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[noticed by Britain Woodman--bwoodman@emunix.emich.edu] HToMC is now lashing out from its All-New UNDERGROUND BUNKER which is now 100% operational, but munitions are still being unpacked. Same sacred PO Box. STANG SEZ: Buy Tapes - $6 each: THE HAIRS IN BOB'S EARS (60 min. of latest church music by many "bands"), BOB'S MEDIA POLLUTION (60 min. of even more recent Church music, of all flavors), HOUR OF SLACK (many titles available) $10 SPECIAL: HOUR OF SLACK 400 & 401: Lonesome Cowboy Dave in Hell - special improv with Stang, Mary^2, Brain Rot Radio Theatre (Cleveland) $10 for 2 tapes New Video, $20: CLUB NO NEW YEARS DALLAS DEVIVAL - Bulldada special effects master St. Joe Riley barrage-edited (ARISE-style, with billions of weird clips) the footage from this spectacular multi-media show starring Sister Mary^2, Rev. Ivan Stang, Sister Suzy the Floozy, St. Janor Hypercleats, Sternodox Hackhaver, the Heavenly Morphodite and Band of One. Much livelier than the Rant & Rave devival video. ORDER FROM: PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75124 BIG FUN - HToMC was present in Denver, CO during the Pope's visit last Aug. 12-15. The event was World Youth and S/M Day, with 200,000 people attending the big "Pope-stock" event on Sunday. An estimated 20,000 people required emergency medical services as they were sunburned, heat-exhausted, stung, broken ankles from gopher holes, hypothermia at night, fatigue from the all-night vigil after a hellish 15-mile hike "Conehead" during the heat of the previous day, "Popebusters" PLUS hour-plus long waits for the Pope toilets. All this to hear from a Picture man that even most American cath- Picture olics don't agree with, which only Here proves Dobbs' rule that "You'll here PAY to know what you THINK"- even with your sweat and blood. Best protestors include American Atheists all over the place with on-target satire, and the Lesbian Avengers downtown. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bill Clinton wants you to read these comics: *** Bad Habits - The biker adventures of Sister Mary Missionary, as she satisfies the needs of a violent prison ward. Cum-drenched adventure on par with the Horny Biker Slut. Eros Comics, PO Box 25070 Seattle WA 98125 *** Daimons - Companion book to their "Offerings" series, this deals with an apocalyptic society gone mad, the psychic who absorbs and transforms it all, and the attack on him. Wild story, but hard to read. Cry For Dawn Productions. **** Demi The Demoness #1 - Adventures of a rare and beautiful female demon who is being pursued by the evil males. Wild sex-fantasy comic unlike any other. Rip Off Press, PO Box 4686 Auburn, CA 95604 *** Duplex Planet Illustrated #3 - nice collection of comics from David Greenberger, Doug Allen and others. Overall, somewhat tame, although the most angst-ridden, and best one, is "Whats the Worst Job you ever had..." ** Duplex Planet Illustrated #4 - more stories from real life, as told to David Greenberg, with art by Crabb, Hensley, and others. Nothing stands out in this one, although "The Pledge of Allegiance" is interesting. Fantagraphic Books, 7563 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA 98115 - ask for catalog **** Eightball #11 - collection of great stories by Daniel Clowes, including the Happy Fisherman, The Party, and more, in his unique lurid style. Don't miss this one. Fantagraphic Books. *** Fat Freddy's Comics & Stories #2 - More short comics with Fat Freddy and his cat. Plus, driving tips with Gilbert Shelton. Rip Off Press. *** Hate #13 - The continuing adventures of Buddy Bradley heats up with a zine war, plus "I Left my Stash in San Francisco". Pure angst by P. Bagge. **** Horny Biker Slut #6 - Slut contests, live sex act auditions, porn movies, biker gang wars, weird perversions, and more in this action-packed and cum-drenched issue. Last Gasp, PO Box 410067, San Francisco CA 94141 *** Lowlife #3 - After a protracted absense, Ed Brubaker returns with his tales of life in the slacker culture. This one has him working in a bookstore with the hippy manager, how he steals from the