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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$K$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ HOLY TEMPLE of MASS CONSUMPTION $$$$$U$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$DRUGS$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ *N*E*W*S* $$$$$$$T$U$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$N$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ Issue #27: Tribute to Nothing and Nobody $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Sorry, but no rants this time- this is the "catch-up" issue, and I just had to get out the info on so many deserving people and things...plus the world has just slowed down enough to allow other activities. So, with the high points: FREE MOVIE REVIEWS - Dial 1-800-54-MOVIES for free reviews of all the current movies. The only catch is that this is done by some extremely anal-retentive catholics, so REVERSE their opinions, and you have a fairly good idea of what the movies are like. (The Crow got an "O" for "Morally Offensive", which makes it a must-see) THE CROW: See it. Do this now, before proceeding. THE FLINTSTONES: Wait for it on video, if at all. As bad as the cartoon. JUNE 9TH: The world ends, according to "Messianic Vision" on TBN. Since no- body will need any money or material goods on this date, please send all worldly possessions to the sacred PO Box for spiritual purification. NIXON: The paper a few days ago reported that last Wednesday, when all U.S. Govt offices were closed in observance of Nixon's death, the Washington, D.C. office of the ACLU announced that it would close for exactly 18-1/2 minutes (the length of blank space during the longest of many sections Nixon erased before turning his tapes over to the public). After being deluged with complaints from Nixon stoogies, someone from the office explained that it was a joke. I just hope that someone remembered to put the stake through his heart so that he won't be coming back again. Q: Why did RMN (aka Nixon) see "Deep Throat" 1000 times? A: He was trying to get it down Pat. Yes...it's true ladies and gents...Nixon has put out an album...more like a sound track...here is a little sample. Beep...Beep...Beep...Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Nixon...Unplugged!!!!!!!!!!!!! KURT COBAIN: What do Kurt Cobain and Magic Johnson have in common? Neither will be having sex anytime soon. How can you tell Kurt Cobain was a faggot? He took a load in his mouth. "What else can I say?" "My head is blown away..." How do you know that Kurt Cobain was disloyal to Nirvana? Because the whole time he wanted to be a Dead Head. How does Kurt Cobain collect his thoughts? with a sponge... Did you hear they are already making a movie about his life? it's called headless in Seattle Q: What has six arms, six legs, and two heads? A: Nirvana. Q: Why did Kurt shoot his head off? A: His manager told him that he'd quit doing drugs if he had half a brain. Q; Why did Nirvana cancel their Lollapalooza tour? A: Because Kurt kept blowing his top. Why Did Kurt Cobain cancel his sailing trip? because he felt a strong headwind. Q: How many Kurt Cobain fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A. Fifty thousand and one. One to screw in the lightbulb and fifty thousand to hold a candlelight vigil about it. Q: What does Kurk Corbain and the group Nine Inch Nails have in common? A: Head Like A Hole! Q: Why could Cobain never become a professional boxer? A: Because apparently, he can't take a blow to the head. "Kurt Cobain just reached nirvana!" Q: What does Kurt Cobain smell like now? A: I don't know but it's sure not Teen Spirit. Have you seen the new MTV show? "Kurt Cobain: Plugged." Q: What do JFK, Curt Cobain, and Bill Clinton all have in common? A: They each have (or have had - in JFK's case) half a brain, and Gore on their backs. Q: What do Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury have in common? A: They both sucked a tube and died. Overheard: "Did you hear Courtney Love (Kurt's widow) is renaming her band -- 'Hole' -- in Kurt's honor? It's now called 'Hole -- in the Head.'" Q: Who makes less money than Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic? A: Kurt Cobain Q: What's the last thing that went through his mind when he pulled the trigger? A: His teeth A2: The wad. A3: About 8 ounces of lead shot. A4: "Shit, I thought this was a microphone!" A5: "Let's see Eddie top this!" Q: What will Nirvana's next album be? A: "Nomoremind." A2: "Splattermind." A3: "Post Mortem" (followup to "In Utero") Q: What will be on the next Nirvana album? A: Smells Like Gunsmoke A2: Smells Like Kurt's Dead A3: Smells Like a Rotting Corpse A4: Kurt Shaped Box A5: In Bloom: A Tribute to Kurt's Head Q: What's the new lead singer of Nirvana called? A: Kurt Nobrain. Q: What color were Kurt Cobain's eyes? A: Blue. One blew this way, one blew that way. Overheard: "I guess he really *was* a headbanger!" "And I swear that I don't have a gun, no I don't have a gun." --- Come As You Are, Nirvana Well, he sure fooled us, didn't he? Q: Why doesn't Kurt Cobain drive a car? A: He'd rather ride shotgun. There once was a man named Cobain. He liked heroin in his vein. Even with a hot wife, Kurt was bummed with his life, And all that is left is a stain! Q: What's worse than Kurt Cobain offing himself? A: Having to hear about it for the next 12 months. Q: How do you know Kurt Cobain is committing suicide? A: His nostrils are flared. Q: Did you hear that there is a new drink called the "Cobain"? A: It's some pills and champagne followed by a shot. Q: Did you hear? Kurt Cobain committed suicide! A: Now that was a *real* no-brainer. True story: Julianna Hatfield recalled once contemplating suicide. She then heard a Nirvana song, and changed her mind. Her own lyrics tell the story (song title?): "Here comes the song, I love it so much. Makes me wanna go fuck shit up! I've got Nirvana in my head -- I'm so glad I'm not dead." Gotta love that irony. Overheard: "Even without Cobain, the grunge-scene carries on. as proof, plans are in the works for the first grunge-industry motion picture: 'Dead Mean do wear Plaid.' Q: What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to Kurt Cobain? A: Are you gonna eat that? Overheard: "Record sales of Nirvana albums are doing brisk business thanks to Kurt Cobain's suicide, even though some of his best fans might not be so clear on why he's so big all of a sudden. One little boy had asked a record store owner what "suicide" meant, to which the merchant answered, "Well, it's like... ventilating your head." There once lived a young man named Kurt that did something that surely must hurt: Though detoxed off junk, He remained in a funk -- And all over his brains sure did spurt! "Kurt Cobain blew off his face in a last ditch effort to get his creative juices flowing." What's the difference between Kurt Cobain and Novocaine? Tasteless answer: One kills pain temporarily...... ( the rhyming scheme is really important here..) Q. Why did KC kill himself? A. Someone made him listen to his own music! Rumor has is that Kurt's body is going to be cremated, and a manufacturer of potting soil has purchased the rights to his remains, which will be blended in with their peat moss. In this way, gardenders all over America can have Kurt "in bloom" throughout the summer. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this new potting soil is especially recommended for the luxuriant growth of poppies. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Kurt Cobain's Favorite Comics: *** Amazing Strip #3 - This manga-style cartoon merges sex, rock-and-roll, and ghosts. A girl gets the inspiration for songs when she orgasms, and the band tries to find the connection between that and her first time-with a ghost trapped by musical "beings". Not overly explicit. Venus Comics. *** Bartman #2 - Possibly the first of the Bongo comics series that actually has an original, entertaining story to it. Bart battles The Penalizer, a vigilante who actually punishes criminals. Lots of little jokes, and most of them actually work. Bongo Comics. *** Beavis & Butthead #4 - The boys get tattoos, so that they can get free tickets to the Amazon women wrestling event. Once there, they decide to get into the act, so they dress up in drag and take on the muscle women. Also, pages of juvenile pranks and sexual innuendo, While escaping the irate muscle women, the boys are mistaken for male strippers, but are rescued by the Biker Chick. Fairly outrageous for something from Marvel Comics. *** Beavis & Butthead #5 - The boys screw up track & field events, yet end up winning the race. Later, in an attempt to pick up chicks, they become towel boys at a local gymn. Plus, crude tricks to do in movie theatres. Marvel Comics. *** The Black Pearl #1 - A shy, mousey girl picks up a strange amulet from a pawn shop, and later, while masturbating, it transforms her into a voluptous, sex-crazed nymphomaniac. Very explicit, and some of the best I've seen in quite a while from Eros Comix. **** Brinke of Eternity #1 - A galactic counsel decides that Earth is to be destroyed because we've polluted it so badly (although, wouldn't destroying the humans make a mess too?). A super-warrior woman is sent to Earth to activate a doomsday machine, but her half-earthling sister arrives and fights to protect humanity. The writer and model is scream-queen Brinke Stevens, and she really does have a skimpy green outfit exactly like the one in the comic book. If you see her at a con, she'll probably be wearing it. Chaos! Comics. **** Carnal Comics #1 - A comic with true stories of adult film stars, this one is about the British star Sarah-Jane Hamilton. In part 1 of 3, she tells her life story about how she changed from a shy English schoolgirl to a stripper and model in London. Plus, one of her medieval fantasies. Also includes a real pictorial with Sarah. Revolutionary comics. **** Cherry's Jubilee #4 - More adventures of everyone's favorite teenage slut, by Larry Welz and others. This one includes a different version of the little mermaid story, the French Resistance, and Cherry does Mayberry. More explicit cartoons per page than any other. Kitchen Sink Press. **** Crap #4 - Mike picks up a new girlfriend who's into B&D, and she drags him, unwilingly, further and further into it. Like the episode on drag queens, this is probably one of the most accurate and most sensitive portrayals of this scene. Plus, a "Smiley" strip that I haven't figured out yet. Fantagraphics Books **** Dirty Plotte #8 - Comics by Julie Doucet and others, including Julian Lawrence, Jeff Johnson (Nurture the Devil), and more. Stories include bad roommates (and how one really bad one became Casper the ghost), gross ugly kids with diarhhea, art school drop-outs, and other comics with strange sexual or social themes. Julie's art style is instantly recognizable. Drawn and Quarterly *** Duplex Planet #7 - More questions and stories from the nursing home, illustrated by Wayno, Pat Moriarty, Jim Woodring, J.R. Williams, Dame Darcy, and many more. Was John Wayne really brave? What makes a good motel? The art is great, but of ideas seem kind of uninspired. Fantagraphics Books. *** Fat Freddy's Cat #1 - Rip Off Press has been reprinting lots of the Furry Freak Brothers and Freddy's Cat lately. This one has "I Led Nine Lives" tale of the secret spy-cat, plus lots of the familiar one-page strips, with the cat with an attitude living with the stoners. Rip Off Press. *** Flaming Carrot/TMNT #4 - in the final part of this crossover, the learn the secret of the ancient city, and that Earth is being invaded by creatures from the sun, using the city as a focus. The city must be re-sunk in order to stop the invaders. Mirage Publishing. **** Hate #15 - This time the characters seem *too* real. Buddy has to deal with multiple neurotic roommates piling in the apartment, including his freaky ex-girlfriend. Things get so bad that he leaves to visit his parents in NYC. Plus, an introspective look at his own comics. Fantagraphics. *** Jim vol. II #2 - More strange visions from Jim Woodring, with Frank and other strange characters. This one has a Frank strip, a dream of a party at Jim's house, and Pulque, the embodiment of drunkenness. Strange but compelling stuff- I can't help wonder what the "worst visions" might be that he alludes to. Fantagraphics Books. **** Meatcake #2 - More of those silly, but neat stories by Dame Darcy. Its hard to describe, but the strangeness of the stories perfectly matches the strangeness of her artwork style. Fantagraphics Books. **** Milk and Cheese - this is the first 2nd issue, which is actually the 5th issue. After an absence, everyone's favorite dairy-products-gone-bad are back, with full bloody mayhem. They crash comic book conventions, Halloween, bad morning breath, TV violence, buffet frenzy, and the death of Herve Villechaize. A must for all drunken rioters. Slave Labor Graphics. *** Musings #3 - This is primarily an interview comic, which talks to a lot of different artists. I picked it up because the front and back cover are Dawn, by Michael Linsner. It turns out that he and Joe Monks had a falling out, and won't be producing anything else under the name Cry for Dawn. The character will live on, however, and the last time I talked to Linsner at a con, he has plans to do a real story with the Dawn character, in the D&D-ish universe hinted at in the drawings. Joe Monks has been making the rounds at conventions recently, so here's Linsner's side of the story. *** Negative Burn #10 - This issue has another installment of the Twilight People, Mr. Mamoulian, Classics Desecrated, and more. My favorites were Wet Work by Phillip