+gt;Is it possible we have really found the first man stupid enough to +gt;really not real

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>Is it possible we have really found the first man stupid enough to >really not realize that the SubG is a joke? Sometimes a book goes too far. Sometimes ... is NOW! First there was the Persian Epic of Gilgamesh, then the Indian Mahabharata, then the Torah, the New Testament, the Qur'an, the Book of Mormon, Dianetics, Diurectics, I'm OK you're OK, AND NOW: The Book of the SubGenius or How to prosper in the coming weird times. The Source: Jehovah-1 (aka Wotan, Yahweh, RA, etc) The Teacher: J.R. "BOB" DOBBS The Goal: SLACK The Obstacle: The conspiracy and it dupes, the normals The Way: The casting out of false prophets The Weapon: Time Control Slogans: Ph*ck'em if they can't take a joke. Too much is always better that not enough. Pull the wool over your own eyes. You'll pay to know what you REALLY think. Give me slack, or give me food (or kill me). If I can't whup it, I'll go DOWN. Bleeding head good, healed head bad. If you act like a dumbsh*t, they'll treat you as an equal. Science does not remove the terror of the Gods! If you think there's nothing wrong with the world, don't buy this Book; if you are offended by your own sick rage when viewing literature alien to your repressive behavior code, go ahead and purchase the Book but DON'T READ IT! The Church of the SubGenius may drive you CRAZY! The Roman Catholic Church has driven people crazy. Scientology has driven people crazy. So have Satanism, Islam, the Boy Scouts, the government of the US, Judaism, traffic jams, LSD, the CIA, Taoism, parents, kids, TV, war, and peace. Some people drive themselves crazy. This Book will not drive SubGeniuses crazy. It will supply them with the Slack they need to drive OTHERS crazy. Many idiots will object to this publication. The techniques and secrets revealed herein have been passed through the headquarters of many terrorist organizations (including the FBI and CIA) for years. This knowledge will also enhance your professional capabilities and aid you in protecting against THEM, but it is not meant for the young or irresponsible. For up-to-date information on The Church, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: The SubGenius Foundation, po box 140306, Dallas, TX, 75214 We welcome contributions of any kind; letters, artwork, photos, clippings, articles, sin materials, artifacts, money, sacrifices, tapes, and all other shreds of humanity. NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE. We would rather not hear from Mediocretins, Pinks, Glorps or False Prophets. Ref: ISBN:0-671-63810-6


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