store and later deals with it. Deep stuff. AEON 5014-D Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle WA 98105 **** Negative Burn #1 - Anthology of short stories for mature audiences. Great stuff from different authors and artists. Main feature is Flaming Carrot vs. The Flapping Head by Bob Burden. Caliber Press. ** Night Vision - Another vampire mini-novel; after destroying a pair of monsters, the vampire falls for the sexual power of a vampire-wannabe stripper/singer, but won't make her a vampire. Tundra. *** Post Brothers #32 - The snuff video party at the Cocteau warehouse is cut short by armies of lawyers attacking and suing Ron. When he fights back, he ends up destroying the entire building. Rip Off Press. *** Real Stuff #14 - Dennis Eichhorn's true-life adventure series continues with the story of his encounter with Wild Man Fischer, plus other several other stories, with different artists. Fantagraphic Books. ** Ren & Stimpy #10 - Bubble Bath - Ren and Stimpy exterminate bugs by stomping on them, then sell the bug juice for refreshments. TOO MANY TSR ADS!! *** Ren & Stimpy #11 - Ren completely flips out and takes a stress management course, but only finds true satisfaction by beating up Stimpy. **** Ren & Stimpy #12 - The best R&S in a while. Cadet Stimpy clones himself so he can take care of all the work, but it takes as many Cmdr. Hoek clones to keep him in line. Plus, Teacher Bingo and Organs of Doom stories. See if you can find the subliminal drug and sex humor in this one. Marvel comics. *** Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Cruelty #1 - Remember those little BION cartoons? They've started grouping them together now by topic, and making comic books out of them. This stuff is still gruesome, even by today's standards. Schanes Products, 786 Blackthorne Ave. El Cajon CA 92020 ***** Tank Girl 2 #2 - Summer Love Sensation (in color!) Tank Girl and Booga go off on a summer holiday to visit relatives, and end up searching for the fountain of youth. Plus, a great 'Starsky and Hutch' parody with Booga. ***** Tank Girl 2 #3 - The wildest, most psychedelic and insane issue of Tank Girl put out to date. She finds the fountain of youth and escapes with Hewlett & Martin. Plus, drugs & aliens on the beach. Dark Horse Comics [Rumor has it that MOVIE rights to Tank Girl are being discussed.....] **** Too Much Coffee Man #1 - The first full-size from the mini-comic series has TMCM fighting an evil lawyer who copyrights the coffee cup on the head, plus more short stories. Adhesive Comics, PO Box 5372 Austin TX 78763 ***** Zippy Quarterly #3 - How Zippy the Pinhead put Bill Clinton in the White House, plus the usual barrage of disturbing absurdity. Unfortunately, this current administration might as well be one long Zippy strip. Fantagraphic Books *** Weirdo #28 - International issue, with work by foreign artists, plus work by Bill Griffith, Peter Bagge, and the most offensive strips ever by Robert Crumb. Blatant left wing/communist slant in some stories, but overall, a great issue. Last Gasp Eco-Funnies, PO Box 410067 San Francisco CA 94141 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = ACID IS GROOVY, KILL THE PIGS Shot In Trippy Violence! FATAL-vision A Movie by Joe Christ Remember that army captain and his family? Well, this is THAT hippie cult Lysergic Also available Madness! Staring JOE CHRIST 4-song 7" e.p. or cassette Now Available on VHS: $15.00 ppd "ACID IS GROOVY KILL THE PIGS" Send check or m.o. to: soundtrack by JOE CHRIST & BIGGER THAN GOD Features JOE CHRIST guitar legend Chris Spedding 151 First Ave. Box 77 Covert art - Joe Coleman New York NY 10003 $5.00 ppd 696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969696969 Jim Morrison: Space Ranger part 3 by T. Rev "Is this Los Angeles? I'd like the number of Robert Krieger. Yes, I'll hold." It was a gamble, assuming Robbie still lived in LA, albeit not much of one. "It's unlisted, you say. Well, thanks anyway. Peace." So Robbie was still in LA. He could go there, with the money he had. But there were probably too many people who would recognize him there. Once again, Morrison reviewed his