back in the car and headed out for some food and relaxation. just about then, i realized my head was bleeding like mad. seems when i rammed my face into his hood, i hit right where the hood and the side of the car join. the space between them ripped a nice sized gash in my otherwise beautiful forehead. i poured blood for a few minutes, they put the cocks back on even louder, i was in the back, the bass was making my chest vibrate. either my head stopped hurting, or i stopped caring, but i didn't feel it anymore and i didn't care about the nice red blood stains all over my face. we fucked around, ate something, i don't remember what. greasy pizza, i think. yeah, probably. his car stunk. i think his engine's fucked up. stank like hell. we had the windows down as far as they could go. it was cold as a bitch, i didn't care anymore.. noone did. i'm home now. my head barely tingles. nice bump. looks like a damned tumor. glad i don't have to work tomorrow. i'll go out for awhile, when my charming mum sees it i'll tell her i mangled myself skateboarding. telling her i beat my face into a car hood just dosen't sound that good, does it? i don't know what's going to happen with adam. he's supposed to call in the card tonight. hey baby, this is grand theft and over state lines. they'll call the feds in on this.. an investigation will come soon enough. let's hope we weren't stupid asses and we drove far enough away when we went shopping. you realize, of course, if i see a cop car pull in my driveway, i'm going to end up hauling ass and becoming a faceless blob in the urban landscape. i'll just have to come and live with you forever. heh. no. no i'm pretty sure of this. we're safe.. atleast, i am. i mean.. damn. i didn't get but $30 out of the whole deal. not that i care, but.. i'm not going to get pinned with this. then again, they can pin anyone with anything, if they really want to. god bless america, hay? amex exaggerated. they must have. $3000 from (at most) $1500? they have to be kidding. it's the spending patterns.. nothing, then in 2 days, $1500. crazy. really crazy. there was no question about it, they were going to think something was up. 11:01. i need sleep, don't you? of course you do. let me grab 40 winks or so.. i suppose i'll mail this tomorrow. i practically drool when i think of you calling, but i really can't talk to you tonight. i feel like shit. i'm numb all over and i need sleep more than anything. can you hear me? you can. you know what i'm thinking, don't you? please, don't call tonight. really. i mean it. just tonight. i just need to be alone tonight.. just me and my thoughts. i need to think, i need to dream, i need to let go of all this.. justin. --- i dont know what i'm feeling really. i feel all sick and twisted inside, and sympathetic to everything, and sorry for myself, and i feel motivated. i feel driven to do something. i can picture a girl crying, and me conforting her, telling her it's all ok, even though it isnt. i feel cold, chilled to the bone. i imagine myself crying, sobbing quietly. "creep into you i won't go away you're taking yourself too seriously" i constantly think of going somewhere else, i try to picture a better place to live, a place that isn't so damned corrupt or evil. i.. it's so stupid when i think about it. when you look at it, it's just me wanting to run away.. it's everyone wanting to run away. when people say "there must be a better place" or "there must be one place in the world" you know they want to go there. they're tired of the fight, they just want to go and be free. i just want to go and be free. i'm such a fool. i may as well be taking drugs, it seems like i want to escape so damned much. i ought to realize that this is where i live, and it's not going to get any better unless i do something about it. and yet, we should always dream because when we stop picturing a better place, we start accepting what we have, which is shit.. so i suppose i am a fool again. we should dream, we should picture a better place, but we shouldn't rush off to the 4 corners of the world trying to find it. our better place is right here, but only after hard work and commitment. duh. here i am anaylizing myself again. "you say you'll break out but you never do you're just another ant in the hill" --- holy shit batman! do you realize how many trees we have wasted with all these letters? sheesh. we're some really destructive critters. do you know, do you know? no, you don't know. no one knows. no one but me, that is. and i'm not telling. nope, no sir-e. i won't spill the beans. i'm listening to love and rockets. one of the bad things about this job is the discount. most people, i'm sure, would see a discount as an advantage, and i did too, at first. but now i see it as pain in the neck. being