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---------------------------- high weirdness by email v2.1 send info and errata to: mporter@nyx.cs.du.edu ---------------------------- This version *supersedes* previous "editions"; they may safely be deleted without loss of important information. As always, this is coming out in a rush, so there are probably lots of holes, etc. Also, this is a rather long document, and unless you have some sort of keyword search you may have trouble finding what you're after. I am hoping to get a hypertext version of this woven into the WorldWideWeb some day [telnet info.cern.ch and look around] but dont hold your breath. In the mean time just delete what you dont want. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ARCHIVE THIS OR REPRODUCE IT, FEEL FREE TO EDIT IT FOR COMPREHENSIBILITY, RELEVANCE, ETC. At the last minute, trying to put something together for release, I have simply joined together some "unprocessed" files - they describe: i] some things from the slopoke ftp site ii] contents of the red.css political archive [ftp] iii] scott yanoff's internet resource list iv] an IRC FAQ v] some stuff 'left over' from the future-culture FAQ vi] cult of the dead cow newfiles vii] ftp.rahul.net archive contents viii] email addresses for sf fan groups In the interests of getting info out, etc, this hodgepodge is going out in a separate file - if anyone wants to archive it as well, & you're on a dos system, I suggest weird2-1.doc and weird2-1.sup as file names. if you see something in the unseen category & want to write a review, send it to me, say whether you want your name used, etc. A general note: the "best" general net guides are in my opinion the FutureCulture FAQ (see cyberpunk section) & the Scott Yanoff guide (appended to this document). For hardcopy, try the books by Krol and LaQuey, and watch out for Howard Rheingold's new book on the Internet... And speaking of books... Have a look at the novella "Voices", by the mysterious "Scotto", available via ftp from penguin.gatech.edu, /pub/leri/text/stories, work. and work2.. The listed topics are: OFFBEAT BUT ORDINARY RELIGIONS AND "SPIRITUALITY" PAGANISM AND MAGICK, OCCULTISM, SATANISM WEIRD RELIGIONS UFOS AND PARANORMAL PHENOMENA STRANGE INDIVIDUALS PHILOSOPHY, THINKING ABOUT THINKING, ETC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXTROPIANS WEIRD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ONLINE ETEXT PROJ'S, ETC SOME FTP SITES FORUMS FOR WEIRDNESS ON INTERNET BBS'S INFORMATION SERVICES DRUGS MAN! HACKING INFO AND LEARNING ABOUT THE NET WEIRD POLITICS AND CONSPIRACY ZINE REVIEWS CYBERPUNK AND THE "NEW EDGE" MISCELLANEOUS ZINES TASTELESS AND DISGUSTING THINGS COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS MU*S IRC ROLE-PLAYING GAMES CULT CLASSICS POPULAR (AND NOT-SO-POPULAR) MUSIC RAVES SOME "IN" PLACES ON THE NET MISCELLANEOUS, AND UNFINISHED BUSINESS SOME FILES RECENTLY UPLOADED TO FTP SITES SCOTT YANOFF'S LISTING In places I hav cannibalized both Scott Yanoff's listing of internet resources [reproduced in full at the end] and a list of mailing lists which appeared on news.lists, I think. *** OFFBEAT BUT ORDINARY RELIGIONS AND "SPIRITUALITY" *** On Usenet there is talk.religion.misc [basically = talk.religion.christian], and soc.religion.*, alt.atheism[.moderated], bit.listserv.christia, and also (I think) alt.ahmadiyya. Also talk.religion.newage, alt.religion.kibology. worldwide church of god - if youre a member- mailing list drew@cs.anu.edu.au bahai-faith Contact: bahai-faith-request@oneworld.wa.com (Charles W. Cooper II) gatewayed to soc.religion.bahai on Usenet Buddha-l lisserv@ulkyvm.bitnet "scholarly" in orientation high traffic = ulkyvm.louisville.edu Forum on Indian and Buddhist studies [listname BUDDHIST?] listserv@jpntuvm0.bitnet lds Contact: lds-request@decwrl.dec.com -or- decwrl!lds-request Purpose: a forum for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (mormons) to discuss church doctrine, mormon culture and life in general. Non-members are welcome to join, but we're not interested in flame wars. coombs.anu.edu.au /coombspapers/otherwork/electronic-buddhist-archives subdirectories: buddhism-gen, -tib, -viet, -zen; shamanism; taoism. look at /buddhism-zen/zen-email-directory.txt; email addresses of several dozen individuals or organizations interested in zen, all around the world. SDAnet Contact: st0o+SDA@andrew.cmu.edu (Steve Timm) for and about Seventh-day Adventists. moderated. Anyone may post or subscribe. Secular Humanist Group Contact: secular-humanist-request@sugar.neosoft.com (Jim Thompson) Purpose: to provide a moderated forum for the discussion of secular lifestyles and philosophies among atheists, agnostics, and secular humanists. Theists may join the list; however, proselytizing and debates over God and religion will be referred to more appropriate forums. jim@hsf.uab.edu - starting biblical studies over email mail him with Subject: BSG "The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS is an electronic journal that disseminates table of contents, abstracts, reviews and ordering information on new and recent print and electronic publications of relevance to Religious Studies. "Electronic subscriptions are free; to subscribe, send a mail message to Listserv@uottawa or listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca with the text: SUBSCRIBE CONTENTS your name." Inquires regarding the CONTENTS project should be sent to the project director: Michael Strangelove <441495@Uottawa> or <441495@Acadvm1.Uottawa.CA> The first edition of Michael Strangelove's _The Electric Mystic's Guide to the Internet: A Complete Bibliography of Networked Electronic Documents Online Conferences, Serials, Software and Archives Relevant to Religious Studies_, is now available via FTP as a Postscript, WordPerfect and low ascii file (also available via Listserv). Volume One is 64 pages Volumes Two and Three will be released between October and December. This bibliography is freely available via the international academic networks (BITNET/Internet) from the CONTENTS Project fileserver via FTP from the node panda1.uottawa.ca ( in the directory /pub/religion/ as the files [in PostScript, WP5.1, "low ascii" forms"] It is also available as a low ascii text via the CONTENTS Project Listserv fileserver as MYSTICS V1-TXT from Listserv@uottawa or Listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca Right_Use_of_Will@kether.webo.dg.com, will@kether.webo.dg.com books of Ceanne DeRohan, dictated by god - help save the universe low traffic list URANTIAL listserv%UAFSYSB.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu - sub urantial your_name the urantia book - available at better occult bookstores everywhere - logfiles available for subscribers: > ... for bitnet account persons, the following works: > tell listserv at uafsysb get urantial log9xxx > filling in the x's of course with the year and month of your choice; > archive logs are monthly. Perhaps someone more familiar with the > internet can specify retrieval from that network. I think the > protocol is to send mail to listserv@uafsysb.uark.edu > with the simple command: get urantial log9xxx I joined with a pretty negative attitude, and I still havent read the Urantia Book, but I like what I have seen on this list. zendo-request@lysator.liu.se ** applied Zen Buddhism *** PAGANISM AND MAGICK, OCCULTISM, SATANISM *** alt.pagan alt.magick alt.satanism alt.horror.cthulhu, alt.necromicon alt.religion.sabaean Temple of Set - heaps of files on the Temple of Set, including the complete ToS reading list and a number of documents on internal orders, have recently been uploaded to slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com /pub/incoming/set quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/set I am impressed by what I have seen of the "Setian philosophy", compared to most occult approaches. GRASS Contact: grass-server@wharton.upenn.edu Purpose: The GRASS (Generic Religions and Secret Societies) mailing list is a forum for the development of religions and secret societies for use in role-playing games. Both real-world and fictional religions and secret societies are covered. GRASS is an erratic volume, high signal-to-noise, mailing list. To subscribe, send mail to the CONTACT address with a subject of SUBSCRIBE Charlie Bucket. (Use your own name instead of Charlie's though!) pagan Contact: pagan-request@drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu (Stacey Greenstein) Purpose: To discuss the religions, philosophy, etc. of paganism. gcnext.gac.peachnet.edu /pub/wicca UNSOLICITED BLURB Divination Web - a MUCK - telnet seismo.soar.cs.cmu.edu 9393 thanks to the efforts of Moonchilde, Fr.Nigris, Bran and who knows who else, one of the more interesting MU*s i have seen has come into being... there's an internal Tree of Life structure as well as a 'wheel' which I havent explored, and a fascinating crowd of people there [whenever theres anyone on]. pagan-request@drycas.club.cc.cmu.edu (not seen by me) grind.isca.uiowa.edu ( you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear whenever you list the directory contents. /info/misc [contains files Wicca1, Wicca2, kama (sutra)] morose.cc.purdue.edu /pub/topy-online Temple ov Psychick Youth (submitted by timbomb@cs.uq.oz.au) Ihavebeen told that these files will soon be lost, but that TOPY / OTO informationwill be availavle via ftp from netcom.com [unseen] nic.funet.fi / ftp.funet.fi /pub/doc/occult - Necronomicon - Voynich MS slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com comments by Anon of Ibid: * This site has lots of Crowley texts and gifs, including the *complete* texts of the Book of Lies, Book of the Law, Book 4, Magick in Theory and Practice, Magick Without Tears, and some (or all) copies of the Equinox. (Crowley's magickal journal/ zine/publication type thing) All this stuff is in directory /pub/magick/incoming. But there's lots more than Crowley stuff. Check this site out. [Back to me:] Also worth perusing are wilson.on.cis, an online conference with RAWilson as guest participant, and cybercraft, which contains an exposition of Leary's 8-circuit model. ALSO, copies of the Equinox are retailing where I live for about $700 (for 10 vols.) at present. You could probably make yourself same money, and do yourself a favor, and violate some sort of copyright law by printing copies of the Equinox based on the slopoke material. In fact the whole slopoke site is just one of the best. They have an old alt.slack archive (old*slack!), extensive Notes on Kabbala that you won't find anywhere else, the Principia Discordia. SEE SUPPLEMENT FOR LISTING OF FILES AVAILABLE FROM SLOPOKE FTP SITE *** WEIRD RELIGIONS *** alt.slack alt.discordia alt.religion.kibology alt.spam coming soon to a newsserver near you PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA - found all over the place and posted to alt.discordia every week or so, it seems - transcribed by Druel the Chaotic - send fanmail to MPYTHON@gnu.ai.mit.edu Subgenius-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu ** your daily fix of slack world.std.com /pub/alt.religion.kibology - archives for the newsgroup ark.655.Z & kibo-for-prez look interesting, but i can't decompress them Mail kibo@world.std.com for the kiboheader source code - have an "X-Kib0-Says:" in all your email - this code is also in the archives. Church of Spam newcomers but ambitious - already setting up alt.spam Spamist archives can be found at quartz.rutgers.edu, /pub/subgenius/spam