condition. Whatever he'd been through, it hadn't all been hallucination. The money he was living off of, and the police report he'd gotten his hands on-- detailing the investigation of the murder of one Jeremiah Cornelius aka Jeremiah Cornell aka Cornelius Brunner--were proof of that. The report was interesting in its brevity; the Philadelphia police had been taken off the case, forced off by the FBI and Interpol. Bob had referred to an 'archetype', apparently meaning Jerry. Maybe Jerry was the key. Or had been, at least; maybe now that he was gone, Morrison could go on the offensive. If only he could identify a target. It had been a long time since Morrison felt this way. Maybe not since the early days, playing at the Whisky-a-Go-Go, drinking all day, dropping acid at night. He felt in control of his life again, for Heaven or Hell, it was his life, and nobody was pulling his strings again. The door to Morrison's suite opened. "Hey, man." It was Hendrix. He was wearing a white suit, with a straw hat perched on his shaven head. Quietly cursing the agents responsible for the latest of a string of unjustifiable coincidences, Morrison resolved to take this one in good grace. "Jimi!" Morrison jumped to his feet. "Good to see you. I've been looking for you." "I've been looking for you, man." Jimi looked around the hotel room. "You've been a lot louder than me." "Were you...?" "At the warehouse? Yeah, I think so. I'm a little blank on what happened, you know? They did something to my head." Hendrix pulled off his hat. His scalp was marred with old, healed scars, and new stitches. Morrison shuddered. "I pulled out all the wires I could get at, then I went to see a doctor. He finished the job. I'm feeling a lot better now." Jimi sat down on a couch and stretched out. "So what do we do now?" "Not sure. I've been thinking about calling Robbie Krieger. Did you see Jerry?" "No, uh, when?" "Just at the warehouse." "No. Don't remember it, man." "Here. Read this." Morrison tossed him the file on Cornelius. Hendrix read it. "Shit." "I found him first. That's where I got the money from." "Don't, like, waste any time, do you?" "Didn't have many choices. What I really want to do is track down this Bob guy's operations and waste them. Make sure he doesn't come back and do this to us again." "He did save your life, man." "For what? He wanted to make a slave of me. I say he gets it in the neck." Jimi stroked his temples thoughtfully. "Yeah, okay. Count me in, man." Morrison smiled. "I thought you'd agree." Jimi sat in silence for a few seconds. "Still don't explain what we're going to do." Morrison's face fell. "True. Well, money won't be a problem for at least a few more days. I want to follow two leads. I want to find out who this Bob is, and where his operations are centered. That's going to be a bitch. I also want to know who the hell 'Jerry Cornelius' really is." "Just some dead guy." "Bullshit, Jimi. He was important to Bob in some way we don't understand yet, and maybe can't understand at all. But we just don't have the information either way." "So?" "So we start finding it." Morrison stood up and started to pace. "Interpol is probably too hard to crack. Same for the FBI." Morrison thought. "Jimi, where did they grab you from? Bob's people." "London. And I wasn't grabbed, exactly. I signed up, man." "Excuse me? You signed up?" "Yeah, well, I was so bummed, you know, and..." "Don't tell me. You were tired of your life, you felt you needed to feel something real, they said they could supply it." "Yeah." Morrison chuckled. "Always the same story, isn't it? They always say they have what you need, and the price comes low." He turned toward the windows, overlooking the city. An explosion lit up the sky, out towards the projects. Morrison ignored it. "If you count souls as cheap, that is." Hendrix started to speak. Morrison cut him off. "Who got you in?" "An old roadie of mine. Lemmy Kilmister." Morrison smiled again. "The hell with Jerry. We find Mr. Kilmister." They sent out for music industry papers from the last twenty years, and found the information they needed. Lemmy had gone from being one of Hendrix's