i get c/d's for $10 instead of the $17-$20 mall price, i get this incredible urge to buy more and more and more and.. i know what kind of hell you go through. really. i get the picture. know what i'm talking about? of course not. remember how you said it was annoying when you would call and the phone would be busy? i know the feeling. you see, i dialed your number last night, and it was busy busy busy. this was sort of a pisser, because i felt like calling and hearing all of your little problems, instead of talking about the riots. i am sick and tired of talking about the riots. it's all i've heard for the past 4 days. needless to say the topic is getting just a wee-bitty-bit stale.. did you see the new "barg's rootbeer" ad? it's something like "take a bite out of communism." their cans and other rubbish have "free soviet stuff!" scrawled all over them. i'm sure you're just about as thrilled about this as i am. it just gets to me when they use the break-up of an entire nation as an advertising tool. it's sort of like selling life insurance to on-lookers at a car crash.. want to see something really neat? go snag yourself a copy of "people" magazine. the one with jodie foster on the cover. the 50 most beautiful people issue. go get one of them, and look on page 36.. it's a story about leonard peltier! yay! and what's even more exciting.. on page 37, i think, there's this picture of lenny and this girl named lisa with black hair. nothing thrilling about that though, huh? WELL, it is to me, because lisa used to be my old english teacher. she's the one who got me all ensnarled in underground press and all that jazz.. and now she's going to marry lenny. can you imagine that? i can't.. i mean, she told me about a year or so ago that she wrote to leo, and he was sort of in love with her.. but this was a shock. wow. i know someone who's almost famous. what a world, what a world, what a world world world.. i think i'll beat myself over the head with a brick now. excuse me.. --- i saw a sign in a store window today. it said "team up with jesus." we're living with a cult. it's all right out in the open, but it's still such a secret to so many.. it's a cult, plain and simple. so i'm drinking my welch's grape soda and listening to trent reznor chant that's what i get" over and over and over.. i may be venturing back into the deep deep dark dark deep dark south this summer. maybe late june or early july. maybe.. maybe.. we're mulling it over, you see, the family and i.. maybe i'm all messed up.." yeah, maybe you are. of course, i will have to come and bother you before i go to the deep deep dark dark deep dark south (if i go there at all.) i've actually made up my mind. i'm going to come and see you, soonish-like. this is the only time i really feel alive.." shut up, trent. maybe i'll burn something tonight. maybe that's what i'll do. i had a 2 hour nap before, i suppose that's why i'm all wound up. almost 10pm, and i'm awake.. and bored out of my mind. no one at work's seen "a clockwork orange." they asked me what it was about. they said "well, what's it about?" want to know what i said? i said "well, it's..'s weird, you have to see it." they said it sounded like pink floyd: the wall." it's not like anything.. it's like anything else that i've seen. they said that i must feel pretty low of myself since i never capitalize anything. they said that two years ago. what do they know.. what have they ever known? why am i supposed to have an ego a mile wide? am i supposed to constantly be patting myself on the back for being such a good boy, for being such a happy camper, for being such a dazzling conformist? and if i did have an ego such as the one they thought i should have, they would be running around calling me a self-centered stuck-up bastard. what gives? fuck 'em. meat beat manifesto. goodbye, trent. now.. you can get down on your knees.. pray shout scream psyche out run for your life.." i'm a little cold. that dosen't matter. my buddy dave forgot who i was. i haven't seen him in a year, but i didn't think i changed that much.. he didn't recognize me until i came up to him and said "dave.." he stood there sort of at a loss for words, then realized who i was. "damn, you changed," said he. i still don't think so. the cool word to be saying now is "hermdeflurge." get it straight, now. you don't want to look uncool when you say it. "hermdeflurge." can you say that? come on, "hermdeflurge." remember that. use it as much as possible. you'll be the coolest kid on the block, or my name isn't jimmy joe the 2nd. i would love to play the dead kennedy's at work, but i don't think the other fruitloops could stomach it. i'm all out of welch's grape soda. believe me.. believe me when i tell you.. i saw it with my own eyes.." and with that, i