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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ HOLY TEMPLE of MASS CONSUMPTION $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ *N*E*W*S* $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ Issue #17: David Koresh is "Bob" $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the best things in life are F R E E Holy Temple of Mass Consumption F R E E PO Box 30904 SLACK@ncsu.edu Raleigh, NC 27622 StarFleet BBS (919) 782-3095 NEWS since the last time: SUCCESSFUL gut blow-out at the Jonestown (After Dark) party in Room 773 at the Magnum Opus Convention. Easily the most slack-filled place on the North American continent while it lasted, with special "potion", go-go dancers, and the TWISTER TOURNAMENT, with enough Euro-trash gothic industrial muzak to peel the paint off the walls. The punch was NOT spiked with codeine, as verified by local police, but guests grew 2-7 extra appendages. COMIX to Want and Buy: **** The Hacker Files - Working-Class Hero (4.0) Hacker & Yoshio uncover the evil conspiracy, and escape from the Chinese factory. DC Comics 1325 Avenue of the America NY NY 10019 *** Yummy Fur #30 - Fuck, The Conclusion - Chester's mom dies in a mental institution, plus encounters with the kleptomaniac girl. Drawn & Quarterly Publications, 5550 Jeanne-Mance St. #16 Montreal, Quebec H2V-4K6 Canada *** Richard Speck: The Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer An uncompromising look into the life of the miserable screw-up who murdered 8 student nurses one night in the summer of 1966 in Chicago. Boneyard Press, 22 E. Chalmers, Champaign, IL 61820 ***** Jeffrey Dahmer: The Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer Factual account of Jeffrey Dahmer's gruesome campaign of death and cannibalism. Although it contains no more info than court testimony and police reports, PLUS the way it was intentionally presented so as not to offend anyone, without condoning Dahmer in any way whatsoever, many people got upset *just because it happens to be in comic book format*, without even reading it. It lead to a protest march against Hart D. Fisher, Boneyard Press publisher, last June 13th. THIS BOOK IS NOW BANNED IN WISCONSIN due to court battles. Get it. **** The further adventures of Young Jeffy Dahmer, w/guest Young Dan Quayle Due to the outrageous media farce over the original Dahmer comic, the Boneyard Press guys have been unjustly labelled as Bad Guys. They've decided to play it to the hilt, to show precisely what "offensive" REALLY is. This is the first in a series to prove that NOBODY can take away their first amendment rights in the guise of "good taste". Look for Jeff Dahmer vs. _____ Boneyard Press, 22 E. Chalmers, Champaign, IL 61820 1st Amendment-destroying lawyer who would just LOVE to hear from you: Thomas Jacobson Suite 1110, 100 East Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202. ^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V^V *** The Worlds of H.P. Lovecraft: The Music of Erich Zann - new set of comics based on Lovecraft stories. This one does an adequate job, plus some bio info on HPL. Caliber Press, 621-B S. Main St. Plymouth MI 48170 ** Ren & Stimpy #7 - Stimpy trains and fights a boxing match, plus in a continuation of the "Shaven Yak" gag, a telethon for prepubescent yaks. Not much new- unfortunately, the comic is becoming like the post-John K. show. *** Psycho Killers: Human Vampyre special - true cases of psycho killers who not only kill but drink the blood of their victims. THIS IS NOT FICTION! Apparently AIDS doesn't bother you once you're that far gone. Comic Zone Productions, Rt. 73 & Taunton Ave. Berlin NJ 08009 **** Griffith Observatory - Classic strips by Bill Griffith from 1977-80, in the pre-Zippy era, plus 16 previously uncollected pages. Griffy moves into an old observatory, and turns the telescope on the town, in what turns out to be a scathing analysis of late 70s culture. Fantagraphics Books >>>> Cinefantastique - Interview with John Kricfalusi, unjustly fired <<<< >>>> creator of Ren & Stimpy, talks about the show and upcoming projects <<<< ALSO NEW: Prometheus Books - Spring/Summer 1993 catalog is now available. Don't leave home without a good reality check from their huge selection. 