roadies, to part-time procurer to the stars, to bassist for a group called Hawkwind, to fronting his own band, Motorhead. "Yeah, I'd like to leave a message for Lemmy. Tell him Jimi H. is back in town, have him meet me at the old house in three days. Yeah, he knows where. Thanks." Hendrix put the phone down. "Okay. That should get him, man." "The old house?" "Neutral territory. House has been there since the sixteenth century. Lemmy used to do all his deals there, you know?" "Where?" "London, where else?" Three days later, they were in Ladbroke Grove, waiting in the foyer of a shabby cottage squeezed between two scarcely more pleasant cinderblock council flats. Morrison shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "Sure he'll show?" Hendrix nodded calmly for the fifth time in two hours. Morrison stood up and walked to the hearth. In the weak sunlight from two dirty windows, he could make out the anonymous scratchings of decades of graffiti smothered uneasily beneath a new coat of thick black paint. The light shifted, and Morrison turned to see a shape walk past the window. Lemmy. The cottage door opened, and in he walked. He was tall, rail- thin, and as ugly as if he'd just been found underneath a rock. He wore his hair long and stringy; a Gengis Khan moustache narrowly missed a huge mole on his cheek. His eyes were concealed behind mirrorshades. He ignored, or didn't notice, Morrison. "Jimi," he stated in a gravelly baritone. "How was your trip?" he continued, without apparent interest. "We've seen better," Morrison replied, stepping from behind the hearth. Lemmy looked from one to the other, surprised. "You mean, they put you on the same bus? Oh, Jesus. Fucking incredible." And he started to laugh. "Enough jokes, fuckhead," grated Morrison. "I need information, and I've been through enough shit to turn your hair white and burn the grease off it. Do you want to talk or do I put some fist sized holes in that pretty leather pajama top of yours?" Lemmy stopped cold. Then, slowly, he straightened up. "So what's the deal?" he said, again to Jimi. Jimi blinked, then, slowly, he outlined what had happened to him and Morrison, and how. "What do you want from me, then?" "We want to know where Bob's organization is," said Morrison. "You're our last link to them. We want you to take us to them, so we can trash them." Lemmy pulled out a pack of Marlboros, took one, lit it, put the pack away. He still hadn't removed the mirrorshades. "Right. I can do it. It'll cost." "How much?" "Five mil UK. This is a big one, mate." "Haven't got it. Let's go, Jimi." "Now, wait a minute. Eh...did you lot have anything to do with Jerry Cornelius washing up dead in the States last week?" Morrison sighed, and reached down to his ankle. "Does this answer your question?" he asked, producing Jerry's air pistol. Lemmy stared in silence for a moment. "Right. I'll do it for that. For the needle gun." Morrison was surprised. "Why for this?" Lemmy shook his head and chuckled. "Old times' sake, mate. Old times' sake." Eighteen hours later, they were in Los Angeles. Bob's organization, as it turned out, was based in Colombia now. It would not be easy to get there--and harder to get out. "I'll take you up to the last five miles," Lemmy was saying. "You're on your own after that." "Fine with us, man. All I need is one clear shot at Bob." Morrison had used the past few days to experiment with the gun he'd been given on the Luck Plane. Hendrix gave it to him then, but claimed not to remember doing so. A lot of his memories had gone with the circuitry. So Morrison practiced alone. The gun was all blue-white crystal, with small chrome plates spaced irregularly on the barrel, and shot through with green wire; a ruby red button at the base of the barrel was the trigger, next to a unmarked dial of no apparent purpose. It was a particle beam weapon of some sort; inert targets shattered in its sights and living ones, what was left of them, blackened and crumbled within minutes. Quite an effect for something that looked like an Uzi crafted by Waterford. "He'll be paste." Lemmy favored Morrison with a glance over his mirrorshades. "If