Hester, and Project High by Ken Meyer Jr. This issue has a nice variety of different works. Caliber Press. **** Nurture the Devil #1 - Dark, disturbing comics from Jeff Johnson. Not for the squeamish or unstable, these stories explore sadism, physical and mental torture in a dysfunctional family, cannibalistic premature monster babies, violence between the sexes, and nightmarish images. Fantagraphics. *** Peepshow #6 - I tend to go back and forth between feeling sorry for Joe's problems, and pissed off at him for bringing a fair amount of it on himself. In the latest semi-autobiographical issue, he completely blows it with the oriental girl he's been waiting for so long. After a string of dismal failures, he goes back home, and blows it again with 2 girls in bed. He finally settles back into the old solitary, but contented, routine. At least he does have good taste in music. Got any good news for us, Joe? Drawn and Quarterly. *** The People's Comics - A reprint of Robert Crumb's 1972 classic, with the jaded exploits of Fritz the Cat, and Crumb's own twisted view of society, revolution, and himself. 25th anniversary special from Kitchen Sink Comix. *** Powdered Toast Man - In a natural spin-off from the Ren & Stimpy series, PTM battles a series of offbeat villains. There's a few good gags in here, but nothing as shockingly outrageous as burning the Constitution from the original TV show. Marvel Comics. *** Real Girl #6 - The genderfuck issue takes on cross-dressing, butch dykes, female impersonators, gender roles, and more with a series of cartoons by different authors. Look for the cover by Tom Tomorrow. Fantagraphics. *** Real Stuff #17 - I've always thought that I've had some interesting adventures, but I don't think anyone can compare to Dennis Eichhorn. In the continuing chronicle of Dennis' exhilirating and sometimes scary true stories, he encounters a glue-sniffing convict, encounters strange dreams when choked unconscious by bullies, the press box at an NFL game, a coke-crazed comedian girlfriend, Wild Man Fisher as a house guest, and working security for a John Lee Hooker concert. Drawn by different artists. Fantagraphics Books. *** Real Stuff #18 - Dennis is attacked by a coach who married Dennis' former abused girlfriend, on the road with Wild Man Fisher, and guilt-ridden paranoid neighbors, and secret US airforce training of chinese nationalist pilots, are all more episodes from Dennis Eichhorn's turbulent adventures. Drawn by J.R. Williams, Seth Tobocman, Leslie Sternbergh and others. Fantagraphics. ** Ren & Stimpy #19 - The Minimalist issue - Although the takeoffs on "Waiting for Godot" are clever, this issue could use a bit more story material. The point is to see how *little* R&S can be shown; invisility guns, blown fuses, and TOO MANY ADS keep them hidden. There's a couple of wry, gross jokes, but not much else. Marvel Comics. *** Ren & Stimpy #20 - Ren takes over the Muddy Mudskipper show, and drives it straight into the ground. Lots of Letterman references. Plus, they babysit a huge, obnoxious baby. They could have done a lot more with these stories, plus, ads take up about half the comic book. Marvel Comics. *** Ren & Stimpy Special #2 - The boys take on various summer jobs, including football team mascots, stunt actors, and janitors. As usual, they can't do anything right, or end up getting screwed. Marvel Comics. ** Simpsons Comics #3 - The school mascot, the stuffed puma, is stolen, and Bart must find out who took it. Lisa goes on a Poirot-style investigation. A few good jokes, but tame for the Simpsons. Bongo Comics. *** Sin Comics #2 - This is a collection of small, interrelated comics with themes running through them, plus lots of meta-comic jokes (and even a visit to the artist's studio). Tame, but an interesting mix. Black Eye Productions. *** Stiff #1 - A rich woman hires a guy to kill her disabled husband, in return for money and hot sex. She ends up getting it too, after the killer checks the brakes and sees that he was to die also. Explicit, gory. Boneyard Press. *** The Tick - Karma Tornado #3 - The Tick is beamed back to Earth after finishing the games, but he ends up floating in space in the wrong place. He is rescued by a Kennedy-era space chimp, who gained intelligence in space after his failed mission was covered up by NASA. The ape is now the servant to the space being Nigh-Omnipotus, and the ape tricks the Tick into taking over his job. New England Comics Press. **** Tomato #1 - comics by Ellen Forney - collection of outrageous comics from women's perspective. A lewd photo-shoot, growing up with "hip" parents in the 70s, and trying to meet Camille Paglia are some of the rather interesting topics. The story from the cover is a surpriser. Starhead Comix. ***** Waldo World #2 - The continuing story of classic cartoon animators, by Kim & Simon Deitch. Lillian, now an old woman, recounts how she met Winston Newton, the animation pioneer, and how he died on her. Ted's son recounts a company picnic, and how the idea of a cartoon amusement park was stolen from the Fontaine Fables founder. This is a great story of the troubles and personalities behind an early cartoon company. Fantagraphics. *** Wild Life #1 - by Peter Kuper, this is another of the autobiographical comics. Peter takes us on a look back to his adolescence, and the terrible time he had getting laid, and the times that he blew it. Plus, an illustrated Kafka story, and more. If you like Joe Matt, you'll love this. Fantagraphics. *** Whot Not! #3 - Snide, sarcastic, juvenile cartoons with a violent attitude, with disturbing strangness. Which means that its definitely recommended. Absolutely no cultural icon is sacred- the section on what will happend to cartoon kids when they grow up is great. Fantagraphics Books. NVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVNVN THE BLEEDING TRUTH ABOUT MIKE DIANA blatantly ripped off from: [Media Clips by Hugh Forrest] (thanks,hugh) NOW THAT'S OBSCENE: Is Austin a better place to live now that two people who aired a sexually explicit video on ACTV have been convicted of obscenity charges? Perhaps it is. Perhaps it's completely inappropriate that youngsters be exposed to such material in their living rooms--yet, one wonders if tender, impressionable youngsters are the ones watching television at 2am. Then again, few if any of the people who were so offended by the _Infosex_ footage were viewing the program or were even awake when the problematic segments were aired. But an important principle was being established here and the eventual outcome of this court case was well worth the efforts of the numerous lawyers that were involved in the protracted legal process. Thank goodnes the only kind of safe sex we'll now see on our televisions is the kind approved by the network moguls and their million-dollar cronies in the advertising