59 John Glenn Drive, Buffalo, NY 14228-2197 1-800-421-0351 (24 hours) BOREDOM INC. 884 South 630 West Alpine, UT 84004 - Info on the manifestation of bulldada via computer. A software company which creates totally useless software for no apparent reason. They actually distribute it too, via their BBS at (801) 226-8310. Plus, lots of other neat things in their newsletter. A must for anyone who does any computing at all. CONCERTS: Don't miss these groups who are currently on the road: King Missle (allegedly a SubGenius band) on the Mystical Shit tour, Blue Oyster Cult - played Raleigh on 4/24, still GREAT! ------------------------------------------------------ "David Koresh had warned that anybody trying to harm him would be "devoured by fire." In the end, it was he who died in the flames." Or so the Conspiracy Media tells us. [Picture showing how What precisely was the nature of the Koresh made his escape] meeting between J.R. "Bob" Dobbs and David Koresh 2 years ago? Despite unofficial spottings of Koresh at a 7-11 in Minnesota, rumors abound that the compound in Waco Texas was merely a training exercise for Koresh, who has been appointed the new Security Chief for the Dobbstown Compound. ****************************************************************************** Did you hear about the new ice cream from Waco? It's called Mount Caramel but it has a few problems. You have to melt it to get the nuts out. ---------- Have you heard that David Koresh will soon be the "poster boy" for the American Lung Association? He finally quit smoking. Hey, did you hear Jeffrey Dahmer added a new item to his favorite foods? Koresh Kabob..... ---------- What Does WACO stand for? 1. We Ain't Comin' Out 2. We All Cremated Ourselves 3. What a cook out! 4 We're A Combustible Organization Q: What are they gonna call the TV Miniseries about David Koresh? A: "A Match Made in Heaven" Q: What kind of pants do Branch Davidian's wear? A: Charred-Ash Jeans What were David KorASH's Last Words? "No, Bud Light!" "Just kidding, I'm not really God." Q: What do David KorASH and Burger King Whopper have in common? A: They are both flame broiled. Q: Why is David KorASH still in the news? A: Because of his smouldering personality. Q: What do David KorASH and Richard Simmons have in common? A: They are both flamers. Q: Why did KorASH like the Brach Davidians? A: Because they were such a bright group. Q: When did the FBI get what they wanted? A: When KorASH finally went out. What is KorASH wearing right now? His best Sunday soot. Charcoal slacks. A smoking jacket. Q: What do you call Asian Branch-Davidians? A: Rice Crispies. Q: Which Simpsons character is most like David Koresh? A: Mr. Burns Q: Why didn't KorASH surrender to the FBI? A1: He didn't want to be grilled by authorities. A2: He didn't want the FBI to give him the 10th degree. Q: How is the Hindenburg like Waco, TX? A: Both have flammable compounds in them. Q: Why did David KorASH have so many wives? A: They made excellent matches. David KorASH Favorites: SONG: Light My Fire I'm Burning Up Great Balls of Fire Eternal Flame Hot in the City You Light Up My Life Blaze of Glory Disco Inferno Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Burning Down the House MOVIES: Fareignheit 451 Towering Inferno Last of the Red Hot Lovers Turk 182 Backdraft Firestarter MUSICIANS: Charo ATHELETES: Arther Ashe HOLIDAYS: Ash Wednesday ---------------- The F.B.I. was looking through the remains of the Koresh's compound and found his wardobe from the early seventies. A Blazer and Flared pants. ---------------- >BATF: >Barely >Adequate >Totally >Fucked Bureau of Assasination Terrorism and Fuckups ---------------- There's a new resturant opening up in Waco: KFC. Koresh's Fried Christians. ---------------- Q: How do you tell the Branch Davidians at a revival meeting? A: They're the ones smoking in the corner! Q: Why did David Koresh's last manager like him so much? A: He was a real self-starter! Did you hear who just stopped smoking? David Koresh. What's the saddest thing about the Waco tragedy? Rosanne Barr