you say so." They left Los Angeles the next day, heading for Bogota on a small chartered airplane, piloted by a Jamaican in dreadlocks. He never spoke, though he looked around in surprise every time they mentioned Bob. The plane was met at the airfield by a Jeep; after a quick conference, Lemmy sent the driver away with a small satchel, and took the wheel himself. "I'm handling this as quietly as I can, guys--I can't risk this coming back to haunt me. Get in and let's go." They left Bogota and within half an hour were headed through thick jungle into the mountains. Just like Vietnam, Morrison thought. In another hour, even the bumpy dirt trail ended. "The coke manufacturers don't like to come around here. Too risky. It's got to be on foot for the last twenty kilometers." Lemmy leered. "If a couple of dead guys are up to it." "Better than you, motorhead. Let's do it." ...stay tuned for the last thrilling episode..... (.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.) SPOT GOES TO SCHENECTADY ======================== With a sigh of relief, Spot ascended from Hell. Then he discovered he was in Schenectady. He whined liquidly, like a leaky balloon in a bathtub of Vaseline. "Hey, little puppy, swell metaphor!" said a passing man. He was Mr. Spudkins, a Remedial English I teacher at Schenectady County Community College. "Or was it a simile maybe? Me can't remember. What kind are the sort what has the `like' in it?" Spot ignored the pseudo-professor, who was soon sucked into oblivion by a passing street-sweeper. It was a combination Hoover and Zamboni which was cleaning up the broken glass that littered the streets, as last week had been the Mardi Gras parade, and the General Electric employees had been throwing light bulbs. Spot liked General Electric, because their TV sets made every show look gray and blurry and flickery, just like "The Honeymooners", his favorite. With a start, Spot realized that something was missing from Schenectady. The Wonder Burger, the world's worst eating establishment (certified), had become a used car dealership! Spot wept for his favorite anti-restaurant. Their hamburgers had tasted just like Alpo, only mushier! Spot finished exploring downtown Schenectady five minutes later. Then he was bored for the rest of his life. When he died, he went back to Hell, and breathed a sigh of eternal relief. AUTHOR'S NOTE: By now, anyone from Schenectady, NY has noticed the fatal flaw in the story--it does not even mention that if Spot had gone down the road to Troy, NY, he would have seen that it was much worse, and made Schenectady look like Heaven by comparison. So it goes. -----James "Kibo" Parry Soul-saving graphics on the bottom of this page. *-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-* Announcing ACTIVEWEAR for the END TIMES! That's right! The "Last Days" may be here, but Friend, YOU can be the LAST WORD in AVANT-GARDE ELEGANCE in our FULL COLOR T-SHIRT! As seen above [hard-copy HToMC only] inside an intricate alchemical border, front & back feature beloved SubGenius Guru J.R. "Bob" Dobbs & his UNSPEAKABLE opposite, the vile NGH or "Anti-'Bob'!". But these shrunken reproductions can barely HINT at the overpowering effect the vibrantly colored originals make. YOU MUST HAVE THE SHIRT. SLACK THREADS(tm) is a fully accredited tentacle of The Church of the SubGenius(tm) and has received a dispensation to use the Dobbsian likeness. This shirt was designed by Harry S. "Dr. Howl" Robbins, a longtime church contributor. Watch for MORE shirt designs from SLACK THREADS in the very near future. And if "Bob", "SLACK", or "SUBGENIUS" mean nothing to you, we suggest you buy a "BARNEY" T-shirt instead. Mail this HANDY COUPON: (we welcome wholesale inquiries) .---------------------------------------------------------------. | | | Yes, I'm longing to sport the true colors of an ordained | | Overman/woman/thing, to do my part for "Bob". Please rush | | me my official "Bob"/Anti-"Bob" SubEscutcheon Thoraxwear | | SubG-shirt. I hereby certify that I am both a native- | | born resident of this planet and a non-supernatural, | | breathing, living being. Rush me ____ shirt(s) at $15.00 | | ea. postpaid. 