contact: ----------------------- io20650@maine.maine.edu --------------------- *** Daerr - High Spreader of Spam, Church of Spam (Gavin Edition) *** "I Spam, therefore I am" - Gavin "Spam sects unite under Gavin!" "We have billions of members, but most of them don't know it yet" --------------------------------------------------------------------- HailOtis@socpsy.sci.fau.edu PURPS - The Purple Thunderbolt of Spode - the newsletter of the Otisians. An excellent compilation. Contact the Pope, jstevens@world.std.com, for info on the Otisian directory. Also contact Mal@socpsy.sci.fau.edu for info on the "junk mail" list. All back issues of Purps archived, quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/journals/Purps. SLACK@ncsu.edu - home of the Holy Temple of Mass Consumption - don't know if they send out copies of their (excellent) ezine on request, but it appears regularly on Usenet anyway, and is archived at quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/journals/HToMC houk@cs.athena.mit.edu - Moot News for Modern Man v1, subG stuff request@fennec.sccsi.com - Worldview / Weltanschauung - weirdness, future tech, subgenius stuff - read about this in the future-culture FAQ (see mailing lists) but i have been unable to reach them - anyhow it is archived at ftp.eff.org, /pub/cud/wview - had the proper address and lost it! check the FC FAQ mullet.gu.uwa.edu.au /pub/text/comment/scriptures.tar.Z version 1, Travelling Scriptures of the Church of V/R One final note for now, but only for those who've persisted all the way through this. If you're interested in these sorts of ideas, but with a Discordian/SubGenius sort of slant, you might want to try ploughing through the "Travelling Scriptures of the Church of Virtuality\Reality", or the Scriptures of V\R for short. Principia Discordia mixed with equal parts of LSD and MUD. You can get them (there's about 1 Meg of text so far) via anonymous ftp from: quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/Scripture/scripture.000 ... scripture.007 ftp.css.itd.umich.edu /zines/Scripture/ (as above) slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com /pub/weirdness/ (as above).Z scripture.000 is the introductory "volume". quartz.rutgers.edu /pub get the CONTENTS file to see how *much* there is on here! also, there's an automatic decompression thingy for any file ending .Z, so you can ftp-by-mail even *those* ones! /pub/subgenius contains a bob.gif, plus lots of other SubG stuff; and of course they have the Principia Discordia. /pub/journals has *heaps* of stuff, FutureCulture, m00se Illuminati (for info on *them* mail dickson@hartford.bitnet), Purps (the Purple Thunderbolt of Spode, the Otisian newsletter (see above)), other stuff I forget right now. in /pub/subgenius try slack.news [authentic newspaper article featuring interview with Stang] and prescrip [the complete Subgenius prescriptures]. *** UFOs AND PARANORMAL PHENOMENA *** alt.alien.visitors alt.paranormal alt.dreams alt.oobe / alt.out-of-body sci.skeptic ftp.uni-kl.de /pub/pc/incoming bgft300a.zip can someone tell me what this is? is Bigfootf working for the Committee of 300 now? infopara-request@scicom.alphacdc.com - "Subscribe" in subject line - you will get info from Paranet Information Service psi-l listserv%rpicicge@vm1.nodak.edu SUB PSI-l the_usual contact bgeer%hampvms.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu (not seen by me) "Our research group is currently investigating reports and sightings of the animal known as "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch". o Leave a private message in electronic mail: ai065@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Thomas Hill) Contact with us can be totally anonymous if you wish. We are especially interested in Ohio sightings but are by no means limited to investigations in that state. Please, serious responses only." [ie SubGenii: nothing about Tibetan Yetis from Atlantis] (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ) ASLJL@ACAD2.ALASKA.EDU the Federation is making a starflight drive - email here for details rutkows@ccu.umanitoba.ca (from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ) available on an experimental basis by email - "The Swamp Gas Journal covers a variety of scientific UFO-related phenomena" - various reviews gvb@acd4.acd.com maintains a personal archive of alt.alien.visitors traffic since July 13, 1992 - portions available on request - *not* available via ftp as yet grind.isca.uiowa.edu ( you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear whenever you list the directory contents. /info/paranet [UFO digests from Paranet Information Service] skeptic%yorkvm1.bitnet@vm1.nodak.edu SUB SKEPTIC your_fullname (not seen by me) ftp.uiowa.edu /archive/aav UFO-RELATED INFORMATION from the alt.alien.visitors FAQ - an excellent document! possibly the best reference for ufo-info sources of its size ever prepared - comments here are from that FAQ paul.rutgers.edu The file is pub/UFO/bibliography.Z It has books by author, a second listing by date, and also the names of prominent authors in the field. For more information contact: mcgrew@dropout.rutgers.edu (Charles Mcgrew) phoenix.oulu.fi ( /pub/ufo_and_space_pics - phoenix UFO pics NASA Pics Sites NOTE: the material at these sites is exceedingly voluminous; I'd strongly suggest just getting the CD-ROMs instead of attempting to transfer scores of gigabytes of pix and other material. To access the online catalog of NASA material, CD-ROMS, et cetera: telnet nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov login as "NODIS" no password Anonymous ftp sites (five): nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov [] This is a VAX/VMS box, so you must ftp-login as "anonymous". To get a dir listing into a file on your system: ftp> dir [...] file_on_your_system vab02.larc.nasa.gov lots of stuff, including Aliens of all colors, and UFO pix (though this seems to mirror a lot of what's at phoenix.oulu.fi and has some additional material). ames.arc.nasa.gov online copies of what appears to be all NASA's CD-ROMs, and lots of GIFs, *.img and *.jpg from most (all?) space missions since Apollo. iris1.ucis.dal.ca dunno; it appears to be down today (Saturday, 18-July-1992). ummts.cc.umich.edu {changed to} archive.umich.edu apparently popular (and, hence, slow). Is supposed to have many NASA and Voyager data files. at stycx.hacktic.nl (+31-3404-59551) there is a public account [login repm12, passwd zebra] for the [anonymous]sharing of MJ12 information /pub/ufo-and-space-pics/alen-47.jpg Roswell alien doll *** WEIRD PERSONALS AND OTHER UNCLASSIFIEDS *** [unchanged from HWbE v1.1] >From donnell@mermaid.micro.umn.edu Thu Oct 29 09:32:01 1992 Two guys here. Judex worships squids and spreads their "gospel". Your Heinous is a computer fiend and headbanger extrodinaire. Trade your weirdness for theirs. B} Judex is also a music and movie trivia buff, and a good source for such. >From corleyj@GAS.uug.Arizona.EDU Wed Oct 28 11:31:29 1992 In Robert Anton Wilson's _Illuminatus! Trilogy_, he describes a process used by Discordians, Erisians and Anarchists against governments, corporations and in general, The Establishment. This process involves sending many letters from different parts of the country/world and is called Operation Mindfuck. With the advent of e-mail, Operation Mindfucks are much more easily coordinated. One such network can be joined by e-mailing corleyj@gas.uug.arizona.edu. Networks are set up around communal responsibility. Everyone agrees to participate in everyone else's Mindfuck. If A helps B Fuck the IRS, then when B wants to Fuck the Department of Defense, A is obliged to help. Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia! >Join the Church of V/R and help save the world in your spare time! Write Larysa.Fabok@launchpad.unc.edu for information. and look for #cIRCle on IRC! *** STRANGE INDIVIDUALS *** alt.net.personalities alt.folklore.computers has something like a 1000-person whos.who.on.the.net list. I don't know if it is archived but it reappears there periodically from HWbE v1.1: >From: The Saint of Self Abuse I dunno if it counts but we have a really vocal, extreme right-wing paranoid fundamentalist Christian who got a Bboard named after him out here at CMU. He frequently posts more than four posts in a day and we already have somebody at MIT mocking the guy and it may be a national thing because this guy is 100% all-American Christian fundie right wing nutso..... Anyway, the Bboard is assocs.collegerepublicans.intolerant_assholes @ andrew.cmu.edu and our "friend" is Dave Byler: db7n @ andrew.cmu.edu He may not be weird enough for this list, but he responds to EVERYTHING and claims such things as: 1. There is an International Communist Conspiracy 2. Sen. Macarthy was right 3. Al Gore plans to save the earth by depopulating it 4. Liberalism = Nazism 5. You're all going to Hell Maybe he is weird enough.... idealord@dorsai.com - home of IdEAl OrdEr Psychic TV There's a blurb for IdEAL OrdEr which is supposed to go here but I dont seem to have it to hand! Basically IdEAl OrdEr allegedly and mysteriously interfere with the blinking rates of various TV personalities, mostly newsreaders but they also 'zapped' the final US presidential debate. They also have an 'art' aspect which I don't know about. Jeff harrington of IdEAl OrdEr seems to be on just about every interesting mailing list there is; so although I cant vouch for the reality of the phenomenon I can say that IO is definitely hip to a lot of things.... anyone know the home of nU wORLD oRDER Psychic Usenet? carasso@inference.com - dfqfrby@shoes.BELL-ATL.COM, jecoleb@eos.ncsu.edu & millerje@CS.ColoState.EDU all have personal archives of some of the best of carasso, and probably the man himself does too - dont know what carasso's doing - I dont read talk.bizarre at all, but there was a crossposted thread in alt.religion.kibology the other day with "CARASSO: SOMETHING SOMETHING" in the subject line, so I presume he's still out there.. pfinerty@nyx.cs.du.edu - "Public Enemy #1" - the guy who earned the sysop of Nyx a visit from the Secret Service. you should be able to read about it at slopoke ftp site, hmm, i think in /pub/weirdness/secserv hplaa02.cern.ch /netcel - Net celebrities archive *** PHILOSOPHY,THINKING ABOUT THINKING,ETC *** talk.philosophy.misc -Am. Philos. Assoc. telnet atl.calstate.edu or telnet offers: BBS for APA. (Login: apa) belief-l (not seen by me) - send subscribe belief-l your_name to listserv@brownvm.brown.edu belief-l doubts.napoleon?? [if not enquire sci.skeptic] an 1819 article explaining why Napoleon might not have existed derrida listserv@cfrvm.bitnet subscribe derrida full_name (not seen by me) fnord-l@UBVM.bitnet (I think - dont know internet address) - New Ways of Thinking List - created as forum to discuss the ideas of Wilson, Leary, Alli and the like, but to my mind it has degenerated somewhat yo! owing to discussions with a source who shall remain anonymous, I have a new respect for fnord-l, as 'net performance art'... hegel@VILLVM.BITNET ???? lojban-list-request@snark.thyrsus.com (not seen by me) why bother with esperanto? Purpose: To use, discuss, and contribute to the development of the constructed human language called Lojban (known in earlier versions as Loglan). Lojban has a grammar based on predicate logic, and vocabulary built from the six most widely spoken human languages. It is intended as a tool for experimental linguistics, as a medium for communication with