and Tom Arnold weren't inside the compound. How does Koresh like his chicken? Extra crispy. Why did Koresh burn down the complex? He was keeping up with the Joneses. What did God say to Koresh when he died? "Well done." How do you pick up a Davidian girl? With a Dust-Buster. Nobody was allowed to quit the Branch Davidians: They were all fired. Q: Who cried the most after all the Waco cultists died? A: The prospective lawyers! Q: Did you hear that Kraft has brought out a new salad dressing? A: It's called Ranch Dividian, and it won't come out no matter how hard you shake it. ------ Did you hear what they were changing the name of WACO to. Corpus Crispy. ------ The smoke was black, so David Koresh didn't get to be Pope. But he did get to be a Frier. ------ Q. What was David Koresh's last supper? A. Flaming-young. What do you call a Branch Davidian with a fire extinguisher? A heretic. What do you call a Scientologist with a flamethrower? A copycat. ------- Q: Why did the compound in Waco burn to the ground? A: They couldn't put out the fire with their Kool Aid. (tm) Did you hear that David Koresh was a closeted gay? He was flaming, but he didn't come out. Q: Why don't we have more prophets like David Koresh? A: It's such a high stress job that burnout is almost inevitable. -------- The events in Waco could have been foreseen, had anyone in the FBI understood that David Koresh was encapsulating Jewish history. First they re-enacted Passover, then there was the re-enactment of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. --------- The Branch Davidian Church has split into two sects: Orthodox and Extra-Crispy. NBC found a sponsor for the David Koresh mini-series: Weber Barbecues, Inc. Q: What was the most popular name for Branch Davidian children? A: Ashley. Q: How can we avoid future tragedies like the Waco conflagration? A: Strict OSHA standards requring automatic sprinkler systems for all cult compounds that accomodate 50 or more fanatics. Q: What was David Koresh's favorite breakfast cereal? A: Crispy Critters! Q: How is Waco like a Snickers bar? A: Roasted nuts. After the tragedy at Mt. Carmel on Monday, the Branch Davidians will be holding a bar-b-que to attract new members. Q: How did David Koresh find out he was Jesus Christ? A: God spoke to him through a burning building. What do you get when you cross David Koresh & Jeffrey Dahmer? Brunch Davidian (barbeque naturally). Q: Why is Al Gore so upset with the Branch Davidians? A: Because of their contribution to global warming. Q: Did you hear that David Koresh lost his job as the second messiah? A: He got fired. Q: Did you hear about the tragedy at Waco? A: Evidently an NBC News crew was trying to move in for a close-up... Q: Did you know that Ranch Apocalypse had an Internet connection? A: Yes, and Koresh's last news post started: "Feel free to flame me, but..." I was just wondering, is it ethical to yell ``Branch Davidian'' in a crowded movie theatre? **************************************************************************** Posessed, as I am, by the FIRES of enLIGHTenment, I must Proclaim unto the Five Corners of the Firmament, the Limbic Storm Intensity REVELATION that I just experienced while doing the dishes. WAAAAAAA...HOOOOOOOO!!!! I Shout it from the Rooftops, Scream it from the Ladders, Yell it at the Top of my Lungs while I'm in the back seat of the Holy Police Squad car, and Whisper it to my cellmates while I await my arraignment! SCREW my Arraignment! This is my Enlightenment! I tell you know of the Three Part Partial Cosmology of the Philosopher-King. I say Three-Part because that's how many parts I know of through the Crystal Diamond Bolt of Zero-sum Knowledge placed in my skull by the _Object from Space_! I say partial because I'm sure there's more, and I'll learn about THEM once I gt my head screwed into the fundaMENtal truths of the Three Part Cosmology. I say Cosmology because THESE FORCES RULE the UNIVERSE, or at least this particularly deranged part of it. Here are the Three Parts, that which once reigned over even "BOB," but now vie with him for Power and Dominion. They are: the Object from Space, the Communist Munchkins from the