(The Case for Ignorance of the Law) Bermuda Belach @ VICAR The government call is tied aro

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(The Case for Ignorance of the Law) Bermuda Belach @ VICAR The government call is tied around the revolutionary's neck, that the government can be shot and bagged like any other lame duck. The revolutionary blows his call, and the government responds with the ardent quack of police action and repercussion. Daffy Duck tips Porky Pig's boat and he falls into the water, the eternal torment of prison. Back on dry land, Bugs Bunny watches and simply nibbles on his carrot, deciding that Porky's pipe bomb can't kill Daffy's death-defying determination, the ardent determination that more government can cure all ills. Daffy, on the other hand, knows that Porky's bomber is just a cherry after all, reactionary and futile, a smoke screen against the fact that the real power is in Daffy's hands. But Bugs knows the bomb Porky had is cordite, and Daffy might be a bit too arrogant not to listen to the words of the people. The Six The Six The Six Law Law Law Law Law Law This law is first, now and forever shall be first: 1. This law is and forever shall be first: There shall be no more than six laws of forty words in length to which the people may be subjected to. The following laws are numbered two, three, four, five, and six. They are irrelevant. The knowledge of the law, as it sits and turns yellow in the law books of the wise, will never, can never, is not worth ever, completely knowing. (Our governors have assured us of this fact by creating mandates that so restrict our actions that we have no choice but to disregard them as a fiction created from a delusioned mind.) The laws may never be followed, from the sheer fact of their plentitude. Unless these law can be memorized, solidified, into the minds of the low people, they have NO CAPACITY TO COMMAND the low person in his life. Six laws of forty words should be considered a maximum. _____________________________________________________________ How can I follow the law without knowing the law? I must use my GOOD FAITH, that when I come upon a questionable act, I ask one who is knowledgeable of the law, at expense of myself, which is the proper legal, and of all things, religious, path. How can I be convicted by a law prohibiting an act which I


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