computers, and as a possible international auxiliary language. Lojban-list is an unmoderated mail reflector. New subscribers are asked to send their postal mailing addresses as well, so that they can be placed on the mailing list of The Logical Language Group, Inc., a non-profit organization. The postal mailing list provides materials that are useful in learning about the language. Lojban-list and LLG, Inc. are in no way affiliated with The Loglan Institute, Inc., or with James Cooke Brown, the founder of Loglan. Subject: INFO: Mailinglist for Neuro Linguistic Programming From: citrus!vector0!jon@csusac.ecs.csus.edu (Dazed N. Confused) Date: Mon, 28 Dec 92 13:13:05 PST Recently posted to alt.config.. }From: taz@momad.li.ny.us (Jon Nowak) }Subject: Neuro Linguistic Programming } }There is now a mailing list available for those who are interested in learning }about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and for those who just are curious. }To join the mailing list, simply send e-mail to SERVER@Momad.LI.NY.US }with the following line in your email: } }JOIN NLP } }Very simple, eh? And if you join the list, but then decide you don't want to }remain on the list, all you have to do is send e-mail to the same address, }Server@momad.li.ny.us, with the command: } }UNJOIN NLP } }in your message. When you join, you will automatically receive the }help file for the NLP Mailing List. Please join today. After all, it's free }ain't it? Seriously, if you have an interest in NLP, please use the }mailing list, rather than wasting bandwidth on Alt.Hypnosis (which is *NOT* for }NLP) nsp-l@RPIECS.BITNET Noble Savage Philosophy ??? objectivism Contact: objectivism-request@vix.com (Paul Vixie) Purpose: A mailing list where students of Objectivism can discuss their ideas, concrete issues, exchange news, etc. Any issue that may have some relevance to Objectivists is appropriate here. objectivism-request@vixie.sf.ca.us ** objectivism discussion list - seems to be fairly low traffic - to access the archives mail objectivism-listserv@vix.com with the single-line msg 'help' objectivism-philosophy Contact: objectivism-request@twwells.com (T. William Wells) Purpose: A mailing list for discussion of the philosophy of Objectivism. This is not a general Objectivism mailing list; discussions are restricted to the philosophy itself. Let me add a little rant here expressing my annoyance that talk.philosophy.objectivism was voted down. WHY did you vote 'no', those of you who did? "Oh, I'm tired of the newsgroup hierarchies fragmenting." Pfah! If you're not interested in Objectivism you wouldnt have had to read the newsgroup. And if you _were_ interested in Objectivism, and voted against it.. I don't understand you _at all_. pkd-list Contact: pkd-list-request@wang.com Purpose: The discussion of the works and life of Philip K. Dick (1928-1982), one of the world's most unusual science fiction writers. Topics include his books and stories, and books and stories about him and his life; however, discussion can (of necessity) branch out into the nature of reality, consciousness and religious experience. not responding to my inquiries, unfortunately they have now! took em 3 months, but I'm on. this one goes in spurts. I'm more interested in the later Valis stuff, but theres also discussion of Dick's earlier works, for those who find the gnostic overtones of the later ones distasteful. PMC-TALK - discussion forum for PMC list (=postmodern culture?) PMC@ncsuvm.cc.ncsu.edu is the editors' address an incredible range of files: poetry, postmodern ecology, "stemmatics", James Joyce, mail art, Gulf War, concepts of time, everyday aesthetics, logs of 2 years' worth of discussions - just looking at the titles I can't guess what some of them are about. Send for PMC-TALK GUIDE for proper info. "... if you need PMC-TALK GUIDE and don't know how to get it, send the following one-line mail message to LISTSERV@NCSUVM (on Bitnet) or to LISTSERV@NCSUVM.CC.NCSU.EDU (on Internet): GET PMC-TALK GUIDE PMC-TALK F=MAIL Note that there should be no blank lines before this line, and no other text or lines in the message. The instructions you will receive are the same as those distributed to new subscribers of journal, and will enable you to retrieve files on your own." *** SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY *** sci.* alt.sci.physics.new-theories comp.* bionet.* alife Contact: alife-request@cognet.ucla.edu Purpose: The alife mailing list is for communications regarding artificial life, a formative interdisciplinary field involving computer science, the natural sciences, mathematics, medicine and others. The recent book _Artificial Life_, Christopher Langton, ed., Addison Wesley, 1989 introduces the scope of artificial life as a field of study. Alife was chartered in February 1990 at the Second Artificial Life Workshop, held in Santa Fe & organized by the Center for Nonlinear Studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Santa Fe Institute. The list is intended primarily for low-volume, high-content scientific correspondence and as a publically accessible forum for the interested members of the public. Membership as of July 1990 includes over 1,200 addresses on four continents. There is an FTP-accessible archives/repository of past traffic, software and papers. The list is maintained by the Artificial Life Research Group, Computer Science Department, Lindley Hall 101, Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405. There are conditions on redistribution of the list in order to minimize any misunderstanding or exaggeration concerning this new area of study. anneal-request@cs.ucla.edu (not seen by me) - simulated annealng Purpose: Discussion of simulated annealing techniques and analysis, as well as other related issues (stochastic optimization, Boltzmann machines, metricity of NP-complete move spaces, etc). Membership is restricted to those doing active research in simulated annealing or related areas. Current membership is international, and about half of the members are published authors. The list itself is unmoderated. blackbird Contact: skunk-works-request@orchestra.ecn.purdue.edu Purpose: Discuss Lockheed special project planes, particular the Blackbird (A-12, YF-12 and SR-71) and U-2 programs. cellular-automata-request@think.com (not seen by me) CRYONICS list - contact kqb@whscad1.att.com cryonics Contact: ...att!whscad1!kqb -or- kqb@whscad1.att.com (Kevin Q. Brown) Purpose: Cryonic suspension is an experimental procedure whereby patients who can no longer be kept alive with today's medical abilities are preserved at low temperatures for treatment in the future. This list is a forum for topics related to cryonics, which include biochemistry of memory, low temperature biology, legal status of cryonics and cryonically suspended people, nanotechnology and cell repair machines, philosophy of identity, mass media coverage of cryonics, new research and publications, conferences, and local cryonics group meetings. cybsys-l (not seen by me) - presumably cybernetic systems listserv@bingvaxu.cr.birminghamton.edu - sub cybsys-l full_name cypherpunks@toad.com - rapidly growing list on public key encryption and related issues [also see alt.security.pgp, and info-pgp-request@lucpul.it.luc.edu] NEWS: formation of future-tech list Hi, welcome to Future-tech! This mailing list is in the process of being born, so all suggestions are welcome! List management is currently done by hand, so please excuse any bumps until I get the bugs out. Please forward me a copy of any bounces, thanks! (I think I fixed the first problem) Here's Rough Draft #1 of a charter: This list is for discussing science fact and science future, current discoveries and hypothetical possibilities. News tidbits, speculation, and longer essays are all welcome. The list may appeal to readers of publications such as Omni, Scientific American, Extropy, or the Whole Earth Software Review, to name a few. Possible topics may range through but not be limited to: --Evolution of the Net and electronic communications --Information science and management --Artificial intelligence, neural nets, robotics --medicine, life extension, cybernetics, longevity --ecology, natural resources, energy sources --physical and societal evolution --Electronic communications in the future --Memetics and systems theory Subscription requests and Administrivia to: future-tech-request@cs.umb.edu List address: future-tech@cs.umb.edu neuro-evolution-request@cse.ogi.edu neuron Contact: neuron-request@cattell.psych.upenn.edu (Peter Marvit) Purpose: Neuron-Digest is a moderated list (in digest form) dealing with all aspects of neural networks (and any type of network or neuromorphic system). Topics include both connectionist models (artificial neural networks) and biological systems ("wetware"). Back issues and limited software is available via FTP from cattell.psych.upenn.edu. The Digest is gatewayed to USENET's comp.ai.neural-nets. i've seen one copy - looks like a place where a number of the major researchers can be found - eg first msg in the issue i read was from michael arbib physics-request@unix.sri.com _or_ @mc.lcs.mit.edu (not seen by me) physics Contact: physics-request@qedqcd.rye.ny.us (Mike Miskulin) Purpose: Physics is a newly created digest to cover current developments in theoretical and experimental physics. Typical topics might include particle physics, plasmaphysics, astrophysics. Discussions related to all branches (large and small) of physics are welcome. - theoretical physics pre-print list You can get papers on general relativity & quantum cosmology from gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov, high energy physics [theoretical] from hep-th@xxx.lanl.gov. Send Subject: help. (Most papers written for people with TeX or LATeX, so be prepared for the equations to be even harder to understand than usual.) - mail gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov with subject line "get 9210011" and explode your mailbox! this is a paper all about problems to do with time - technical and conceptual - in quantum gravity. Available commands include get paper# returns paper specified by paper# (e.g. `get 9109001' ; for abstract alone, append .abs to paper#, e.g. `get 9109001.abs') `get 3 2.abs 9108001', e.g., returns multiple papers. (get defaults to the current year/month so that e.g. during 10/91 `get 1 2 5' or `get 01 2 005' will automatically prepend 9110's and necessary zeroes to result in `get 9110001 9110002 9110005' . numbers too large for current yr/mo have previous yr/mo prepended. get also defaults to current year, e.g. `get 9005' during 1991 gives `get 9109005' , and months/numbers too large for current year default to previous year. mixed formats e.g. `get 1 08005 2 55 harvmac.tex 9109058 2.abs' also work.) listing returns list of year/month's currently available. list yymm's returns title/author's of papers currently held for given yr/mo subsets, e.g. `list 9109'. `list macros' returns available macros `list new' resends most recently sent title/abs listing of papers received (typically from previous day). for title/author/abstract's of papers held for given yr/mo subsets, append .abs: e.g. `list 9109.abs 9110.abs' multiple requests allowed: e.g. `list 9109 9110.abs macros new' find xyz search title/author list for xyz (either author or word in title, case insensitive) to retrieve paper#, e.g. `find goldstone' find defaults to past 12 months, for earlier use `find goldstone 91' subscribe your full name add new username to