Center of the Earth, and the Fungi from Yoggoth! Eah has his role unto the Cosmos, and each shall be described upon this BBS. Yes, the Revelation is here-- through the beneficience of the Object from Space, flawlessly uploaded thanks to the benevolence of the Communist Munchkins, and posted even while under the watchful Purple Gaze of the Fungi from Yoggoth. So okay, it's still dropping letters when it word-wraps. The Munchkins aren't that slack. The Object from Space is that being which bestows madness upon a select few. The Object is clearly above constraints of good or bad, because, although many receive madness, some go bad, others go good. Mass murderers are the unlucky victims of the Object's Bad Karma. (Well, okay, their victims have it worse.) Those killers who talk or write strangely, like Manson or Jack the Ripper, are obviously touched by the fickle finger of the Object. There is a sick wisdom that may be gleaned here. The Ayatollah Khomeini, trapped in his delusions of power, is but a blind pawn of the Object, which guides him not. Warped visonaries are everywhere. On the other hand, there is much good in the Object, for its madness also gives us the blazing insight and unrestrained joy of pure creative genius. When Chuck Berry does his duckwalk, or when James Brown is onstage, they are receiving the Good side of the Object from Space, and this is Always a Holy Moment. When you see John Belushi doing his Samurai, that is the Object. Sam Kinison's screams come from the Object. George Carlin is a Saint, who has taken the touch of the Object and translated it into continuing rational insight. Epopt Illuminatae of the Object from Space include Little Richard, John Lennon, Salvador Dali, Lenny Bruce, Harlan Ellison, the staff of the 1972-1974 National Lampoon, William Burroughs, Buckminster Fuller, and Edgar Allan Poe. The Communist Munchkins from the Center of the Earth are more commonly knows as gremlins. Sullen imps of the netherworld, it's their job to fuck things up. When Saint John's disks crash, it's the fault of the Munchkins. The Iran-Contra affair was th Munchkins' work. The PTL Club was theirs since 1970. Airplane crashes, hangnails, false alarms at SAC, bacteriological warfare spills, and the Sargeant York tank are all theirs. A truly paranoid element, and it is impossible to trace ANY kind of method to their work. I think they do it because they have fun. The Fungi from Yoggoth is a pale, sickly yellow that reminds one of old, curdled fat. The Fungi from Yoggoth is manifested when an aging, decript system or individual tries to keep power in its hands, and away from the young, vital and intelligent. It's stagnation, pure and simple, the entropic heat-death of the Universe in the face of the ongoing struggle for life. Ronald Reagan, Frank Rizzo, Jerry Falwell, Jesse Helms, Tipper Gore and the PMRC, the staff of the National Review, Norman Podhoretz, and the Central Intelligence Agency are all manifestations of the Fungi from Yoggoth. Your high school principal. In the entertainment world, it's Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Buddy Hackett, Joey Heatherton, Sammy Davis, Jr., Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope (especially Bob Hope), Jan Murray and Jack Carter. In short, everyone who wouldn't want to get hit by Robert Crumb's Meatball. The best example of this is the loudspeaker voice at the University City Thriftway, the one that says, 'Choppers, over in our Seafood department, we now sell whale meat, only a dollar forty a can!' Beware the Fungi from Yoggoth, because it can make you part of It. It drains the exuberance and creativity of youth, my friends. It is that which denies you SLACK, and it should be avoided at ALL costs! (A question was raised concerning how exactly this ties in with Brainsucking.) My three part cosmology ties in with brainsucking as follows. The Object from Space bestows upon people the necessary madness to recognize the intelligence-expanding properties of brain sucking. The Communist Munchkins make sure that the equipment you buy to do it fucks up. (I tried using an Electrolux vacuum on a chemistry major once-- yike! I flunked the