Nick Danger #174 @3456Sat Jul 28 18:44:12 1990From alt.slack in UseNet, a testimony to the

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Nick Danger #174 @3456Sat Jul 28 18:44:12 1990From alt.slack in UseNet, a testimony to the power of slack!:YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!....herein lies my witnessing to the power of "Bob": My car was stolen while I was reveling in Slack at WICN, a public station,gleefully playing tunes for my audience [small as it is]. Well, I finallyarrived home [after having been given a Test to see if I still exercise my Senseof Humour] at 06h00...attempting to sleep [and failing], I was moved to get outof bed at about 8ish as one of my Friendly Neighbors thought that 8 in themorning is a good time to save my soul with cheezy gospel tunes [the ones thatall sound the same-- a sustain-by-vibrato on every word]. I was rolling in myangst until about 11ish, when I decided to hear the "What did we tell you aboutthat town" lecture from my father; I wound up hanging up, very -ahem- distraughtand Slackless. Glenn was headed to That's Entertainment, so I felt the need totag along. I recouped my lost Slack by pouring over lurid pulp comics, andfeeling generally good. I went back to my place refreshed, only to have to deal with my father tryingto harrass me more. While I was being harrassed, Jeremey [mpython] burst inwith words that I will never forget: "I found your fuckin car, man!" I hung upon my father, grabbed the flak jacket and zoomed out the door. Two blocks frommy house, I found it there...intact...with junk food wrappers all up in it andtghe only [visible] damage beyond scratches and minor dents was that they hadcracked the column to get it going. Needless to say, I was elated...I looked up from the car...and there, thereRIGHT where the car was ditched not TWO blocks from my house...THERE, sprayedon the concrete...was a Dobbshead and the message: "Slack". Jeremey is now the longest-lasting ShortDurPerSav that I have ever had. He ismarked by Dobbs...Honour him...Disclaimer: "I'm the only one foolish enough to claim these opinions as mine."---


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