daily distribution list (email address automatically extracted from return address), `your full name' is your full name (any number of words and initials) as you wish it to appear on distribution list <<< note that `suscribe' is not a word >>> cancel remove user@nodename from daily distribution list subscribe all automatically receive full text of all papers cancel all return to receipt only of authors/titles/abstracts distribution returns full list of email addresses on distribution list comment forwards mail message for human perusal help returns this list of commands All commands may be abbreviated by any truncation that includes at least the first three letters (e.g. rep, sub, can, dis, lis, com, ...). Do not make multiple requests for the same paper. If you receive nothing (or if the response is slow) it means there is a problem at your end. some other bulletin boards running the same software: alg-geom@publications.math.duke.edu (algebraic geometry) astro-ph@babbage.sissa.it (astrophysics) cond-mat@babbage.sissa.it (condensed matter) e-mail@xxx.lanl.gov (e-mail address database) funct-an@babbage.sissa.it (functional analysis) gr-qc@xxx.lanl.gov (general relativity / quantum cosmology) hep-lat@ftp.scri.fsu.edu (computational and lattice physics) hep-ph@xxx.lanl.gov (high energy physics phenomenological) hep-th@xxx.lanl.gov (high energy physics formal) nucl-th@xxx.lanl.gov (nuclear theory) -Genetics Bank mail gene-server@bchs.uh.edu +mail retrieve@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov +mail blast@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Subject: help Offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence. also check out the bionet groups on Usenet I remember, when I first started exploring Usenet, how cool i thought it was that newly sequenced genes were posted to bionet. I downloaded about 1Meg of DNA sequences just for the thrill of carrying it around on floppydisk.. -E-Math telnet e-math.ams.com or offers: Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math) listserv@gitvm1.bitnet sub frac-l FRACTALS listserv@math.ufl.edu / FAQ settheory / eprints wavelets topology HIT-L (Highly Imaginative Technology) listserv@ufrj.bitnet / ufrj.br SUBSCRIBE HIT this is a pretty good one. and remember to GET OFF send to the listserv SIGNOFF HIT - sometimes half the posts are whimpers of 'how can I get off this list' - worse than fnord-l in that regard.. HTECH-L@SIVM.BITNET history of technology listserv@orbital.demon.co.uk subscribe satnews me me fortnightly message on satellite tech & broadcasting space-investors-request@cs.cmu.edu - i subscribe but have yet to see any traffic after a week - after a month something turned up. this list is what the name says: for people who want to invest in Space technomads-request@bikelab.sun.com the guy who nets from his bike "loopy" file on quantum gravity - see appendices on uploaded files ALSO!!!!!!!!!! See John Baez's stuff; as i recall its anon ftp at math.princeton.edu, /pub/fycfung/baezpapers with an out of date README file. Also look for his weekly postings to sci.physics [sci.physics.research by the time you read this?] on "Find of the Week" in mathematical physics. *** EXTROPIANS *** extropians-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu ** serious discussion of extropian/upwing ideas such as physical immortality, anarchocapitalism, postindustrial society etc Purpose: The unifying characteristic of the list recipients is their latest interest in anarchocapitalist politics, techniques of life extension (including cryonics), the technological extension of human intelligence and perception, nanotechnology, spontaneous orders, memetics, and a number of other related ideas. If these topics seem to you to be naturally related and mutually consistent, you might already be an Extropian. All Extropians (and those who suspect that they are Extropians) are invited to join. exi-daily-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu exi-digest-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu also bit.listserv.xtropy-l - longer essays on extropian themes = exi-essay-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu from lynx.cs.wisc.edu Structure of this archive: The Exi-Essay directory contains essays posted to the Extropy Essay email list. The file naming conventions are as follows: authorlastname.MMDDYY The file INDEX contains an index of all essays contained in this archive. The file EXTROPY contains information about the journal _Extropy_ The file PRINCIPLES contains version 2.0 of the Extropian Principles. [followed by a copyleft message by the extropian list manager which you really should read, even if only to read the extropian principles] List of Essays from the ExI-Essay list, in chronological order, including brief summaries: Date Filename Title Author --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 09/01/92 -------- National Defense in an Anarcho-capitalistic Society JoSH Summary: Anarchies will not start wars and will be in good shape to defend themselves because of their inherent efficiencies. Contact: josh@cs.rutgers.edu 09/02/92 -------- Living Systems Alex Chislenko Summary: Commonalities exist between different complex systems, such as societies, making it fruitful to view them as 'living'. Contact: sasha@cs.umb.edu 09/06/92 zahn.090692 Well, Oh Yeah? Derek Zahn Summary: A response to Hilary Putnam's view that evolution produced our minds by lots of kludges, making AI an inherently infeasible task. Contact: derek@cs.wisc.edu 09/09/92 more.090992 Transhumanism: Towards a Futurist Philosophy Max More Summary: Religion provides a context for life's 'meaning' but is entropic. Extropian transhumanism provides a non-entropic alternative. Contact: more@usc.edu 09/17/92 johnson.091792 Extropian Book List Richard Johnson Summary: Extensive list of organizations, books, periodicals, etc, topically related to Extropian ideas. Contact: rdj%adpgate.uucp@apple.com 10/30/92 chislenko.103092 CLASS of all theories Alex Chislenko Summary: Brief thoughts on the class of all possible theories Contact: sasha@cs.umb.edu 11/01/92 cox.110192 Taming the Electronic Frontier Brad Cox Summary: Proposal for a course studying the future of information technology at George Mason University. Explanation and Syllabus. Contact: bradcox@sitevax.gmu.edu 11/01/92 shapiro.110192 Business and Capitalist Memes in China Harry A. B. Shapiro Summary: A brief call for a word for the meme or meme complex that allows a person to focus upon and to work towards life in an increasingly market-driven economy. Contact: habs@gnu.ai.mit.edu 11/20/92 -------- Reversible Agents Robin Hanson Summary: Preprint of 1992 IEEE Physics of Computation Workshop paper suggesting that AI as goal-directed behavior is non-reversible and thus must pay entropic penalties, especially for measuring the environment. Communication, however, may be much cheaper. Contact: hanson@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov also look for the more recent "How to Break the Law" [almost like an online Loompanics Catalog!] *** WEIRD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY *** nic.funet.fi / ftp.funet.fi /pub/pics/gif/pics/people/famous/* an albert hofmann gif, and then next door is hanna-maria poropudas, whose explanation of the structure of time, space potatoes etc is now legendary - i predict that one day some astrophysicist who was a usenet junkie as an undergrad will discover some cosmological feature and name it a "space potato" in honor of hanna-maria and hannu - start with /Hanna-Maria/README.Hanna-Maria *** ONLINE ETEXT PROJ'S,ETC *** TEXTARCHIVE.LIST Oxford Text archive@vaxox.ac.uk mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu /gutenberg *** HOME OF PROJECT GUTENBERG *** which is an attempt to build an online library of 10000 etexts by 2001 so far the weirdest thing they have is probably just the Book of Mormon BUT!! if you have any anticopyright texts - whether UG Krishnamurti or anarchist/Autonomedia classics - WHY NOT scan them in or transcribe them, and send them to the project? email project director hart@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu for instructions on how to submit a text - YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTACT HIM TO GET THE PASSWD TO THE INCOMING DIRECTORY network.ucsd.edu InterText network.ucsd.edu:/intertext Athene network.ucsd.edu:/intertext/Athene obi.std.com Online Book Initiative - /pub/obi also found at world.std.com /obi - some subdirectories Ingar.Holst strange stuff DecWRL abstracts.index Anonymous English.is.tough.stuff Soviet.Archives README, & gifs -while we're on the topic of the xUSSR, apparently one April Fool's there was a now-famous forged posting on Usenet from chernenko@moskvax. haven't seen it, but it's supposedly archived at: anon ftp: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/docs/about-the-net/usenet/moskvax-april-fools Tracy.LaQuey 1990 net.directory - sounds very interesting - this has been highly recommended to me - you can reach it through the WorldWideWeb - telnet info.cern.ch, select Search by Topic, Computers, Networking, Item 16 - also you can order a hard copy from internet-companion@utexas.edu *** SOME FTP SITES *** (The Site Which Must Not Be Named) an up-and-coming home of online weirdness, by the look of it - an ftp site of underworld industries - also info on 'alternative media / alternative music' network in /proj/amam - try get repdir to see who you should contact e-zine lunatic fringe and others stored, along with high weirdness by email, a 'stream-of-consciusness' project - a lot of this stuff i couldn't access properly owing to difficulties at MY end, but it all seems promising. some words from the guy who runs it: >welp, i would give you the alphabetic address/name of the site IF THERE >WERE ONE! you see, we get a pool of about 30 (more if we need) IP >addresses to do with as we please. the big boys upstairs (actually in >another building) who are in charge of assigning names will only do so >if they are "important" (mail servers, BIG machines). the pool we have >are all SUPPOSED to just be for individual (DOS/mac) workstations. >however, i skimmed one of and made it the "pirated" uwi ftp site!! voila! >sorry! > >as for my blurb (by the nameless site!) you can include something like: >underworld industries (uwi) is dedicated to exploring new (or old) and >exciting experimental and [arguably] creative uses for technology. oh >yeah, and we even like the old-fashioned experimental arts, too. (like >underground press, graphic arts, video, etc.) check out the docs/uwi >directory on the ftp site for more info.... > >[sound ok?] >-jon ______________________________________________________________________________ Bill the Cat | kca@caen.engin.umich.edu | UnderWorld Ind. UWI001, P.O.Box 4060 Think freely | FINGER me for more info! | Ann Arbor, MI 48106-4060 USA Earth see also: red.css.itd.umich.edu under "WEIRD POLITICS AND CONSPIRACY" quartz.rutgers.edu under "WEIRD RELIGIONS" slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com under "PAGANISM etc" *** FORUMS FOR WEIRDNESS ON INTERNET BBS'S *** [as well as the topics listed, many bbs's have rooms dedicated to non sequiturs, free association, incongruous statements etc. since these rooms are changed frequently, I have not bothered to list them here - MP] [this section not updated since HWbEmail v0.0] Citadel BBSs ISCABBS login New to join Spiritual Forum> Paganism And Magick> Philosophy> Cult Classics> Amazing Stories and Urban Legends> Paraphenomena> Alternative Press> ALTERNATIVE PRESS> i used to be a regular isca fanatic but now this is the only one i read - about as informative as alt.zines hpx5.aid.no Skynet login skynet Religion> Far Side of Computing> Predictions> quartz.rutgers.edu Quartz BBS login bbs Religion Issues> Witches Bew> Unexpl. Phenomena> Drugs> Hotel BBSs badboy.aue.com Badboy's BBS login bbs Boards: Rob, Underground chatsubo.nersc.gov Chatsubo login bbs Boards: TheNet jupiter.ee.msstate.edu Mars login bbs tiny.computing.csbsju.edu BBS / jodominik monoadm@city.ac.uk 138.40.11/21/31/41.1 >From: "Alex R.N. Wetmore" One more bbs with some wierdness on it: yabbs - phred.pc.cc.cmu.edu - login as bbs or telnet to port 8888. We have some political and hacker oriented stuff on ftp as well. Also, note that redspread.css.itd.umich.edu also is running a bbs now (using the same software), so you might want to update your entry. *** INFORMATION SERVICES *** email nuts@ora.com for orderinng info re "!