(1719) Wed 23 Sep 92 14:33 By: Abdallat Al-talib To: Slaves Of Eris Re: What Is Slack? St:

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(1719) Wed 23 Sep 92 14:33 By: Abdallat Al-talib To: Slaves Of Eris Re: What Is Slack? St: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those of you who are unaware of this phenomenon, the Polychrome Sanctuary of the Sacred Pulp (a clench dedicated to reality-sifting by reading comics & comix) is proud to present the following article. You may have heard about "Slack" from one of the _zombies for "Bob"_ that lurk at many institutions of higher learning, frightening the crowds with endless rants and cheesey pamphlets. Some of the unelightened may confuse "Slack" with mere leisure or extra money. These can be part of it but there is a spiritual element that also exists, unknown to most people. The following ritual is suggested to acquaint you with this Great Mystic Secret by using the most common form of "Slack" found in Western Civilization, Money. Go to a store and remove all the money from your wallet or purse. Hand it all to the salesperson -all of it- and say "Give me this much worth." and gesture ambivalently at their entire stock. Then turn and meditate while your items are gathered randomly by the puzzled clerk. As you hand the salesperson your money, pay close attention to the >look< of it, the >pstench< of the auras that have accumulated on it, the >feel< of the greenbacks as they slip through your hands. Feel the life force of the salesperson >through< the currency. Then, in that gap of time as the money leaves you, as you pass through that moment of going from the material world to the world in which you have nothing, in that moment >sense the Slack.< DO NOT LOOK FOR IT, or you will miss the moment. In that brief period between having something and having nothing, there was Slack. When you had something, you were responsible for it; you had to >do< something with it: spend it, save it, invest it. When you had nothing, you >needed< something. In both states you had desires. But in that interval between having and needing, THERE WAS SLACK. . . GO INTO THAT MOMENT. . . GAZE. . . {Transcribed as file #PSSP|41BCY3158|alpha} **** X-DAY |->7:00 a.m. CDT, 5th of July, 1998<-| Are you ready? **** * OLX 2.1 TD * If this is reality, how come I don't recognize it? --- SuperQWK 1.16-B (Eval) * Origin: -= The Sacred Grove =- Seattle's Pagan BBS (206)634-1980 (93:9708/0) SEEN-BY: 102/943 109/6 170/811 208/215 215/53 308/60 314/23 343/56 SEEN-BY: 352/105 369/57 9000/3 9008/0 9030/424 9040/0 9200/0 9510/0 SEEN-BY: 9600/0 9605/0 9607/0 9609/0 9630/0 9708/0 @PATH: 343/56 102/943 9600/0 314/23


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