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September 24-26, 1993 (New York) CONTRADICTION 13. Hyatt Regency, Buffalo, NY; rms $74/$79/$84/$89. GoH: Nancy Kress; SGoH: George Alec Effinger. Memb: $17 until 7/17/93, $21 until 9/7/93, $25 after. Info: Contradiction 13, Box 2043, Newmarket Stn., Niagara Falls, NY 14301; (716)285-2290. September 29 - October 2, 1993 (Ukraine) UKRAINE NATIONAL CON 3. Kiev, Ukraine. Info: Ukraine National Con, c/o Boris Sidyuk, Poste Restante GPO, Kiev 252001, Ukraine; (044)228-2434. October 1-3, 1993 (Ohio) CONTEXT VI. Hilton Inn North, Columbus OH. GoH: Frederik Pohl. Info: Context VI, Box 2954, Columbus OH 43216; (614)263-6089. October 1-2, 1993 (Virginia) RISING STAR 2. Salem Civic Center, Salem, VA. Guests: Hal Clement, Lisa Cantrell, media guests. Memb: $7.50 until 8/1/93, $10 after. Info: Rising Star 2, 545 Howard Drive, Salem, VA 24153; (703)389-9400. October 1-3, 1993 (England) FANTASYCON 18. Midland Hotel,Birmingham UK. GoH:Peter James; AGoH:Les Edwards Info: Fantasycon 18, 46 Oxford Rd., Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 6DT, UK. October 8-10, 1993 (California, Southern) Con-Chord 9. Burbank Hilton, Burbank CA. GoH: Dave Clement; TM: Molly Bennett. Filk convention. Memb: $30 until 9/7/93, $35 after. Info: Con-Chord 9, c/o Rick Weiss, 13261 Donegal Dr., Garden Grove, CA 92644; (714)530-3546 (before 10 pacific). October 8-10, 1993 (Iowa) ICON (IA) 18. Westfield Best Western, Coralville, IA. GoH: Suzette Haden Elgin; FGoHs: Martin & Nancy McClure. Memb: $18 until 8/1/93, $20 until 9/15/93, $25 after. Info: Icon 18, Box 525, Iowa City, IA 52244; (319)377-5929. October 8-10, 1993 (Maryland) FARPOINT. Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Cockeysville, Maryland. Guests: George Takei, John de Lancie, more. Memb: $30. Info: Farpoint, 5657 Utrecht Road, Baltimore MD 21206; (410)866-5516. October 8-10, 1993 (Tennessee) CONCAT 5. Holiday Inn Cedar Bluff, Knoxville TN; rms $60. GoH: Octavia Butler; AGoH: Pat Morrissey; TM: Wendy Webb; SGoH: Mark Maxwell. Memb: $25 until 10/1/93, $30 after. Info: ConCat V, 805 College Street, Knoxville TN 37921. October 15-17, 1993 (Florida) NECRONOMICON '93. Airport Holiday Inn, Tampa, FL. GoHs: Lois McMaster Bujold, Peter David. Memb: $15 until 9/15/93, $20 after. Info: Necronomicon '93, P.O. Box 2076, Riverview, FL 33569. October 15-17, 1993 (Massachusetts) NOTJUSTANOTHERCON IX. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. GoHs: TBA. Memb: TBA. Info: RSO 116, Student Activities Office, UMASS, Amherst, MA 010002; (413)545-1924. October 15-17, 1993 (Minnesota) VALLEYCON 18. Madison Hotel, Moorhead MN; rms $54 sngl, $57 dbl. GoH: TBA. Memb: $8 at door. Info: Valleycon 18, Box 7202, Fargo ND 58109; (701)280-1445. October 15-17, 1993 (Canada, British Columbia) ICON (BC) 3. Harbour Towers Hotel, Victoria BC, Canada. GoH: Dave Duncan; AGoH: Julia Lacquement; FGoH: Betty Bigelow. Memb: C$25. Info: Icon 3, Box 30004, 3995 Quadra St. #104, Victoria BC V8X 5E1, Canada; (604)477-2258. October 28-31, 1993 (Minnesota) WORLD FANTASY CON 1993. Radisson Hotel South & Plaza Tower, 7800 Normandale Blvd., Minneapolis MN 55439-3145; (612)835-7800; rms $75 sngl/dbl, $85 tpl/quad. GoHs: Poul Anderson, Roger Zelazny, John Crowley; AGoH: Tom Canty; SGoH: Basil Copper; TM: Neil Gaiman. Memb: $75 until 8/1/93, $100 after; $40 supporting (membership limited to 750 paid members). Info: World Fantasy Convention 1993, Box 2128, Loop Stn., Minneapolis MN 55402. October 29-31, 1993 (Washington) Dreamcon 8. South Everett Quality Inn and Conference Center, Everett, WA; rms $60. TM: Nevin Pratt, Jr.; AGoH: David Cherry. Memb: $25.00 until 10/16/93; $30.00 after. Info: 10121 Evergreen Way, Suite 103, Everett, WA 98204; (206)643-7027 (Rick Lewis, chairman) before 9PM only (Pacific Time). October 30-31, 1993 (Ireland) OCTOCON '93. Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland. 4th Irish National SF Con. GoH: Storm Constantine. Comics GoH: Steve Dillon; guests: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Katherine Kurtz, Morgan Llywelyn, Anne McCaffrey, James White, more. Info: Octocon '93, 20 Newgrove Avenue, Sandymount, Dublin 4, Ireland. $%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@@@^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^@@@@@@@@ ************ Z I N E S **************** @@@@@@^ ~^ @ @@ @ @ @ I ~^@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@ ~ ~~ ~I @@@@@ Trigger Cut #5 @@@@' ' _,w@< @@@@ PO Box 891 @@@@ @@@@@@@@w___,w@@@@@@@@ @ @@@ N. Olmstead OH 44070 @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I @@@ @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@*@[ i @@@ Articles, zine reviews, really great @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[][ | ]@@@ record reviews, poetry, and part 2 of @@@@ ~_,,_ ~@@@@@@@~ ____~ @ @@@ the "Jade" story, Brady trivia + more @@@@ _~ , , `@@@~ _ _`@ ]L J@@@ No price listed, but they want any @@@@ , @@w@ww+ @@@ww``,,@w@ ][ @@@@ submissions or neat stuff. @@@@, @@@@www@@@ @@@@@@@ww@@@@@[ @@@@ @@@@@_|| @@@@@@P' @@P@@@@@@@@@@@[|c@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@@w| '@@P~ P]@@@-~, ~Y@@^'],@@@@@@ ************ R A V E S **************** @@@@@@@[ _ _J@@Tk ]]@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@@@@,@ @@, c,,,,,,,y ,w@@[ ,@@@@@@@ Sat Sept 18 Richmond,VA 804-768-2000 @@@@@@@@@ i @w ====--_@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ Tix: $5 QRAVE 11pm-9am @@@@@@@@@@`,P~ _ ~^^^^Y@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@^^=^@@^ ^' ,ww,w@@@@@ _@@@@@@@@@@ Micro-rave - only room for 250 people @@@_xJ~ ~ , @@@@@@@P~_@@@@@@@@@@@@ DJs Laura, Mars, Todd Krulak, Dave @@ @, ,@@@,_____ _,J@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Javate, DougS, Rainbow, Flavor Dave, @@L `' ,@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ChadE, Tiff'nE, + more on 2 stages @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Live performance by Method One | Check Trance Fused hotline for info For hardcopy w/graphics, send SASE to:|----------------------------------------- | Tues Sep 21 Washington,DC 202-298-9445 Holy Temple of Mass Consumption | FUNKYTOWN 10pm-4am PO Box 30904 | Raleigh, NC 27622 | DJs announced on Groove Line | 18 and over-w/ID -drink specials 10-12 For ezine version, mail: | 1415 Zei Alley N.W. Washington D.C. | between H & I st. on 14th & 15th Slack@ncsu.edu to get on list |----------------------------------------- quartz.rutgers.edu - back | Fri Sept 24 Washington,DC 202-331-4465 issues ( | FLINSTONE | --------------------------------------| F L I N S T O N E DragonCon '93 - July 1993 Mini-Review| the children's chewable space ship party |----------------------------------------- SHORT VERSION: worthwhile, but not as | Sat Oct 30 Lexington, KY 606-282-1661 fun as last years. MANY snafus in | $5/8@door LexiCon IX Rave running it- absolutely nothing started| on time, insufficient A/C, legions of | University of Kentucky butthead security guards ruining any | Old Student Center Grand Ballroom chance of harmless fun, WAY TOO SMALL | Lexington, Kentucky video room for RHPS performance, | dealers room on concrete floor, etc. | Admission free with convention badge. I've also heard some nasty (and so far| valid college ID required unsubstantiated) rumors that the |---------------------------------------- DragonCon people are trying to kill | Rumor has it that every other convention in town, plus | the PhenomiCon they are trying to drive out the party| convention in crowd in favor of the more profitable | Atlanta, GA is [PhenomiCon commercialized fandom events. But, | now DEAD and will planet Earth even despite this, a fun time was had-| not be held any with gigantic the LAST Betty Page Look-Alike contest| longer. Has screw stuck was great (next year is a generic | anyone else who through it beauty contest-BIG mistake), the Club | was there last logo] Camarilla and Club Hell vampire events| year received were fun, plus all the usual gaming, | any info in the videos, and events. BEST EVENTS: | mail about this? Soliton Rave Front party, Clifford | Too damn bad, if Stoll talk, RHPS, Joe Christ video | its true. "Acid is Groovy, Kill the Pigs" |


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