%@:: A Directroy of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks" (a paper publication) amixinfo@markets.amix.com - amix is american information exchange - they are apparently an online information market (!?) - after the last Hwbemail was posted to Usenet the full Amixinfo blurb was posted, here are some excerpts: AMIX, the American Information Exchange, is something completely new -- an online Information Marketplace (R). On AMIX, anyone can both buy and _sell_ documents, software, or anything that can be stored digitally. Those who buy or sell customized information can carry out consulting contracts, even very small ones, easily and profitably. AMIX handles all the funds transfer automatically. This Information Marketplace has been open for business continuously since January 1, 1992. Consulting contracts are being made and fulfilled; document sales are occurring on a daily basis in key markets; and information providers continue to "stock the shelves" with new goods in all markets. The AMIX software allows customers to explore the system online with guest access, and to register their own account online to receive full access. Customers who open their accounts now will have their monthly fees waived for the month in which they sign up and for the following month. To receive the AMIX software disk, enabling guest exploration of the system and self-registration, contact AMIX by email at amixinfo@markets.amix.com or by phone (415) 903-1015. What follows is an overview of AMIX: its concepts, structure, and function; the market-building phase; and advantages of early entry into the market. [but i wont include this..] AMIX, AMIX Service, Information Marketplace, and Information Markets are trademarks of the American Information Exchange Corporation. All other product, brand, or company names are trademarks of their respective holders. (c) 1992 American Information Exchange Corporation - an interesting idea! archie@nic.funet.fi for info on how archie works - mail with Subject: 'help' Internet-drafts@nri.reston.va.us - send 'help' for information technical proposals for the future of the internet chop.isca.uiowa.edu - lots and lots of stuff. endless menu selections. this is something called 'panda', which you probably know more about than i do downwind.sprl.umich.edu 3000 - weather update info.cern.ch - a node on the WorldWide Web, an attempt to build up an online hypertext reference work. info.rutgers.edu - dictionary/thesaurus/familiar-quotations and a few other things. call up the 1991 world cia factbook and look at the entry for 'world'. they have the bible, koran, book of mormon organized so you can execute keyword / topic searches [any bets on how long it will be before they have the principia discordia?] >From billy@sol.acs.unt.edu Sun Oct 25 07:10:53 1992 Submission: There is an effort to put all electronic journals, newsletters, zines, etc up in the Gopher system on the Internet. It can be found on the University of North Texas Gopher (gopher.unt.edu port 70). Look at alt.internet.services for more. usenet.hist@ucsd.edu whois (-h nic.ddn.mil) un.org whois (-h nic.ddn.mil) nic.ddn.mil [some people will need the bits in brackets, others not] A c10000-line list of mailing lists and their descriptions is available via ftp from coombs.anu.edu.au /coombspapers/interest-groups.9201.txt. (There *has* to be something shorter available; ftp-by-mail and watch your mailbox explode!) Some of the ones that follow aren't mentioned on that list however. UPDATE: A more up-to-date version of this list can be accessed via telnet through chop.isca.uiowa.edu - select online information, merit internet, other ifo servers, main gopher, ftp sites, popular ftp, interest group lists [that's my paraphrase of the necessary menu selections]. NEW-LIST@VM1.NoDak.edu - presume it tells you about new lists pit-manager.mit.edu /pub/usenet hundreds of directories with all sorts of things archived it seems, eg /news.answers has heaps of faqs, /alt.drugs a few alt.drugs regular postings NEWSPOSTING by mail - Once upon a time apparently, you could post to news by mailing ucbvax.berkeley.edu in the format favourite-newsgroup@ucbvax.etc and the text of your message would be posted to favourite.newsgroup. That service isn't working any more, *but* someone told me that the same thing can now be done through cs.utexas.edu (I think). Scott yanoff says this is working but I say it isn't. but try one of the anonymous servers, eg email help@anon.penet.fi I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OTHER ANONYMOUS SERVICES LIKE THIS ONE! the one in Finland is getting overworked, I am sure. Or in general any other news/mail gateways. acsnet.syr.edu SUMMIT ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com - send message "help" a bit slow lately bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu - haven't really tried -FTP Mail mail bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites. see also the Scott Yanoff list at the end re: archie, archie mail servers, CARL, CHAT, faxgate [other stuff too] fidonet z:n/f =internet fn.ln@f.n.z.fidonet.org this is how to send email to someone on fidonet, from the internet *** DRUGS MAN! *** IRC #drugs; check the LearyBot ftp.u.washington.edu should have the alt.drugs archives somewhere, from memory alt.drugs ??? DMT etc FAQ soda.berkeley.edu /pub/sfraves/chemistry/probchild.Z flubber.cs.umd.edu /other/tms/drug-politics AcidWarp -much sought-after tripp-e grafix program [from FC FAQ] psychedelic graphics - not at ecst.csuchico.edu any more ftp.rahul.net /pub/atman/UTLCD-preview/mind-candy/acidwarp.zip nic.funet.fi / ftp.funet.fi /pub/pics/gif/pics/people/famous/* an albert hofmann gif leri archives [see elsewhere] have blotter gifs somewhere i think *** HACKING INFO AND LEARNING ABOUT THE NET *** IRC channels #hack and #mindvox Legion of Doom technical manual - ftp.eff.org /pub/cud/lod RIPCO BBS 312-528-5020 grind.isca.uiowa.edu ( you can telnet to this ftp site, login iscabbs - file descriptions appear whenever you list the directory contents. /info/articles Academic papers and news articles about hacking /info/hacking Quotations from "experts" about hackers and hacking /info/journals contains the following electronic journals: ane, ati, bootlegger, cud, hnet, lod, narc, nim, phantasy, phrack, phun, pirate, synd [and text file x - not a journal] [advice from wgibson@gaia.matrix] From Paco Xander Nathan Dec 15, 92 11:00:55 am -0600 Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 11:00:55 -0600 To: future@nyx.cs.du.edu Subject: learning email/Internet A lot of people have talked about email hacks here, and some have mentioned not being terribly familiar yet with Internet. Here's a couple good pointers: starters: _The Internet Companion_ by Tracy LaQuey, with Jeanne Ryer, forward by Al Gore. "A Beginner's Guide To Global Networking". Hey, it's only eleven bucks, it's extremely readable, and even the direst Net guru can learn a few tricks here. Tracy knows the Net, in vivid detail, and explains its workings at the level of somebody who knows enough to power up their Mac or PC. ISBN 0-201-62224-6, Addison-Wesley, 1993. I'll post a better review to the Net later.. Send email to: "internet-companion@utexas.edu" for info, ordering, etc. not-so-novice: There's an email list called Cypherpunks outta Berkeley. If U know what you're doing here, you might wanna get on it.. Lots of encryption discussion, but also the place where these anonymous remailers have been breeding. Guaranteed that you'll learn more than you ever thought possible about email hacks, if you can grok that list's discussions. Send email to: cypherpunks-request@toad.com pxn. ---- pacoid@wixer.cactus.org *** WEIRD POLITICS AND CONSPIRACY *** alt.conspiracy of course, and talk.politics.*, and bit.listserv.politics THE SINGLE BEST ARCHIVE FOR THESE TOPICS IS red.css.itd.umich.edu ( /poli/* also /zines/* ftp.css.itd.umich.edu ( no longer valid for this This site contains, among other things: Arm The Spirit (Autonome Forum) - The Disability Rag - Encyclopedia of Associations - Future Culture FAQ - INAC (US Sinn Fein documents) - Maoist Internationalist Movement - NativeNet Archives - Organized Thoughts - P_News Practical Anarchy - Scream Baby - Workers World - many essays by individual contributors Comments from pauls@umich.edu who runs the site: "...red.css.itd.umich.edu has a world-writable incoming directory for submissions, whereas the other site does not. Submissions may still be sent via email to pauls@umich.edu, although handling will be delayed relative to items uploaded via ftp. "If you are an individual wishing to submit essays, you are guaranteed archival space (within reasonable space limits) for all politically-related non-copyrighted materials that you submit. If you represent an organization seeking ftp site space, please send me a message to arrange archival access. "Furthermore, we now have a working mirror site of the Computer Underground Digest archives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Save EFF some bandwidth and visit our site! The CuD archives are _only_ on the red.css.itd.umich.edu site, and _not_ not the ftp.css.itd.umich.edu site. "Please email all queries to pauls@umich.edu "If you wish to submit items to the CuD archives, please contact their archivist at cudarch@eff.org" see SUPPLEMENT FOR LIST OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS SITE at red.css.itd.umich.edu the.truth.hurts dont know if email address is still valid >From PETERW@ucsvax.ucs.umass.edu Fri Nov 13 01:09:21 1992 The following is the text copy of a newspaper written for and distributed at the March for Women's Lives, April 1992. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Truth Hurts A product of the Truth Hurts Foundation "Dedicated to presenting reality, despite its painful nature" Table of Contents The Truth Hurts Foundation is... - Baby and Me, and Big Brother Makes Three - You Need Not Have a Wombful of Blues - Feast and Famine - The Economics of Education: Classism Perpetuated - AIDS: Doctoring Reality - GE Brings Death to Good People - Burning Righteous, But Burning Blind - Graphics List The Truth Hurts Foundation is a collective of three people. This publication was created with high intensity and a low budget. The Foundation is now in its embryonic phase, but we'd love to have an interconnecting network of members nationwide. If you liked our newspaper, and want to become a member of the Truth Hurts Foundation, write to: P.O. Box 3111 Amherst, MA 01004 Membership fee is your name, address, and a letter expressing a sincere desire to tap into the fullest potential of our species. ... For copies of these graphics, please write or email us for orginal copies of this and other artwork. If you reprint any of our articles, please include the PO Box. Thanks. The Truth Hurts PO Box 3111 Amherst, MA 01004 peterw@student.umass.edu ................................................................. Copyright (c) 1993 by Barricada Internacional. Barricada Internacional is published monthly in English by South North Communication Network, P.O. Box 410150, San Francisco, CA 94141-0150. The Spanish-language edition is printed and distributed by Barricada Internacional, Apartado 23.296, 08080 Barcelona, Spain. Subscriptions to the printed edition are US $35 per year. The Electronic Edition is distributed by NY Transfer News Collective. Subscriptions are US $30 per year. Subscribe and receive the complete text delivered each month to your Internet mailbox. To subscribe, please send your Internet e-mail address and indicate the Spanish or English edition. For more details, contact NY Transfer News Collective via Internet: nyxfer@panix.com OR nytransfer@igc.apc.org, OR by direct modem: 1-718-448-2358. + This article may not be re-sold or repackaged as part of any + + commercial "product." 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"Postmodern Society and Neoconservatism" ATEITTINEN@JYLK.JYU.FI [this essay will be sent upon request] Counterev-L Contact: ae852@yfn.ysu.edu (Jovan Weismiller) Purpose: This list is under the aegis of l'Alliance Monarchists and is dedicated to promoting the cause of traditional monarchy and the Counter Revolution. We believe in government based on natural law principles, decentralization, subsidiarity, an economy based on the principles of distributive justice, and the defense of traditional Western values. We believe in a Europe, United, Traditional, and Free from the Atlantic to the Urals, but we oppose the centralizing bureaucracy of the Maastricht treaty. While we are based in the US, we are affiliated with L'Alliance pour la maintenance de la France en Europe, and we have members, as well as fraternal relations with the monarchist organizations, in most Western European countries. 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Fagin) Purpose: Libernet is a Libertarian mailing list. The list is available in two modes: as a mail reflector and as a digest. MASONIC list - contact ptrei@bistromath.mitre.org Masonic Digest Contact: ptrei@mitre.org (Peter Trei) Purpose: The Masonic Digest is a moderated forum for discussion of Free Masonry, affiliated groups, and other fraternal orders. As moderator, I do not pass on ay message which contains or purports to contain material I am obliged to conceal, or which I believe members of other orders are obliged to conceal. Within that restriction, I am as liberal as possible. Postings from non-Masons are welcome. So is criticism, as long as it is reasoned and in good taste. NativeNet Contact: gst@gnosys.svle.ma.us (Gary S. Trujillo) Purpose: To provide information about and to discuss issues relating to indigenous people around the world, and current threats to their cultures and habitats (e.g. rainforests). objectivism-request@vixie.sf.ca.us ** objectivism discussion list - seems to be fairly low traffic - to access the archives mail objectivism-lissterv@vix.com with the single-line msg 'help' [ftp] slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com /pub/incoming/ronell Transcript of an interview with radical feminist Avital Ronell, from Re/SEARCH #13, "Angry Women". Fascinating ideas. May not last long at slopoke as it is a copyright violation. world.std.com /obi/Rants Online Book Initiative eg the whole Principia Discordia, or 66.questions, your basic introduction to Holocaust Revisionism unseen: ec@INDYCMS.BITNET European Community and of course Bill Clinton has an email address, I think at Compu$erve, but it will be constantly plastered over the net [my excuse for not having it here] {what's _al_gore_'s email address, huh?} *** ZINE REVIEWS *** alt.zines, maybe soon alt.zines.electric Watch out for Interzine!! The irregularly produced zine devoted to "interviews in cyberspace". The first and so far only issue is a chat with Jagwire X, founder of the AUtopia list on the idea of an ocean-going New Edge colony [autopia-request@wixer.cactus.org - or maybe bigtex.cactus.org now], and it's archived somewhere at red.css.itd.umich.edu. Watch out for Rez in Issue #2! (Also while we're on the topic: also check out IRC #cIRCle, future home of the Academ-E...) Alternative Press> room in ISCA BBS - the only one I read regularly these days Some last-minute additions: pdm@ucrmath.ucr.edu maintains an "Electronic/Industrial/Etc zines list" (note, those are snail-mail zies) which has just been posted to alt.zines, alt.industrial and rec.music.industrial; and spingo@panix.com wants you to send him your ezine, I think for his BBS. ftp.msen.com /pub/newsletters/F5-E/* Factsheet Five Electric - zine reviews au462@cleveland.freenet.edu home of luigi - bob drake - editor/assembler of taproot, "a quarterly publication of independent, underground, and experimental language-centred arts..." who have put out over 40 collections of such - now taproot is experimentally going online with a collection of zine reviews. i have seen issue #0, part 1, which contains those reviews; i am not a zine person myself (i have my hands full with what i'm getting over the net!!) but some of the stuff reviewed looked really interesting. there's also reviews of poetry chapbooks (?) (unseen) and future issues will include mailart sections. [speaking of which, is there such a thing as internet mailart yet?] send a request and luigi-bob will mail you with whatever he has. worth getting. and say you liked it if you did (same applies to all these people); feedback is essential at this stage of development. *** CYBERPUNK AND THE "NEW EDGE" *** FUTURE CULTURE IS _THE_ MAILING LIST FOR THIS TOPIC. Andy Hawks on the list: To post to the FutureCulture list, send your message to: future@nyx.cs.du.edu ALL Requests to FutureCulture must be sent to: future-request@nyx.cs.du.edu [All request messages should garner an auto-reply msg. ] [If future-request does not *consistently* work for you ] [then please send your message to: ahawks@nyx.cs.du.edu] The subject of request mail must have one of the following: subscribe realtime -subscribe in realtime (reflector) format subscribe digest -subscribe in daily-digest (1 msg / day format) subscribe faq -subscribe to faq only (1 msg every few months) unsubscribe realtime unsubscribe digest unsubscribe faq help -receive a help file send info -receive this file send faq -receive a recent copy of the faq if you need one (list subscribers *automatically* receive this) * When unsubscribing, you must unsubscribe from the same address you subscribed from. (IMPORTANT!) * To change formats, first send a message unsubscribing from the crrent format, and then send another message to resubscribe. * Please note that when posting to the list, you should expect to receive at least 1 "Failed Mail" message because, inevitably, there is a problem with the addresses of one or more of the subscribers. Sorry. list administrator: andy (hawkeye)(dali)(freshjive) ahawks@nyx.cs.du.edu ahawks@mindvox.phantom.com _______________________________________________________________________________ I do not keep archives of the digests, or the list in general. So, if you're looking for archives, I can't help you out, probably. But it wouldn't hurt to ask on the list. If you're looking for an FTP site that carries FutureCulture related stuff, try: ftp.css.itd.umich.edu /poli/future.culture.d ftp.eff.org pub/cud/papers/future ftp.u.washington.edu public/alt.cyberpunk redspread.css.itd.umich.edu If you have IRC access, look for the '#future' channel. If it's not there, start it up! Don't wait for the #future, make the #future. =) You can also find the FutureCulture FAQ on the IRC, with the #CyberPunk Bot. Join Channel #CyberPunk and type: /msg CyberBot send info. _______________________________________________________________________________ If the list is dead, you might try posting something new. Here are some suggestions: computer underground cyberculture cyberpunk (literary and cultural movements) cyberspace new edge nootropics or other drugs raves technoculture virtual reality music, movies, books, magazines that fit into the mold NOTE [from me]: YOU CANT GET AGRIPPA or AGR1PPA FROM future-request ANY MORE. [Andy had space problems at Nyx.] Just post to alt.cyberpunk asking for a copy, and you'll get 10 mocking flames and 100 emailed copies. The EFF [stolen from FC FAQ] ------- EFF History by John Perry Barlow ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/historical/eff-history EFF Information ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/about-eff EFF Legal Case Summary ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/historical/legal-case-summary EFF Mission Statement ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/mission-statement EFF News (EFFector Online) effnews-request@eff.org EFF Press release (founding) ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/historical/founding-announcement The EFF and Virtual Communities by Mike Godwin ftp.eff.org /pub/eff/papers/eff-and-virtual-communities cs.dal.ca ( /pub allegedly big cyberpunk archives can't see em bladex@bigtex.cactus.org ** home of Scream Baby e-zine - an occasional publication but very very good - Blade X appears to be hip to all the right things - archived at red.css.itd.umich.edu - there's a paper zine I haven't seen ftp.eff.org /pub/journals/ScreamBaby scream-baby.xxx92 {sep, oct, nov, dec} ccappuc@caticsuf.csufresno.edu "CuD ripoff with different info" - CPSR press releases - Usenet reader responses - send message with body "Please add my E-mail address to the mailing list" - specify maximum number of bytes or lines you can take dfp-request@underg.ucf.org - digital free press, archived at EFF ftp.eff.org] FringeWare, Inc. fringeware-request@wixer.cactus.org they sell everything, including the McKenna/Meyer "TIMEWAVE ZERO" software future-request@nyx.cs.du.edu ** andy hawks' famous FutureCulture list the FAQ is a fantastic document - available via ftp from umich.edu FCult archives in .ARJ form /pub/atman at ftp.rahul.net rahul also has agrippa, acidwarp glove-list-request@karazm.math.edu Atari PowerGlove [from Mondo 2000] jagwire@bigtex.cactus.org - runs the AUtopia mailing list. FutureCulture subscribers will know about AUtopia - the proposal for a technocolony/TAZ at sea, perhaps like the Grenadians in "Islands in the Net" autopia-request@bigtex.cactus.org leri-l@??? ** leary - mckenna - the singularity. the electronic commune. thousands of lines of text everyday; guaranteed to crash lesser mailers. one of the net's many elites on the move - contact moore7004@iscsvax.uni.edu for current address mind-l-request@asylum.sf.ca.us mind machines - inquire and they'll send you a useful info list - there should be a bitnet address but unfortunately i dont have it an old blurb: [Last Updated 12-October-1991] MindMachine Digest is a list devoted to discussions on the use, construction, and future potential of mind machines. Mind machines are electronic devices or methods that non-invasively alter human consciousness. Other topics of discussion can include: meditation, accelerated learning, hypnosis, float