chem final I had the next day, too.) And the Fungi from Yoggoth will prevent you from sucking the brains of others by telling you LIES! You see, the Fungi from Yoggoth is very clever. First, it will lie to you about the consequences. Then, when you finally try it, it will make sure that the Brain you Suck will have a lower than average intelligence; or, it may be under the influence of th Fungi from Yoggoth! One quick suck of THAT and WHOOSH! there goes all of your youthful vim and vigor, to be replaced by the dull yellow oppression of teh Fungi from Yoggoth. I will attest to the healing properties of select Bob Dylan. I also recommend "Subterranean Homesick Blues," from the same album. As for Bon Jovi, I would either define him as False Object from Space, or an undiscovered part of the cosmology. (Although I lke Springsteen, the same thing applies-- he has no place in the discovered portions of the Cosmology. However, what lies undiscovered may be Good, and he'd definitely fall into that catgory.) Definite rockers from the Object from Space also include Devo, the Sex Pistols, early Clash, Creedence, and Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. (Especilally the last two!) OR Kill me. craig@cellar.org (Saint Craig) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | VF1000R Intecptor Pilot | The Institute (215)-356-2543 - Turn on tune in | DoD# None HA! | hang out and hang | I Feel the need... | up. | ...the need for speed. | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Neat Fundamentalist video ad here] (.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.)(.) The True Story of Jim Morrison Part One In Which we learn of Dangerous Beings Who try (but fail) to stop Rock'n'Roll The Introduction The moon's crimson light illuminated a ghastly scene. Jim Morrison peered from his hiding place and his stomach got all mushy inside like when you've eaten something really greasy and washed it down with Jolt [TM] or when you've got a real bad crush on somebody and you think 'well, maybe they like me' but you're not sure enough to do anything about it and you're not unsure enough to write them off but in any case really gurgly at the sight in the clearing below. What he saw was this: Three disembodied heads with blood oozing from where their necks should be, wailing and foaming at the mouth and floating about and mouthing old 'Three Stooges' routines, but the most horrible thing about them was that they were the heads of CURLY, SHEMP, and JOE!!! Eight two-headed black goats with glowing red eyes and green hooves. A flying cloud of vomit. Dan Quayle. A red-skinned dwarf with six-inch tusks. The assembled figures were dancing around a giant trout suspended in mid-air in the middle of the clearing. He noticed several nethack ghosts scattered around the clearing. So astounded was he by this insane literary collage that he did not notice when Dan Quayle, who had merely projected his astral form into the clearing as a distraction, hit him over the head with the printout of a month's worth of alt.slack messages from the fall of 1987. When he awoke, six months later, he was on a spaceship bound for Sirius, a pipe in his mouth and an alien computer in his brain. [The gory details follow. Stay tuned to the same Slack-Channel!] ["Classic" Ren & Stimpy picture here] $-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$ NEED SLACK? Dial the Church of the Subgenius(tm) sacred 900# 1 - 900 - 990 - 5085 ext 324 $2.00 a minute You'll hear the official "RANT of the WEEK" -Featuring- -Rev. Ivan Stang -Pope David Meyer III -Father Joe Mama -Doctor Howl -Saint Janor Hypercleats "Beware of false profit$. *These* are my chosen" - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs PLUS Connie Dobbs's SIZZLING SECTS(tm) HOTLINE! 