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| | ___\___/___ / \ | | The Vibrant Intensity Conspiracy and Religion in conjunction with The Moral Majority proudly presents: Curious George Gets Nookie (ODD# 69*23&5) a children's novel Written by: Fr. Archimedes Aloysius Anarchy, RN, KSC ------------------------------------------------------------ Hail Eris Kallisti All Hail Discordja ------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Curious George was a friendly monkey, but he was very lonely. He had his friend in the yellow hat, but like all other animals, he still felt that primal urge for a mate. 2 Curious George realized he could not control his instinctive sexual urges, and he did not want to resort to spanking the human. He realized, sooner or later, he would have to find his own Curious Georgette. 3 One day, Curious George ciould stand it no longer. He went over to the man in the yellow hat and made a gesture of pointing his left index finger through a ring formed by his right thumb and index finger. 4 "Oh!" exclaimed the man in the yellow hat. "You're hungry!" George violently shook his head and made the form of a triangle with both hands and stuck his tongue in the middle of it. "Do you want a salt lick?" asked his friend. 5 Curious George then made the motion of thrusting his pelvic area back and forth. "Aha!" exclaimed the man in the yellow hat, "You want some female companionship." Happily, George nodded his head in agreement. 6 The man in the yellow hat placed an ad in the personals section of the local newspaper. The ad read: Domesticated male chimpanzee looking for love. Enjoys watching cartoons, listening to the Grateful Dead, and walks on a moonlit beach. Primates only need reply. Call 555-6969 Eves. 7 Soon after the ad came out, the man in the yellow hat got a telephone call from a lady who had a female monkey that was just as lonely as George. The man in the yellow hat set up an appointment for them to get together. 8 The female'sname was not Georgette but Georgina. George didn't mind, since he preferred Italians anyway. The pair hit it off just fine. Soon it came to pass that they were to be married. 9 The zoo keeper from the zoo that George came from officiated at the ceremony and George's parents came all the way from Africa, where they were spending their retirement. Reporters came from far and wide for the wedding of Curious George: connoisseur of bananas, philosopher extrordinaire, and all around nice guy. 10 The wedding cake was magnificent. Banana cake with banana icing, topped with sliced bananas. Guest were served banana punch and banana daiquiris. 11 Soon it was time for George and his new bride to depart. A limousine picked them up and whisked them away to the honeymoon suite at a beautiful hotel. 12 By this time, George was so horny he couldn't stand it. He tore off his brides' dress and laid her on the bed. ---------------------------WARNING------------------------- THIS STORY IS IN VIOLATION OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA LAWS CONCERNING PORNOGRAPHY, AND IS HEREBY SUBJECT TO BEING CENSORED AS IT IS UNFIT TO BE A CHILDREN'S STORY. ---------------------------WARNING------------------------- 14 And they lived happily ever after. T h e E n d This file has been uploaded to London BBS (407) 859-2243 as a public service of the Vibrant Intensity Corporation. Not affiliated with the U.S. government or any other fascist organization. Father Archimedes Aloysius Anarchy | | ___\___/___ RN, KSC, TCO (The Connected One) / \


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