tanks, and other methods of altering consciousness. A strong emphasis is placed on the scientific study of these methods as well as the construction of mind machines devices. ... LIST OWNER: Dana Nibby [ftp] quartz.rutgers.edu /pub/subgenius/transhuman.Z What this is doing in the subgenius directory I don't know - transcript of the chapter from "Are You a Transhuman?" by FM2030 [formerly FM Esfandiary] in which he outlines the ideology he tentatively designates "Up-Wing" - pro-physical immortality, pro-space colonization, "telespheres", teledemocracy, "networks of intimacy" etc etc. also available via anon ftp from slopoke, /pub/incoming/upwinger. These ideas have a lot in common with Extropian ideas (see elsewhere) except that FM's slant is more collectivist in its orientation I think. surfpunk@osc.versant.com (SURFPUNK Technical Journal) unseen by me. an excerpt from surfpunk was posted somewhere that i _do_ read, and this was the "sig" (can anyone translate for me what i presume to be spanish at the end?): The SURFPUNK Technical Journal is a dangerous multinational hacker zine originating near BARRNET in the fashionable western arm of the northern California matrix. Quantum Californians appear in one of two states, spin surf or spin punk. Undetected, we are both, or might be neither. ________________________________________________________________________ Send postings to , subscription requests to . MIME encouraged. Xanalogical archive access soon. Copyright Infringement Is Your Best Entertainment Value. ________________________________________________________________________ Cambie su inodoro viejo de 5-7 galones por un nuevo de desag\"u\'e m\'odico de 1.6 galones y reciba $50 de reembolso de parte de California Water Service Company. Llame al (415) 367-6800 ahora y obtenga una lista de inodoros de desag\"ue m\'odico aprobados y requisitos para ser elegible. Psyche e-zine - contact X91007@phillip.edu.au - speculative science / culture ------------------------------------------------------- Announcement: New Electronic Magazine 'Psyche'. [first issue out march '93?]Examples of some of the general areas that Psyche will cover are: the mind-body problem; altered-states-of-consciousness; psychoactive drugs; shamanism; dream states; hypnosis; artificial intelligence; meditative states; ecstatic religious states; blindsight; language and mind. In an attempt to offer a grounding in some of the central themes of Psyche, major review articles of influential ideas/books/movements will also be solicited. Examples of what these might be are: John Searle's Chinese Room Problem; Daniel Dennett's book 'Consciousness Explained'; Gordon Wasson's theories regarding Soma; Roger Penrose's book 'The Emperor's New Mind'. While Psyche will not be peer-reviewed this does not mean that it will become a haven for New Age/Lunatic Fringe ideas. I have just completed a BSc Honours majoring in psychology, and I am currently studying the way the brain codes the position of objects. I would like to balance by skills with others and so am particularly interested in getting in contact with people with backgrounds in either computer science, philosophy or anthropology to act as sub/co-editors. -------------------------------------------------------some new edge zines with email addresses [cribbed wholly from the FC FAQ] | | | Magazines: | |______________| CyberEdge Journal 928 Greenhill Road Mill Valley, CA 94941 415.383.2458 (voice) 415.389.0251 (fax) bdel@well.sf.ca.us -covers vr and related topics -$129 for 6 issues EXTROPY: The Journal of Trans-humanist Thought PO Box 57306 Los Angeles, CA 90057-0306 -$9 two issues (one year) [editor Max More, more@ucsc.edu -mp] Fluxu8 fluxu8@well.sf.ca.us rderek@world.std.com -magazine described as "Mondo 2000 without the gloss" -email for info Hack-Tic pb 22953, 1100 DL Amsterdam, The Netherlands 31.20.6001480 ropg@ooc.uva.nl (Internet) -published near that hotbed of hackers in holland/amsterdam -European counterpart to 2600 -$2.30 US an issue Intertek Steve Steinberg 325 Ellwood Beach #3 Goleta, CA 93117 steve@cs.ucsb.edu -hacking, cyberspace, interviews, designer drugs, cryonics, etc. -$4 an issue Iron Feather Journal PO Box 1905 Boulder, CO 80306-1905 sprother@nyx.cs.du.edu -hacking, anarchy, techno-phun, underground info, raves, activism -$2 an issue Mondo 2000 PO Box 10171 Berkeley, CA 94709 415.845.9018 (phone) 415.649.9630 (fax) mondo2k@well.sf.ca.us mondo2k@mindvox.phantom.com -your guide to all things cyberpunk and some things not -$24 for 5 issues (published quarterly) 2600 PO Box 752 Middle Island, NY 11953-0752 516.751.2600 (office) 516.751.2608 (fax) 2600@well.sf.ca.us -the famous hacker's zine -subscriptions are $21 for 4 issues (published quarterly) -back issues are $25 / year Whole Earth Review PO Box 38 Sausalito, CA 94966-9932 (Whole Earth runs The Well [Whole Earth Lectronic Link] - well.sf.ca.us) -combines new age, techno-culture, california fads, etc. -$20 year for subscriptions *** MISCELLANEOUS ZINES *** sokay@mitre.org - home of 'Armadillo Culture", which also gets posted to usenet it seems - "being the excremeditation of a hyperactive armadillo's activities, opinions, and other stuff..." - still haven't *read* the damn thing - "cool ezine" - Andy Hawks in the FC FAQ tibbetts@hsi.hsi.com - home of the Unplastic News, also archived by EFF Unplastic No 5 has just come out. InterText Contact: intertxt@network.ucsd.edu (Jason Snell) Purpose: InterText is a bi-monthly fiction magazine with over 1000 subscribers worldwide. InterText publishes in two formats: straight ASCII and PostScript (for Postscript compatible laser printers). For more information, to ask about subscribing, or for submission guidelines, maili intertxt@network.ucsd.edu. Back issues may be FTPed from network.ucsd.edu, in the /intertext directory. export.acs.cmu.edu /pub/quanta Quanta e-zine network.ucsd.edu InterText network.ucsd.edu:/intertext Athene network.ucsd.edu:/intertext/Athene *** TASTELESS AND DISGUSTING THINGS *** bediger@nyx.cs.du.edu KAKA SUTRA - Tasteless Sex Acts (from alt.tasteless FAQ) case@diku.dk "Paul Spinrad (pspinrad@ads.com) once wrote a 'Bodily Functions Survey' with questions covering nasal hygiene, vomiting, urination, defecation and flatus expulsion. Send email with the header 'cancer cunt puke, I hate you I hate you!' to case@diku.dk." (from the alt.tasteless FAQ) - according to the FAQ case can also send you "Recycled Jokes Files" (necrophilia jokes, vomit synonyms, etc), various classic alt.tasteless stories (the gerbil-and-meat grinder story, Scrotum Self Repair), and the alt.tasteless theme song. weird-l@brownvm.brown.edu ** contact listserv@brownvm.brown.edu - sub l your_name This appears to be 95% surrealistic vignettes. Not really my cup of tea. *** COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS *** coppinge8817@iscsvax.uni.edu has copies of Monty Python scripts HOLY GRAIL, LIFE OF BRIAN, MEANING OF LIFE apparently lots of people on alt.fan.monty-python have these but like to withhold them from newbies. or some such. anyhow, i have an appeal for information: i'd like to keep a list of all copyright violations available on the net - transcribed texts that is. if you have any, or know where they can be found, contact me! *** MU*S *** MUD Contact: jwisdom@gnu.ai.mit.edu (Joseph Wisdom) Purpose: If you are new in the MUD world, or are simply looking for new places to get into, try subscribing to Internet Games MUD-List today! Make sure to include the string "mud list" in the subject header. tinymuck-sloggers Contact: tinymuck-sloggers-request@piggy.ucsb.edu (Robert Earl) Purpose: Forum for programmers, wizards, and users of the extensible, programmable TinyMUD derivative known as TinyMUCK (current version: 2.2). tinymush-programmers Contact: tinymush-programmers-request@cygnus.com Purpose: Discussion devoted to the programming language integral to the TinyMUSH subfamily of mud servers. (See the rec.games.mud FAQ for more general information about muds). DragonMUD 4201 Trippy MUSH - 7567 - not a mud/mush/muck/moo fan myself but this might be the one that gets me addicted. [well, not, as it turned out] this is a really interesting place! others that have been recommended to me but which i have not seen are Cyberion City (michael.ai.mit.edu, dont know port number) and Global MUSH (lancelot.cif.rochester.edu 4201). read rec.games.mud if you're interested in this sort of thing mudlist@glia.biostr.washington.edu list of working MUDs - updated every Friday and remember! Divination Web - seismo.soar.cs.cmu.edu 9393 - magickal themes *** IRC (INTERNET RELAY CHAT) *** I know very little about IRC, but through the FutureCulture mailing list [see "CYBERPUNK AND THE NEW EDGE"] I have learned of channels #future, #drugs [featuring a LearyBot], and #CyberPunk featuring a CyberBot. Both the LearyBot and the CyberBot also act as fileservers. well this isnt true any more - I now spend half my time on IRC - try channels #leri, #cIRCle, #mindvox, #future. telnettable IRC servers: ircclient.itc.univie.ac.at 6668 cc.nsysu.edu.tw login irc bbs chatsubo.nersc.gov has a global IRC server [login bbs, then new to create account] IRC is also offered to users of the bbs at tolsun.oulu.fi login box, wait several days for registration Try I think alt.irc for the IRC FAQ. Just in this edition of Hwbemail I will reproduce it: [WELL IN FACT IT IS NOW IN THE SUPPLEMENT] *** ROLE-PLAYING GAMES *** Cthulu [sic] Contact: cthulhu-request@cs.qmw.ac.uk Purpose: A mailing list for discussion about *the* horror frp. CoC. cyberpunkRPG Contact: cyberrpg-request@veritas.com Purpose: The cyberpunk mailing list is primarly for the discussion of cyberpunk role-playing games. The discussion is not limited to any game system. Subjects of a peripheral nature are welcome as long as they don't get out of hand. There is one rule on this mailing list: the moderator gets to add new rules at will. flashlife Contact: flashlife-request@netcom.com (Carl Rigney) A mailing list for GMs of Shadowrun and other cyberpunk roleplaying games to discuss rules, scenarios, ask questions, make up answers, and similar fasfax. *** CULT CLASSICS *** from Subject: You've been added to the pkd mailing list To: pkd-adds@wang.com Date: Mon, 4 Jan 93 23:20:39 EST Everybody getting this message has been added to the PKD mailing list, as requested (though some of you requested it months ago; I apologize for the delay). Welcome to the list. In response to questions: There's no material available by ftp currently, but this may become possible at some point. If you want to unsubscribe, or change your mailing address, send mail to . If you want to send something for distribution to the list, mail it to . The list tends to stay quiet for weeks at a time, so if there's something you want to post, please go ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - adolph-a-carrot-request@andrew.cmu.edu (not seen by me) severed heads and other bands on the ralph label - there are a zillion mailing lists devoted to various groups, i'm not gonna list em all, i just like the name of this one - another fun name is jump-in-the-river-request @PRESTO.IG.COM (sinead o'connor) (as always, not seen by me) A.Rice@HAMPVMS.BITNET - anne rice discussion groupppppp send sub requests to ngustas@hampvms.bitnet audrey.levels.unisa.edu.au ( /pub/twin-peaks.timeline.Z - 5000 lines of blow-by-blow description Black Adder quotes - yshah@lucpulit.luc.edu - alt.comedy.british -Dante Project telnet library.dartmouth.edu or offers: Divine Comedy and