1-900-990-5085 ext. 324 $2.00 a minute- A divine inspiration! Under 18 need parent's permission. Touch-tone phone required Maximum call, 5 minutes. Mystery Playhouse, Bradenton FL $-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$-$ C O N V E N T I O N S April 30 - May 2, 1993 (Arkansas) ROC-KON 17. Little Rock, AR. GoH: Suzette Haden Elgin; AGoH: Mary Hanson-Roberts; FGoHs: Greg and Angela Bridges. Memb: $15 until 4/16/93, $20 after. Info: Roc-Kon 17, P.O. Box 24285, Little Rock AR 72221. May 7-9, 1993 (Georgia) MAGIC CARPET CON. Holiday Inn, Dalton, GA; rms $38. GoHs: Andre Norton, Susan Shwartz. AGoH: Mike Poole; SGoH: Mary Hanson-Roberts; TM: Steve Vance. Memb: $20 until 5/6/93, $25 after. Info: Magic Carpet Con, c/o Clara Miller, 1726 Threadmill Rd., Dalton, GA 30720. May 7-9. 1993 (Canada, Ontario) FILKONTARIO 3. Holiday Inn, 2125 North Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON, L5K 1A3, Canada; rms C$78; (416)855-2000. Guests: Michael Longcor, John Hall, Grant Millard, Clif Flynt, Dave Clement. Memb: C$25 until 4/1/93, C$30 after. Info: Filkontario, 302 College Ave. W., Unit 20, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 1S8; Net: 75126.2744@compuserve.com. May 14-16 (Atlanta, Georgia) DIXIE TREK - GoH: Nichelle Nichols, David Hedison, Gary Conway. At the Sheraton Century Center Hotel, 2000 Century Blvd at I-85 & Clairmont Rd Memb: $30/20/15. Info: 780 Wayside Dr., Lawrenceville GA 30245 May 14-16, 1993 (Florida) OASIS 6. Altamonte Hilton, 350 S. North Lake Blvd., Altamonte Springs, FL 32714; rms $63; (407)830-1985. GoH: Connie Willis; AGoH: Michael Whelan; Guests: Ben Bova, Joe & Gay Haldeman, Andre Norton, Ron Walotsky, more. Memb: $18 until 1/31/93, $21 until 4/16/93, $24 after. Info: OASFiS, P.O. Box 940992, Maitland, FL 32792-0992. May 14-16, 1993 (Michigan) STARGAZING CONTRAPTION. The Somerset Inn, Troy, MI; rms $70; (313)643-7800. GoH: C.J. Cherryh; FGoH: Marty Burke. Memb: $15 until 3/15/93, $20 after. Info: Contraption, P.O. Box 2285, Ann Arbor, MI 48106; (313)261-3502. May 14-16, 1993 (Tennessee) KUBLA KHAN 21. Ramada Inn South, 737 Harding Pl. at Trousdale, Nashville, TN 37211; rms $45. GoH: Allen Steele; MC: Andrew J. Offutt; SGoH: Charles L. Fontenay; FGoHs: Dan Caldwell, John Hollis. Memb: $20 until 4/15/93, $30 after. Info: Kubla Khan 21, Ken Moore, 647 Devon Dr., Nashville, TN 37220; (615)832-8402. May 14-16, 1993 (Canada, Ontario) CAN-CON '93. Delta Ottawa Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. GoHs: Karen Wehrstein, Shirley meier, Bink, Robert J. Sawyer, Greg Ioannou. Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Literature. Memb: C$25 until 4/15/93, C$30 after. Info: Can-Con, Box 105, Woodridge Crs., Nepean, Ont. Canada K2B 8G1; (613) 726-9097 (before 10pm EST). May 16-21, 1993 (Caribbean) SEATREK '93. Star Trek oriented cruise abord the SS Britanis, leaving from Miami, Florida and stopping at Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island. Q&A sessions, panels, informal meetings with stars from Star Trek, more. Star Trek guests to be announced in April - last year's guests included Majel Barrett, William Campbell, Robin Curtis, John deLancie, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, Eric Menyuk, Nichelle Nichols, Marina Sirtis, Carel Struycken, George Takei, Wil Wheaton, and Grace Lee Whitney. Memb: ranges from $745-$1250 per person all inclusive. Info: SeaTrek Enterprises, 8306 Mills Drive, Box 198, Miami, FL 33183; (800)326-8735 or (305)388-2890. May 21-23, 1993 (Wisconsin) CORFLU 10. Inn on the Park, Madison, WI. Convention for Fanzine fans. Memb: $35 until 4/14/93, $40 after; $10 supporting. Info: Corflu 10, Box 1624, Madison, WI 53701; (608)255-3396. May 21-23, 1993 (Canada, Manitoba) KEYCON 10. Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; rms C$65 sngl/dbl, C$75 tpl/quad; (204)942-6411. GoH: Roger Zelazny; SGoH: Fred Saberhagen; AGoH: Bob Eggleton. Memb: C$30 until 4/30/93, C$40 after. Info: Keycon 10, Box 3178, Winnipeg MB, R3C 4E6, Canada. May 28-31, 1993 (Washington D.C.) DISCLAVE '93. Dulles Airport Marriott, Chantilly, VA (near Washington, D.C.). GoH: Katherine Kurtz; AGoH: Patricia Davis. Memb: $25 until 4/30/93, $30 after. Info: Disclave '93, c/o John T. Sapienza, Jr., Box 677, Washington DC 20044. May 28-31, 1993 (Canada, British Columbia) V-CON 20. Totem Residence, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. GoH: TBA; AGoH: Rob Alexander; TM: Michael Coney. Info: V-Con 20, Box 48478, Bentall Centre, Vancouver BC V7X 1A2, Canada. May 28-31, 1993 (England) MEXICON 5. St. Nicholas