bid you a hermdeflurgingly good day. --- it's umm. well it's thursday. i have some amazing news. want to hear? of course you do. i am now, deary, one of the top 3% of all americans. yes, i am now a member of the elite minority of people who, despite all odds, have baffled medical science. i am now one of: THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE INFECTED. it seems i have come up "snake-eyes in the genetic crap game" and i have the amazing abilty to cultivate infections, even after i've been immunized. do you remember my fever and wild headaches? well, that was just the easy stuff. tell mom that justin really is sick, sick with a glorious illness indeed. yes, it's an illness that needs no introduction, an illness by the name of chickenpox." i'm sure you're giggling. or laughing. or rolling about on the floor in wild hysteria. yes, i can tell. i know you have this mental image of me with pretty little red poka-dots all over me. well, you're right. i have a whole slew of nice, pinkish-red, only slightly itchy bumps that will, according to a medical handbook i just so happen to have, turn into "moist blisters." ahh, what a wonderful artist is nature. i always wondered what i'd look like with poka-dotted flesh. well, maybe it's the measels. or maybe, maybe it's even the german measels. either way, they are all outstanding ilnesses, worthy of praise and worship by all human beings, animals, and perhaps even plant life. hohum. now i don't know what to write. so. it's 5 minutes 'till 1pm, i have to be at the doc's around 2ish.. atleast he won't be grabbing at the family jewels today. well, atleast i hope he won't be. he may get some sort of thrill out of it, but it just dosen't do it for me, thank you very much. lipkowitz. what a name. i knew something was wrong when i had this dream about my boss (jeff) pissing in the corner.. the spots develop pretty quickly. in a day and a half, they've spread just about everywhere. i think perhaps i'll just sit and look at my chest for a couple of hours, watch a few of nature's little masterpieces form. have YOU had any of these darling diseases? if not, please tell me. i will gladly (and i mean GLADLY) sneeze, cough, wheeze, gag, and anything else that i can think of into a ziplock bag. then, all you have to do is turn the bag inside out and rub it all over your body. i'm sure the germs in the bag would be more than happy to turn you into a piece of artwork too. maybe i'll go read the paper or something. --- still the 26th. wild day. about 3 or 4 hours ago it was raining.. i was bored, and well, you know my position with the rain by now. i went out, i walked, it was pouring. i walked out into the woods, walked and walked.. walked until all i could see was trees and grass and pale grey sky. i didn't want to see anything that was made my human beings. i walked and walked, and then i found myself a nice oak tree. i curled up underneath it, leaned up against the trunk.. i sat there in the rain for about 45 minutes. after a while the birds got used to me, they started flying around near by. once i looked up and there was this bird not more than 4 feet away.. i suppose this is nothing when compared to pigeons and whatnot in the city.. but the difference was that this was a totally wild bird, not a pigeon.. it just sat there on a branch above me, chirping and looking around. i could have reached out and touched it, it was so close. well, anyway. i just sat there and thought about this and that.. i almost fell asleep there, it was so peaceful. just sitting there.. rain falling.. falling.. hitting me on the head, on the back.. falling.. falling.. drops all over me.. i'm too weird today. don't listen, eh? don't pay attention to me. "more time put aside sorry, i'm fucked up inside" i have a lot to do, but i don't want to do it. this leaves me with nothing to do. i don't know how that works, but somehow it does. someone thinks i should write a book. i think i should go have a nap. just what the world needs, more visions from the mind of a lunatic. i think i'll spare the mass of population for now. phone ringing. it's an asshole. it's that guy in new york. adam, that's his name. he's an idiot. i wish he would go away. i wish he would go away, far far away into the depths of the earth. assholes are everywhere. assholes consume the world. i have to hang up the phone. -- end of file, almost. that wasn't too bad, was it? you now know me better than most people know me. on't you feel honored? well, of course you do. and rightly so. fuck you all. hairy leech *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-* Phoenix Modernz Inc. :908/830-TANJ *-* *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* *-* Modern Textfiles Inc. 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