industry. While the outcome of the Austin trial is unfortunate, it pales in comparison to the proceedings of a recent obscenity case in Florida. On March 25, a Pinellas County jury convicted 24-year-old cartoonist Michael Diana of three counts of publishing and advertising obscenity. His crime? Producing and contributing ortwork to about 300 copies of the very, very offbeat fanzine entitle _Boiled Angel_, a single copy of which was sold in the county in which these charges were filed. During his trial, a local psychologist who testified for the prosecution said that normal people would find the publication "worthless or disgusting" while other such experts surmised that the articles in _Bolied Angel_ might incite criminal activity. About $50,000 in taxpayer-funded court costs later, the young artist was found guilty, scoring a big victory for decency and presumably making St. Petersburg a much safer place to live. Diana's troubles started in 1992 when one of the suspects from the notorious coed murders in Gainesville was found to have a copy of _Boiled Angel_ in his apartment. As a result, Diana, as well, quickly became a suspect in these killings. Police took a blood sample from him; when it did not match evidence from the scene of the crime, he was off the hook. Still the so-called authorities were distrubed at the images they had seen in this photocopied publication. They told him he should quit producing this filth, advice he politely ignored. Later, he produced _Boiled Angel #7_ and _Boiled Angel #Ate_. Diana sent one of these copies to a man from St. Petersburg who had corresponded to [sic] him repeatedly. This man was, in fact, a police officer and shortly thereafter the cartoonist was arrested on obscenity charges. _Boiled Angel may not be the kind of material you'd want your pre-schooler reading, but as `zines go, there is much harsher stuff. As publisher, Diana seems particularly fascinated--perhaps disturbed is a better word--by family violence. One eight-page strip in the publication entitled "Baby Fucked Dog Food" describes the cycle of child abuse and concludes when the family dog exacts his sodomic revenge on the evil father. Another page featured the tongue-in-cheek list "How to Be a Successful Serial Killer." Insofar as the drawings that Diana himself produces for his publication, priests with gigantic penises that seek out young boys seem to be a favorite subject. "His artwork is brutal," says Shane Bugbee, of Michael Hunt Publishing in Chicago. "But then again he's dealing with brutal subjects such as child molestation." Asked where he gets his ideas for these sketches, the soft-spoken Diana responds that they come from watching the news and reading newspapers. "I guess I tend to fcus on the ugly side of existence," he notes. Pinellas County porosecutors, however, were convinced that these drawings add more than focus to the ugly side of life. Speaking to the jury, County Attorney Stuart Baggish painted a scenario in which people reading this publication would eventually turn to photos for further stimulation, then to films, then to recreating these situations in real ife. The defense responded with testimoy from fanzine experts such as _Factsheet Five_ publisher Seth Friedman. Friedman and New York illustrator Peter Kuper claimed that _Boiled Angel_ was an artform specifically directed to other artists and `zine collectors. This argument bore little relevance to the jury, who only needed 90 minutes to arrive at the guilty verdict. As strange as the Diana case is, the strangest aspect of this latter-day witch hunt are the various punishments issued by County Judge Walter Fullerton. Having been found guilty of the three obscenity charges, Diana has been placed on probation for three years, must pay $3,000 in fines and costs, contribute over 1,200 hours of community service, as well as receive psychiatric counselfing. Additionally, Judge Fullerton ordered that he must enroll in a "journalism ethics" course in hopes that he coan one day become a "responsible publisher." Inferring from his drawings that Diana is a potential child molester, Fullerton mandated that he must stay away from those under 18 years of age; when minors enter the convenience store at which he is now employed, he is legally forbidden from emerging from behind the counter. But, wait, it gets weirder still. He is prohibited by court order from publishing material that "_could_ be considered obscene." Fullerton also ordered that Diana could not create such material "even for your own use." In this scenario, the cartoonist's probation officer has been authorized to make warrantless searches of his property to find doodles that may violate this order. As noted by "News of the Weird" founder Chuck Shepherd, who wrote about this case for Tampa's _Creative Loafing_ and has a story on Diana that will appear in next month's _Playboy_, "This is surely the only time that someone has been forbidden to make an illegal speech, let alone arguably protected speech, to himself. It is the equivalent of forbidding someone to say 'fuck,' even if no one can hear him." Asked if he sees parallels between Diana's troubles in Florida and the ACTV case in Austin, Shepherd, a former criminal lawyer, points out that both "fit into the pattern of First Amendment wars in this country being waged as culture wars. Most of the really vigorous First Amendment contests are now fought along cultural battle lines. As opposed to producers and retailers, they more and more pit people who believe in expressing themselves in alternative ways versus prosecutors who don't believe in the validity of such expressions. In many of these cases, the prosecutors come from a completely different cultural context than those they have charged. These prosecutors look for incidental sexual references. They view these references free of the irony in which they may have been intended and assume they were produced for the purpose of titillation." Shepherd adds that Judge Fullerton and the prosecution team are confused in their interpretation of prurient interest as it relates to the legal definition of obscenity. Since Diana did not intend or target the "deviant community" with _Boiled Angel_, he feels that this case will be overturned by a higher court, a court with a more sophisticated understanding of the complexity of such laws. Meanwhile, those wishing to help underwrite these appeals may be interested in purchasing a 180-page edition titled "Fuck Florida." This work, proceeds from which will benefit Diana via the San Francisco-based Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, features cover art by R. Crumb as well as renderings of Diana's art by numerous other underground and semi-underground cartoonists. For ordering info, contact Shane Bugbee at Michael Hunt Publishings, Box 226, Bensonville, IL, 60106 (708/794-2723). ]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[]o[ SACRIFICES TO THE OMNIPOTENT PO BOX: Asylum for Shut-Ins #3 - Just came out with this one, and its getting bigger and better. The approved successor publication to High Weirdness by Mail, this is a must-have, along with Factsheet Five. No-holds-barred reviews of the latest and greatest catalogs, music, and just plain weirdness from the fringes of the First Amendment. Plus, rants by Stang, cartoons by Dame Darcy, plus perhaps the first and best sleaze-lover's guide to the Internet, including the infamous Internet Nut FAQ. 4-Issue subscriptions are $9 USA, $10 Canada and DAMN WELL WORTH IT. PO Box 46581, Bedford OH 44146 The 0fficial-Unofficial Zine of the Muselix Thr0ng of the M00se Illuminati- (0ZMUT) - Volume 3.1 - Lots of random stories, in-jokes, reviews (good one of Babylon 5), and strangeness from this somewhat Discordian-ism spin-off group. They have lots to say about Beer, plus they have good drinks at their con parties. No price listed, but send them something for postage. Write to the SnafuM00se Chapter, 702 Prince Edward Street Suite 4N, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 The Compound - Nice little SubGenius zine, with a cover of the SubGenius Beach Party. For a first attempt at a zine, they nicely captured the FUN of the Church with lots of esoteric graphics and (stamps!!), strange doctrines, artwork, and short articles. Teriffic look too, with help from Rev. Dave Mitchell. Send something, anything to: The Compound, c/o J. Reichert PO Box 387, Orlando, FL 32802 Eat or Die #3 - Tons of strange graphics and collages, mixed with strange text, articles, and rants. Unlike many such zines, the quantity, quality, and strangness of it all hits a critical mass that makes it an adventure into surreality. Plus, the cartoon series that threads throughout the issues is great. Many pages of fun stuff. Send $2 to P. Santo, 230 Avenue B, Apartment 4, Bayonne, NJ 07002 Sex & Rock 'N' Roll Tattoos - Not a zine, this is a full-color glossy magazine where rock stars show off their tattoos. And there's tons of them too, in lots of pictures. In this issue, musicians from Concrete Blonde, GWAR, X, Warrant, Souls at Zero, and tons of other bands show off their favorite tattoos and tell the stories behind them. The pages are packed with full- color closeups, as well as group shots, and there's some real artwork here. As the intro says, tattoos and music have a lot in common- they're both means of expression, and these tattoos match the intensity of the music. If you're into hard-core and/or tattooing, you'll want this, and its awfully tempting for those thinking about getting a new or first tattoo. 100 full-color pages, and it includes 2 full-color posters. Look for this at your favorite bookshop, or $17.95 for 4 issues (25.95 Canadian, if they'll let it across the border) to: Jiffy Fulfillment Inc, 462 Broadway, Suite 4000, NY NY 10013-2697 or call: 1-800-835-2246 ext. 192. Your Freedom #1 - Another angry libertarian/anarchist zine from someone who has figured out that our government is a joke, that we are slowly being enslaved, and that all the programs are actually designed to enhance some petty bureaucrat's wallet and power. In a subject area that's popping up faster than mushrooms after a spring rain, this zine is short, sweet, and to-the-point, with articles on helmet laws, the political contimuum, and a review of the Loompanics catalog. Plus, he's looking for cartoons and submissions. Sample copy $2 or 12-issues for $18, PO Box 54562, Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1562. Ogyr Network series III #2 - This is the perfect thing to satisfy your hunger between ever-so-rare issues of the Stark Fist. Art by Pope Sternodox, stories and rants by LIES, Janor Hypercleets, and assorted misfits, plus one of the best coverages of alternative music anywhere. I totally agree with the review of the latest Cocteau Twins album. Plus zines (thanks for the plug) and lots more. Only $3 from $aint @ndrew, PO Box 53, Plainfield IL 60544 or stumattheand@vax.colsf.edu Plutonium Nyborg Express, vol 2 issue 3- April 94 - I picked this up from the flyer table at Creature Feature. The bad part: pages and pages of wasted space, with "top 10 lists" and in-group banter that nobody else understands or cares about. The good part: several quite good pencil drawings by Adam Narcross, a quick guide to how all the victims died in the Friday the 13th movies, and a neat alternative 'do not disturb' door hanger. No price listed, PO Box 5532, Raleigh, NC 27650-5532 Interesting! - This is quite literally, anything and everything that the publisher, Richard Sagall, wants to put in this "compilation of things I find interesting." In this issue, he talks about respectable occupations, deformed chickens, interesting groups to write for catalogs, similarities between Jesus and Elvis, medical accuracy in TV shows, funny medical terms, and tons of other neat facts and statistics. I think he may be far too trusting of the government in his assessment of Waco, but its his opinion, and he solicits opinions for the soapbox section. 20 or so pages that are a quick condensation of tons of reading. Lives up to its name. $3 per issue to PO Box 1069, Bangor, ME 04402-1069, or Rich24@aol.com "i" by Dave Fisher, The Center for Computational Aesthetics. This piece explores the nature of causality, reality, and how our abstracts and constructs that we create in order to generate the illusion that we're dealing with it, might actually be barriers- and how to possibly overcome it. Mini-koan-like snippets of thoughts are illustrated by computer graphics with their own hidden, and contributing, meanings. Fractal lovers would love it for the psychedelic graphics alone, which have been reproduced in high resolution. Take it slow, and absorb it. $6 (very nicely, almost professionally done) from: Marks on Paper, 306 Thayer St. #82, Providence, RI 02906 Pandora's Box vol.2 #3 - Fairly thick zine of art, poetry, and miscellaneous articles and reviews of a diverse group desperately searching for meaning and fun among the dull grey-hairs of Tampa-bay area. Pretty original, and much more honest than lots of arty-style zines, with unabased rejection of petty societal norms. Thanks for Rev. Gypsy Joker KSC for sending this- no price is listed, but send something to help them out: Pandora's Box 6430 Polk St. New Port Richey, FL 34653 Brinke Stevens Newsletter - #7 Winter 1993 issue - Brinke is one of the "scream queens" who made lots of "B" movies in the early-mid 80s, that Up All Night shows in heavily edited form. You may have seen her in "Haunting Fear", "Nightmare Sisters", and "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama", plus she has her own comic book, "Brinke of Eternity", plus she visits tons of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy cons each year. In her newsletter, she lists videos, artwork, and other collectibles relating to herself and other scream queens, plus she sells lots of hard-to-find videos including her Private Collection series, Shock Cinema, and "Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity", which was personally critized by Jesse Helms. Newsletter is $5 for 4 issues, but if you see her at a con, she'll probably give you one. Brinke Stevens Fan Club, 8033 Sunset Blvd #556, Hollywood, CA 90046 Bellows of Self - vol. II #4 - Special Christmas Zeppelin issue, dedicated to Peter Strasser, german zeppelin commander. Strange stories, articles, anti- PC editorials, and TONS OF ZEPPELINS!!!! Ranges from the outrageous to the sublime, with some great pictures and clipart that I haven't seen before. No price, send something to: Bellows of Self, PO Box 17285, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84124 Mouth-Snake - this is a small mini-comic by Jeff Johnson (Nurture the Devil) and Paul Weinman. Dark, disgusting, and perverse drawings and text illustrate a loss of innocence. Paul Weinman, 79 Cottage Ave, Albany NY 12203 Strange, But True News - This zine is precisely as the title implies, real news stories that actually happened, and as usual, truth is much stranger than fiction. The Feb. 94 issue reports on a man who seduced teenagers by telling them he was an alien and promised them rides in his spacecraft, a pink lawn flamingo that took a cross-trip and wrote letters home, arrests for getting high on toads, politically-correct gingerbread "persons", and Japanese suicide manuals. This is a great barometer to gauge the amount of weirdness and insanity in the world, and there's no shortage. 1 year (12 issues) is only $12 and $2 for a sample copy- mention you read this in HToMC and get it for $1. SEND HIM YOUR WEIRD NEWS CLIPPING!!!! The Luminary - MOC special issue - This is a semi-magazine primarily for role-playing gamers, but also contains short stories, artwork, comics, and articles dealing with gaming and the various mythos's and characters in some of the games. No price listed, The Luminary c/o Frontiers, PO Box 2830 Athens, GA 30612-0830 Factsheet Five #51 - the latest is out, and its larger than ever. The current gang managing this project is doing a great job with it, and its full of comics, zines, music, zines about every subject, movies, catalogs, and more from the self-produced underground/independent scene. Get a subscription now if you don't have one already. Regular bulk-rate 6-issue subscription is $20, $35 if in Canada (and if they haven't censored it yet) Send it to: Facthsheet Five Subscriptions, PO Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099 The Mongoloid Moose #4 - Fun stuff. 101 everyday objects that can be used as improvised weapons, Star Wars movie marathons with MST3K dialog, how to annoy the local supermarket, adventures in food shopping, and other odd things that Scott finds interesting. This is a zine written not to impress, educate, annoy, etc., but simply because he enjoys writing it, and it shows. $1 to Scott Wilson, PO Box 642, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 Smite #3 - Badfilm reviews, zines, the Different Strokes cult, and more are in this latest issue of Smite. Plus, more gory war-stories from the minimum wage/service sector employment scene, and all of the scummy bosses, degrading jobs, and low wages. Having 3 separate jobs since Christmas actually isn't necessarily a bad thing; anyone with any self-respect at all shouldn't have to put up with some fast-food jerks. Watch for more great film reviews too, he's officially getting into that scene. $10 for 12 issues or $1 each from: R.L. Porter, c/o SMITE, PO Box 624, Diboll, TX 75941 Derogatory Reference #77 - In this journal-format zine, Arthur Hlavaty takes us to Philcon, where he participated in SF panels, dealing with Internet e-mail, over-hyped criticism of academians discussing gay themes, zine coverage in newspapers, working in cyberspace, criminalizing drugs, and other topics. Lots of heady stuff in a high-brow, non-weird format, but still it comes off more interesting and meaningful than lots of publications 10 times the size. His exploits and interests make good reading. $1, published 4 or so times a year from Arthur Hlavaty, 206 Valentine St. Yonkers NY 10704-1814 or get it email from him at hlavaty@panix.com Trash #17 - This issue talks about Kurt Cobain's suicide and how people tend to cynically dismiss it. Plus, Wrestling and trash sports, tons of album reviews, upcoming movies on all the cable movie channels with reviews, plus great local comics, T-Square, and Mickey Death. While wandering around Carrboro before the King Missle show, I stopped in the Videodrome, where this zine is produced, and its one of the best psychotronic film stores I've seen anywhere, bar none. 405 E. Main St. Carrboro, NC 27510 25 Creationists' Arguments & 25 Evolutionists' Answers - This is a booklet produced by the Skeptics Society, and is meant to help teachers and schools fight off the pseudo-scientific/religious/political agenda that is constantly trying to be forced down their throats. It covers nearly all of the "main" points covered in typical creationist literature, and can definitely help in skirmishes with the street evangelists. Skeptics Sopciety, 2761 N. Marengo Ave., Altadena, CA 91001 --------------- MUSIC Indian Rope Burn - "Sex Party" I got this CD immediately after MOC, and its been in heavy rotation ever since. This is an unclassifiable compilation which is similar, but not quite like a cross between techno, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, New Order, with snips and samples from various bad horror movies and more. This was the "house" band for a recent Devival in Akron OH, so that gives you a fair idea of where the lyrics go- that range from being simultaneously cynical and funny, to questioning and anti-authoritarian. And, the music to go along with it is great. Mainly an industrial "feel" to it, but there's bits and pieces of lots of different styles. Highly recommended. GGE records, PO Box 1784 Kent, OH 44240-0033, or e-mail Mike Crooker at mikecrooker@delphi.com &*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*&*& C-O-N-V-E-N-T-I-O-N-S June 3-5, 1994 (Illinois) DUCKON III. Lisle Hyatt, Chicago IL; (800)233-1234; rms $62. GoH: C.J. Cherryh; Filk GoHs: Carol and Cliff Flynt; AGoH: Ed Reck; Mad Scientist GoH: TBA; FGoH: TBA (picked at random from pre-reg Duckon members at MiniCon) SF convention with annual Golden Duck Awards. Memb: $35. Info: DucKon 3, Box 4843, Wheaton IL 60189; email: duckon@meltdown.chi.il.us. June 3-5, 1994 (New Hampshire) CONMAN 2. Manchester NH. Gaming convention. Info: Conman 2, Box 842, Manchester NH 03105; email: ian@eric.stonemarche.org. June 3-6, 1994 (New Zealand) SILICON/NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL CON 15. Bentley's Hotel, Dunedin, New Zealand. GoH: Barbara Hambly; FGoH: Tom Cardy. Memb: NZ$40; NZ$10 supporting. Info: New Zealand National Con, Box 333, Dunedin, New Zealand. June 4-6, 1994 (Nevada) LAS VEGAS BOOK FAIR. Sahara Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV. Guests: Alicia Austin, Gahan Wilson, more. Memb: $5. Info: c/o Amber Unicorn, Inc., (702)384-5838. June 4-5, 1994 (Canada, Ontario) WILFCON '94. Waterloo, ON, Canada. AgoH: John Platt. Info: Wilfcon, c/o Dennis Mullin, 69 Donald St. #6, Kitchener ON N2B 3G6, Canada; (519)743-9485. June 10-12, 1994 (Colorado) BRITANNICON '94. Best Western Executive Suites, 4411 Peoria St., Denver Colorado 80239; (303)373-5730; rms $60. GoHs: Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred. British Media Convention. Memb: $30 (limit 500 members). Info: Britannicon, Box 62008, Littleton, CO 80162; (303)978-0144. June 10-12, 1994 (New Jersey) CONTATA. Days Hotel, Secaucus, NJ; (201)617-8888; rms $69.95. GoH: Joey Shoji; TM: Mary Ellen Wessels. Filking convention. Memb: $35; $10 supporting (checks to New York Metropolitan Filk Organization). Info: Contata, c/o Wunder, PO Box 1265, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 10274-1265; email: bruce@src4src.linet.org. June 17-19, 1994 (Florida) VULKON. Orlando North Hilton & Towers, 350 South North Lake Blvd. at exit 48 off I-4, Altamonte Springs, Florida; (407)830-1985. Guests: Leonard Nimoy. Memb: $40 in advance, $50 at door (Checks to Devlin Associates must be postmarked by 5/27; write "Spock" on check). Info: Vulkon, c/o Joe Motes, 12237 SW 50th Street, Cooper City, FL 33330; (305)434-6060. June 17-19, 1994 (North Carolina) HEROES CONVENTION. Holiday Inn Venter City & Charlotte International Trade Center, 230 North College Street, Charlotte, NC; (704)335-5400; rms $55. Guests: Greg Adams, Kurt Busiek, Jim Callahan, Paris Cullins, David Dorman, Steve Epting, Jackson Guice, Cully Hamner, Todd Johnson, Joe Jusko, John Francis Moore, James Owen, Jason Pearson, Andrew Pepoy, George Perez, Joe Phillips, Joe Quesada, Alex Ross, John Romita Sr, John Romita Jr, Jeff Smith, Brian Stelfreeze, Karl Story, Larry Stroman, Joel Thomas, Jim Valentino, Bradley Walton, more. Southeast America's Premiere Comics Convention. Info: PO Box 9181, Charlotte, NC 28299-9181; (800)321-4370. June 17-19, 1994 (Canada, Ontario) AD ASTRA 14. Toronto East Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Toronto, Ont. Canada; (416)299-1500; rms C$84. GoH: L. Sprague & Catherine Crook de Camp, Diane Duane & Peter Morwood, George "Lan" Laskowski, Maia Cowan. Memb: C$26/US$22 until 5/15/94, C$32 after. Info: Ad Astra 14, Box 7276, Station A, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5W 1X9. June 22-23, 1994 (Spain) STSF '94. Barcelona, Spain. CANCELLED. June 23-26, 1994 (Ohio) MIDWESTCON 45. Quality Hotel Central, Cincinnati OH; rms $67. Relaxacon. Memb: $20 until 6/1/94, $25 after. Info: Pat Sims, 34 Creekwood Square, Glendale OH 45246. June 24-25, 1994 (Missouri) ARCHON 18. Collinsville Convention Ctr. & Holiday Inn Hotel, exit 11 off I-55/I-70, St. Louis, MO; (800)551-5133; rms $77. GoH: Jack Chalker; AGoH: Robert "J.R." Daniels; FGoH: Elliot "Elst" Weinstein MD; TM: Martha Soukup. Panels, seminars, readings, children's & grand masquerades, art show & auction, dealers room, pool party, gaming, children's programing track, Fri. night meet-the-pro's reception/dance and hall-costume contest, 2 24-hour video rooms, hospitality suite, more. Memb: $19 until 5/31/94, $22 after; (Children 6-12, $5); one-day memberships $10. Info: Archon 18, P.O. Box 483, Chesterfield MO 63006-0483; (314)FAN-3026. email: zellich@stl-17sima.army.mil. June 24-26, 1994 (Louisiana) NEW ORLEANS SF & FANTASY FESTIVAL 7 (NOSFS3 '94). New Orleans Airport Hilton Hotel, 901 Airline Highway, Kenner, LA 70062; (504)469-5000; rms $65 sngl/dbl, $70 tpl/quad. GoH: C.J. Cherryh; AGoH: Ron Walotsky; FGoH: Joey Grillot; TM: John Steakley; Guests: George Alec Effinger, more. Memb: $20 until 5/31/94, $25 after. Info: New Orleans SF & Fantasy Festival, PO Box 791089, New Orleans LA 70179-1089; (504)835-3109. June 24-26, 1994 (Lithuania) BALTCON/LITHUANICON '94. Vilnius, Lithuania. Lithuanian National and Baltic-countries SF con includes masquerade, films, panels, debates, games, more. Memb: $25. Info: Baltcon, c/o SF Club Dorado, G. Beresnevicius, Antakalnio 65-33, 2040 Vilnius, Lithuania; email: ahrvid@sfbbs.edvina.se. July 1-4, 1994 (California, Southern) CONOZOIC/WESTERCON 47. Airport Hilton and Towers, 5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA; (800)HILTONS; rms $80 sgl/dbl, $120 Towers sgl/dbl. GoH: George R.R. Martin; AGoH: Real Musgrave; FGoH: William Rotsler. Memb: $55 until 6/1/94, $65 after; $25 supporting. Info: Westercon 47, c/o SCIFI, P.O. Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA 91409. July 1-3, 1994 (California, Southern) ANIME EXPO 1994. Anaheim Marriott and Convention Center, Anaheim CA; (714)750-8000; rms $75 ($72 in the Anaheim Inn at the Park and $75 in Quality Hotel Maingate - overflow hotels). Guests: Scott Frazier, Allen Hastings, Haruhiko Mikimoto, Izumi Matsumoto, Nobuteru Yuuki. (Hiroyuki Kitazume, originally scheduled to attend will not be able to due to work schedule). Convention with emphasis on Japanese animation and manga. Videos, Films, two tracks of programming, computer animation, art and model show, auction, Dealers' room. Memb: $40 until 6/1/94, $45 after; $15 associate membership ($20 outside North America). Info: Anime Expo, c/o The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, 2425 B Channing, Suite 684, Burbank CA 94704; email: shogun@sutro.sfsu.edu. July 1-3, 1994 (Illinois) CHICAGO COMIC CON. Chicago Expo Center, Rosemont, Illinois. GoH: Harlan Ellison; SGoH: Mickey Spillane; Guests: Julie Schwartz, Peter David, Susan Ellison, Colleen Doran, Jeff Smith, Chris Claremont, Scott Shaw, Richard & Wendy Pini, Joe Quesdada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bob Layton, Al Williamson, Don & Maggie Thompson, Scott & Ivy McCloud, J. Michael Straczinski, more. Info: r.weinberg1@genie.geis.com. July 1-3, 1994 (Indiana) INCONJUNCTION '94. Adams Mark Hotel, Indianapolis IN. GoH: David Gerrold; SGoH: Michael Kube-McDowell; AGoH: Todd Cameron Hamilton; TM: Arlan Andrews; Guests: Richard Knaack, Dawn Dunn, Suzy Hartell. Memb: $20 until 6/1/94, $25 after. Info: InConJunction, Box 19776, Indianapolis IN 46219; email: ljdunn@ljdunn.nawc-ad-indy.navy.mil. July 1-3 1994 (Minnesota) 4TH ST. FANTASY CONVENTION #8. Sheraton Park Place, 5555 Wayzeta Blvd., St. Louis Park MN 55426; (612)542-8600; rms $52 sngl/dbl, $62 tpl/quad. Memb: $25 until 6/1/94, $38 after. Info: 4th St. Fantasy, 4242 Minnehaha Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55406. July 2-3, 1994 (Germany) SF TAGE NRW 7. Conference & Training Centre, Dusseldorf-Lorick, Germany. GoHs: Katherine Kurtz, George Alec Effinger. Memb: DM35/$20 until 6/31/94 (checks in DM only, please). Info: SF Tage 7, c/o Heinrich Sporck, Am Sonnenberg 38, D-44879 Bochum, Germany; +49-234-46 13 90; email: pulla@engelscs.uni-duesseldorf.de. July 7-10, 1994 (Illinois) 25TH SCIENCE FICTION RESEARCH ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING. Arlington Park Hilton, Arlington Heights IL 60005-1052; rms $79. SGoHs: Sheri S. Tepper, Octavia Butler; Guests: Alex & Phyllis Eisenstein, Philip Jose Farmer, James Gunn, Frederik Pohl, Joan Slonczewski, Joan D. Vinge, Jack Williamson, Gene Wolfe. Memb: $115 (includes Sat. night banquet) until 6/9/94. Info: Dr. Elizabeth Anne Hull, Liberal Arts Div., William Rainey Harper College, Palatine IL 60067; (708)925-6323; email: friend@oakton.edu. July 8-10, 1994 (Colorado) V-KHAN/PENTA-KHAN. Holiday Inn North, Colorado Springs CO. GoH: Andrew J. Offutt; TM: Wil McCarthy. MEmb: $15 in advance, $20 at door. Info: V-Khan, c/o Penny Tegen, 2926 Valarie Circle, Colorado Springs CO 80917; (719) 597-5259. July 8-10, 1994 (Maryland) SHORE LEAVE 16. Hunt Valley Marriott Inn, Hunt Valley, MD; (410)785-7000; rms $76. Guests: Terry Farrell, Tony Todd, Peter David, Howard Weinstein, Bob Greenberger, Arne Starr, Bob Pinaha, Carmen Carter, Michael Jan Friedman. Talks, autograph sessions, workshops, children's programming, filking, masquerade, Ten Forward party, Dealers' room, Charity events, more. Memb: $40 until 5/31/94, children 5-12, $10 (membership limited). Info: Shore Leave 16, Box 6809, Towson MD 21285-6809; (410)821-5563; email: heyer@stsci.edu. July 8-10, 1994 (Massachusetts) READERCON 7. Worcester Marriott, 10 Lincoln Square, Worcester, MA; (508) 791-1600; rms $75 sngl, $80 dbl/tpl, $85 quad, $130 parlor. GoH: Ursula K. Le Guin, EGoH: Terri Windling. Special Presentation: James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award. Memb: $32 until 6/1/94, $40 after; $10 supporting. Info: Readercon, PO Box 381246 Cambridge, MA 02238; (617) 625-6507. July 8-10, 1994 (Nevada) TUNNELCON III. Stardust Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. 1994 International Beauty and the Beast Convention. Memb: $85. Info: Convention Registration and Miscellaneous Information, c/o Barbara Nix, 1521 Everett Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. July 8-10, 1994 (Tennessee) LIBERTYCON 8. Days Inn & Convention Ctr., Chattanooga TN; rms $47. GoH: F.M. Busby; AGoH: Doug Chaffee; SGoHs: Kelly & Laura Freas. Memb: $25 until 6/15/94, $35 after. Info: LibertyCon 8, Box 695, Hixson TN 37343. July 8-10, 1994 (England) BACON/UNICON 15. New Hall, Cambridge, England. GoHs: Geoff Ryman, Simon Ings. Memb: L16, L6 supporting. Info: BaCon, 38 Scotland Road, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1QG; (O223) 564483; email: bacon@derwent.co.uk. July 15-17, 1994 (Georgia) *** HToMC Sanctioned Event *** DRAGON*CON. Atlanta Hilton & Towers & Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta GA; (404) 659-2000; rms $99 sngl/dbl, $129 tpl/quad. Guests: Michael Burnett, Nancy A. Collins, Glen Cook, Bob Eggleton, Harlan Ellison, Alan Dean Foster, James Gurney, Eric Lustbader, Tim Powers, George Pratt, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Julius Schwartz, Walt&Louise Simonson, Dean Wesley Smith, more. Memb: $40 until 6/15/94, $45 after. Info: Dragon*Con/ACE '94, PO Box 47696, Atlanta, GA 30362-0696; (404) 925-0115 or (404) 925-2813 (24 hour hotline). >>>> SPECIAL NOTE: Largest SE Devival in history will be at this con, with Rev. Ivan Stang and The Swinging Love Corpses !!!!!!!! ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY........ July 15-17, 1994 (Maryland) GAYLAXICON V. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Rockville, MD; rms $89 sng/dbl, $99 tpl, $109 quad. GoH: Jewelle Gomez; AGoH: Tom Howell; SGoH: Forrest J Ackerman. No one under 18 w/o parent/guardian admitted. Memb: $25 until 7/14/94, $30 after. Info: Gaylaxicon 5, Box 656, Washington D.C. 20044. July 15-17, 1994 (Australia, Western) SWANCON 19/CONFUSION '94. Perth International Hotel, Perth, Australia. GoH: Gerry Anderson. Info: Swancon 19, Box 190, Mt. Lawley, Australia 6050. --------------------- LATE ENTRY: June 17-19, 1994 (Georgia) ATLANTA FANTASY FAIR. Holiday Inn Crowne Plaze, Atlanta GA. Featuring Sarah Douglas, Bruce Campbell, Jeff Rector, Geraint Wyn Davies, John Russo, Ted V. Mikels. Memb: $27 until June 5, $30 at door for 3 days. Rooms $79 sngl/dbl, $99 tpl/quad. 1-800-554-0055 for motel, INFO: Atlanta Fantasy Fair, 4175 Eliza Ct. Lithonia, GA 30058 (404) 985-1230 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Compilation on what songs to put on a "Kurt Cobain Memorial" tribute album: --------------------------------------- 1. Alive - Pearl Jam 2. Shotgun Blues - Guns n' Roses 3. Gun Love -- ZZTop 4. Big Gun -- AC/DC 5. Overblown -- Mudhoney 6. Bullet in your Head -- Rage Agaist the Machine 7. Happiness is a Warm Gun -- The Beatles (or the Breeders' cover) 8. I Hate Myself and Want to Die - Nirvana (Was this, like, a *big* hint or what?) 9. Lithium -- Nirvana 10. See You In Hell (Don't Be Late) -- Yngwie Malmsteen 11. I Shot the Devil -- Suicidal Tendencies 12 War Inside my Head -- Suicidal Tendencies 13 Suicidal Failure -- Suicidal Tendencies 14 Suicide's an Alternative -- Suicidal Tendencies 15. Kill Yourself -- S.O.D. 16. Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne 17. Shot in the Dark - Ozzy Osbourne 18. Don't Try Suicide -- Queen 19. Another One Bites the Dust -- Queen (Hey Kurt say "Hi" to Freddie for us!) 20. Suicide Chump -- Frank Zappa 21. Are You Upset -- Frank Zappa 22. My Guitar Wants to Kill your Mama -- Frank Zappa 23. Rock 'N Roll Suicide -- David Bowie 25. Head Like a Hole -- Nine Inch Nails 26. Terrible Lie -- Nine Inch Nails 27. Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead! from the Wizard of OZ 28. Surprise, You're Dead -- Faith No More 29. I'm a Loser -- The Beatles 30. Sympathy from the Devil -- The Stones 31. The Four Horsemen -- Metallica 32. To Live is to Die -- Metallica 33. Frayed Ends of Sanity -- Metallica 34. Countdown To Extinction -- Megadeth 35. Psychotron -- Megadeth 36. Symphony of Destruction -- Megadeth 37. Soy un Perdido -- Beck 38. What a Wonderful World -- Louis Armstrong (?!) 39. One Way Out -- Allman Brothers 40. Hymn 43 -- Jethro Tull 41. Break on Through -- The Doors 42. The End -- The Doors 43. Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out -- Traditional Blues 44. Trouble in Mind -- Traditional Blues 45. Satisfy my Soul -- Bob Marley 46. I Shot the Sherrif -- Bob Marley 47. Shotgun Blues -- The Scorchers 48. Shotgun -- Duran Duran 49. Suicide Blonde -- INXS Holy Temple of Mass Consumption PO Box 30904 Raleigh, NC 27622-0904 slack@ncsu.edu


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