Hotel, Scarborough, UK. GoHs: Norman Spinrad, Pat Cardigan. Info: Mexicon 5, c/o Bernie Evans, 121 Cape Hill, Smethwick, Warley, W. Midlands B66 4HS, UK. car window sign recovered from World Trade Center: _______ / \ / \ / TERRORIST \ / & 700 lbs \ / OF EXPLOSIVES \ / \ \ O N / \ / \ B O A R D / \ / \ / \ / ------- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@@@^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^@@@@@@@@ ************ R A V E S **************** @@@@@@^ ~^ @ @@ @ @ @ I ~^@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@@@@ ~ ~~ ~I @@@@@ April 30 Champaign/Urbana, Il. @@@@' ' _,w@< @@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@@@w___,w@@@@@@@@ @ @@@ Psybersound in Chicago and Gravity @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ I @@@ Communications in Champaign presents @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@*@[ i @@@ ORBIT @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[][ | ]@@@ @@@@ ~_,,_ ~@@@@@@@~ ____~ @ @@@ 10000 sq ft warehouse, 15000 watts pa @@@@ _~ , , `@@@~ _ _`@ ]L J@@@ Roboscans plus other visual goodies @@@@ , @@w@ww+ @@@ww``,,@w@ ][ @@@@ DJ's: James Johnson of Psybersound @@@@, @@@@www@@@ @@@@@@@ww@@@@@[ @@@@ DJ Hyperactive (Chicago) @@@@@_|| @@@@@@P' @@P@@@@@@@@@@@[|c@@@@ DAZ (Mephis) @@@@@@w| '@@P~ P]@@@-~, ~Y@@^'],@@@@@@ Sane and Jester (Chicago) @@@@@@@[ _ _J@@Tk ]]@@@@@@ Eddie Acid & Chaz M VS. @@@@@@@@,@ @@, c,,,,,,,y ,w@@[ ,@@@@@@@ Ron O. and Angel Garcia @@@@@@@@@ i @w ====--_@@@@@ @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@`,P~ _ ~^^^^Y@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ More Info Call: 217.359.0153 Tix $6 @ @@@@^^=^@@^ ^' ,ww,w@@@@@ _@@@@@@@@@@ Record Service,Grungies in Champaign,IL @@@_xJ~ ~ , @@@@@@@P~_@@@@@@@@@@@@---------------------------------------- @@ @, ,@@@,_____ _,J@@@@@@@@@@@@@ APR 30 COLUMBUS SYNERGY @@L `' ,@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ DJs:Columbus-EZ Cheez,DJ Zero,Rob Engel | Cincinnati - DJ Daisy Holy Temple of Mass Consumption | PA: Body Release PO Box 30904 | Raleigh, NC 27622 | location: Valley Dale Ballroom | (Sunbury Rd north of Ohio Domin.College) SEND SASE for free copies! I can deal| info: 614.523.6290 or 614.844.5616 with publishing but not postage!! |---------------------------------------- | APR 30 CHAMPAIGN TIDAL RAVE For ezine version, mail: | | DJ's Psychotic Sid,Brian Clark(Kaboom!) Slack@ncsu.edu to get on list | DJ Apocalypse, Flavor Dave quartz.rutgers.edu - back | 1105 S. First Street....Champaign Il issues ( | tix available at Hey DJ 627.5 Green St | WARNING: This is the frat party... --------------------------------------|---------------------------------------- MAY 1 NASHVILLE LOVE NATION | MAY 7 DETROIT STORM OF RAGE | DJs Chip B, Chek, Bryan Meyer | Live artists: underground resistance DJ Suz E Cyclone from Washington D.C. | ghetto tech, altered states PLUS live techno performance by ANODE | rob noise, claude young, with CYBERGROOVE DANCERS | special invited guest jeff mills NEW 6000 Sq. Ft. Space with 20' High | 50,000 watts of sound * hi-intensity Infinity Walls, Intelligent Lighting | strobes * fog machines * smart bar Smart Drinks and JOLT Bar by EINSTEIN | sci-fi techno arena & the tribal house | ALL AGES 8pm-MIDNITE, 18+ MIDNITE-6AM | pavilion entertainment center Admission: $7 (under 18), $10 (18+) | 3415 middlebelt road Call 615-780-3730 (24hrs) for info | Info: 595-6910 --------------------------------------|---------------------------------------- MAY 1 PITTSBURGH HIGH VOLTAGE!!! | MAY 8 COLUMBUS CANDYLAND | TurboZen Presents 9pm-6am | DJs: Boomer (Det) Will B. There (Cinci) Neural Transmission Event | Magic Mike G.,Kevy Kev (Columbus) | Jondy, Rob Engel (Columbus) DJs Soji-Fu,Jeff E,Dr. Suess,Side 2 | PA: Theory Collapse Finger,+FX,Simon,Deadly Buda, | Never before attempted 6 TURNTABLE JediMindtrip,Terry Kicks,Vic Money| HYPERTECHNO TURNOUT - UNBELIEVABLE Special Live Performance by | location: Valley Dale ballroom Super Cool 187 | an 18 and over event | info line: 614.341.7345 Ticket Info available at: 412.621.7759| Tickets $9 adv, $10 day of show


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