reviews. (Login: connect dante) dark-shadows Contact: shadows-request@sunee.waterloo.edu (Bernie Roehl) about the gothic tv series dead-heads@fuggles.acc.virginia.edu Grateful Dead douglas adams, galactic guide [alt.douglas-ad faq] jarre-request@cs.uwp.edu / cs341a002@husky1.stmarys.ca ??? FWAKE-L contact mokelly%IRLEARN.BITNET@cunyvm.cuny.edu PYNCHON - contact userdog1@cc.sfu.ca - userdog1 DOES NOT EXIST sf-lovers-request@rutgers.edu (not seen by me) elbereth.rutgers.edu SF lovers archive voynich-request@rand.org - for serious discussion of the mysterious Voynich MS (also see below un FTP section) ccu.umanitoba.edu /pub/simcity/simcheat.zip - speaks for itself glia.biostr.washington.edu /pub/queensryche lyrics etc "FIDO 1:124/4229" lot of files relating to filk, SCA, "Black Book of Locksley" etc *** POPULAR (AND NOT-SO-POPULAR) MUSIC *** Thomas.Mueller@mixcom.com - email for Skinny Puppy samples list [info concerning the debbie gibson newsletter, & grunge and indie lists courtesy Newfoundland Puppy] Debbie Gibson > ...Any moderator can put you on the list, but the head > guy seems to be Felix Ng, so I'd suggest using his email address for >> Felix Ng : fng@nyx.cs.du.edu grunge-list > To subscribe to the grunge-list type: > SUBSCRIBE GRUNGE-L your name > ... in the main body of a letter, and send it to listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu > To send a message to the grunge-list, write it and send it to > grunge-l@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu and the letter will bounce to every > subscriber. Voila! indie list >>>>>>> To subscribe, contact Liz Clayton at lclayton@uhuru.uchicago.edu . >>>>> punk-list@cs.tut.fi - totally unseen by me, I think I inquired long ago & got no response, but I see crosspostings from there on anarchy-list all the time MAILLIST, BOOTHELP etc via mwilkenf - rare U2 live recording, Bruce hornsby's 1977 senior recital tape, strange pink floyd stuff, lots of dio in one, etc *** RAVES *** (mostly from alt.rave FAQ - none seen by me) there is supposed to be a virtual rave, telnet sfraves.berkeley.edu 7283 I think. havent seen it. sfraves is apparently the biggie, subscribed to by people as diverse as TOPY and the DEA. sfraves-request@soda.berkeley.edu (San Francisco, Bay Area) - ftp archives at soda.berkeley.edu /pub/sfraves socal-raves-request@uscd.edu (Southern California) ne-raves-request@silver.lcs.mit.edu (North/Eastern U.S.) Minnesota rave list - mail ivan@staff.tc.umn.edu for details UMD-centric list - mail cyberpun@wam.umd.edu Purpose: SFRaves is about the "rave" club scene in San Francisco. Even though it's locally focused, people from all over the world are on SFRaves. It is an unmoderated list. Purpose: The NERaves list was started as a North Eastern United States/Canada equivalent of SFRaves. The list provides a forum for people to discuss the "rave" music/club/dance scene. For the purposes of the list, "North Eastern" is loosely defined as from Chicago --> East and from Washington DC --> North, including Ontario, Quebec, and the Mritime Provinces. People from outside this area are welcome, too! NERaves is an unmoderated list. NetJam Contact: netjam-request@xcf.berkeley.edu) Craig Latta Purpose: NetJam provides a means for people to collaborate on musical compositions, by sending Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and other files (such as MAX patchers and notated scores) to each other, mucking about with them, and resending them. All those with MIDI-compatible (and other interesting) equipment, access to emailing and compression facilities and to the Internet and who are interested in making music are encouraged to participate. Please email netjam-request@xcf.berkeley.edu with the subject line "request for info". bpm-request@andrew.cmu.edu - DJing mixing music etc - "the DJs' e-list" -andy soda.berkeley.edu /pub/sfraves/chemistry/probchild.Z Albert Hofmann's "LSD My Problem Child" ftp.eff.org /pub/journals/ScreamBaby scream-baby.xxx92 {sep, oct, nov} flubber.cs.umd.edu /other/tms/drug-politics cs.dal.ca ( /pub allegedly big cyberpunk archives can';t see em cs.uwp.edu /pub/music/pictures/alt.rave -> mjbrown@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu alt.raver photos - nothing there yet cs.uwp.edu /pub/music/pictures/alt.rave -> mjbrown@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu alt.raver photos - nothing there yet *** SOME "IN" PLACES ON THE NET *** I) The WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link) You can access the Well by telnet telnet well.sf.ca.us You can dial up: Call for the number The Support Staff: Telephone (415) 332-4335, Monday-Friday 9-5 Pacific Time Send electronic mail to Fax # (415) 332-4927 The WELL charges: -$15/mo service charge -$2/hr WELL use -$4/hr connect surcharge to a limited number of high speed modems at (415) 332-8410 (hourly charges are billed by the minute) Fees for storage exceeding the initial alottment of 512K are billed: -$20/mo for each meg (1024K) (prorated) Additional fees are charged for: -$25 processing fee to open or switch to a billed account -$18 service fee for returned checks -1.5% balance >60 days late charge The WELL credits: -The initial 5 hours of WELL use at $2/hr to all new accounts -$10 to each user mentioned as the first referral source by a new user Current billing options: -credit card (VISA or MasterCard) -direct bill or invoice ii) MindVox Overture telnet phantom.com login mindvox iii) LaUNChpad BBS telnet launchpad.unc.edu login launch iv) Nyx BBS telnet nyx.cs.du.edu login new I wanted to put blurbs for Mindvox, launchpad and Nyx here but dont have them to hand as we go to press.. Who are Turing.ORG? *** MISCELLANEOUS, AND UNFINISHED BUSINESS *** cs.uwp.edu /pub/misc/lyrics purity tests, internet hunt [records / comments?] usenet penpals news.ans -Fileserver via Email mail smiley@uiuc.edu In body-of-message: Filesend: help and on a separate line: Filesend: list hhc@athena.mit.edu for The Complete list of dxphobic dxsayings (for the calculus-fearing) nancy@genie.slhs.udel.edu email version of Calligraphic Button Catalogue - apparently you can get buttons bearing witty slogans on just about any damn topic - BEWARE! full file well over 1000 lines of text PURTOPOI list - contact ucc@mace.cc.purdue.edu fast@garnet.berkeley.edu - SUB LEN isae@iastate.edu - wants to tell you about 'netrek' - realtime network game urbanites-request@psyche.mit.edu - send urbanites-request in subject line urban survival (not seen by me) vampyre listserv@guvm.georgetown.edu andy.bgsu.edu Unix Vote by Mail - not seen [can't reach it] ccu.umanitoba.edu /pub/simcity/simcheat.zip - speaks for itself penguin.gatech.edu /pub/leri the leri-l archives, all sorts of interesting original work, topical essays etc next door is /pub/movies, in which some sort of movie rating scheme is underway wuarchive.wustl.edu /doc/minsky/option.chapters chapters left out of "The Turing Option" (Marvin Minsky and Harry Harrison, 192) bbrigade@world.std.com - "anarchist stuff" - quote langserv@hebrew.cc.columbia.edu no subject - help nic.ddn.mil renwick-hippilan-0.2txt china92.txt theory.lcs.mit.edu /pub/papers/Plotkin [COMPUTATIONAL THERY -UNSEEN] AXE: e-mail newsletter A quarterly electronic journal dedicated to contemporary French Language Modern and Postmodern Literature ( Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, Caribbean). Published essentially in French. To subscribe to the journal, one need send only the command SUB AXE-LIST Firstname Lastname [where Firsname Lastname are the first and last names of the individual subscriber] bt electronic mail to the addresse: LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA Electronic subscribers will receive instructions on how to order a list of available articles, how to retrieve full texts of those articles, and how to Cancel their subscriptions. To make access to the journal more manageable, acces is provided to individual articles, rather to entire issues. Interested readers my order all articles from an issue. Inquiries for the list should be send to Janusz PRZYCHODZEN at McGill University in Canada (CXZN@MUSICA.MCGILL.CA) (AXE-LIST). Subscriptions to AXE-TALK is independent of subscription to AXE-LIST; if you are not subscribed to the discussion group, and would like to be, send command SUB AXE-LIST Firstname Lastname by electronic mail to the address: LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA A directory of all AXE-LIST articles is available on Comserve. To obtain the list, send the following command to LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA: INDex AXE-LIST *** SOME FILES RECENTLY UPOADED TO FTP SITES *** [unchanged from HWBE2.0 these files can be found at slopoke.mlb.semi.harris.com /pub/weirdness red.css.itd.umich.edu /zines/weirdness] -- look for future uploads of interesting stuff at these sites also -- Along with High Weirdess by Email I have recently upoaded the followig files to the slopoke ftp site, directory /pub/incoming. They may have been moved or deleted by the time you read this, but use archie to see if there are copies left anywhere else. ronell Transcript of an interview with radical feminist Avital Ronell. upwinger Exposition of the "Up-Wing" ideology by futurist FM-2030 aka FM Esfandiary. bush.con Chapter from Jonathan Vankin's 1991 book on conspiracies, all about George Bush. schismat Tom Maddox writing about Bruce Sterling's novel "Schismatrix". prescrip "The Prescriptures" (from "The Book of the SubGenius") stclair "Doug St Clair" (=Ivan Stang) reviewing "Three-Fisted Tales of `Bob'" in MONDO 2000 poison "Poison for the Heart" by Kevin Solway. Unlike the above texts, which are copyright and have been reproduced without permission, this work of philosophy is explicitly anticopyright. Version 2.0 of the Scriptures of the Church of Virtuality/Reality ----------------------------------------------------------------- scripture.000 prefatory material scripture.001 introduction to the basics of v\r scripture.002 miscellaneous ideas and short pieces scripture.003 general theme: the net scripture.004 general theme: altered states of consciousness scripture.005 Qix sees the world; "Diary of a Net Fiend" scripture.006 countdown to AO v1.0; early CafeNet material from Pippin scripture.007 transcription of insomniac tape by Qix, and Usenet stuff as well as evasion The complete text of Celia Green's remarkable short book "The Human Evasion" letters "Letters Between Enemies", over a years' worth of philosophical correspondence wit4wis "Wit For Wisdom", compiled by Kevin Solway drs4bob Some words from "Doctors for `Bob'" Stuff on the "Committee of 300" alleged to run the world -------------------------------------------------------- 300a Part I of "The Conspirators' Hierarchy" 300b Part II of "The Conspirators' Hierarchy" 300gif Diagram of the links in the Conspiracy waves Stuff from Waves Forest's newsletter "What Now" thompson Essays and poetry by William Irwin Thompson mckenna "New Maps of Hyperspace" by Terence McKenna all24 Draft material for the novel-in-progress "Alpha and Omega" moravec Hans Moravec answering Roger Penrose extropia About the Extropian philosophy and mailing list loopy About quantum gravity, knot theory and other topics [remember, see math.princeton.edu, /pub/fycfung/baezpapers for the real archive on this topic] ------------------------------------------------------- re moot news Actually - I just wimped out and got tired of collecting stuff. I know -


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