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The Vibrant Intensity Corporation in conjunction with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Proudly presents: Curious George Goes To Jail a childrens' novel by Fr. Archimedes Aloysius Anarchy, RN, TCO, KSC ------------------------------------------------------------ (K) No rights observed. Distribute freely ------------------------------------------------------------ Hail Eris - Kallisti - All Hail Discordia -------------------------------DS--------------------------- 1 Curious George was a happy monkey who had a social conscious. One day, George was looking through the man in the yellow hat's garage when he discovered several cans of black spray paint. 2 Curious George was an inquisitive monkey, so he shook the paint can and pressed the button. A spot of black paint appeared on the wall. 3 George was delighted. He felt that he could use the paint to alert humans of the inherent dangers extant in their society. He thought that he could use the paint as an advertising medium. 4 The man in the yellow hat wasn't home, so George decided to take a walk. He grabbed a paint can and went downtown to look for an appropriate spot to place his message. 5 Curious George found a large wall downtown. In large, block letters he carefully printed: GEORGE BUSH SUCKS 6 As George was pondering what to write next, a huge man wearing a blue uniform eating a doughnut and drinking a cup of coffee approached him with an angry look on his face. 7 George's heart skipped a beat as he realized who the man was. He was a policeman. And, worse yet, probably a Republican policeman. 8 The policeman loomed over him and George felt a surge of fear. Angrily, the policeman threw his cup of coffee and doughnut away. He glared at George, his eyes filled with hate. 9 George was so scared, he was frozen in place. The policeman screamed "You long-haired, pinko, communist punk!" How dare you deface our city and insult our president? Since monkeys can't talk, George didn't answer. 10 The policeman handcuffed Curious George and put him in the back of the patrol car. They zoomed off to the jail. 11 Passerbys gave the police car curious glances as they passed by. After all, it isn't every day that you see a handcuffed monkey sitting in the back of a patrol car. 12 When they arrived at the police station, the policeman picked George up by the scruff of his neck and hauled him inside. The desk sergeant looked at the policeman wonderingly as asked "What the hell do you think this place is? A zoo?" 13 The policeman replied "I caught this punk spraying obscenities on a wall downtown, sarge." The desk sergeant shook his head. "Smith, maybe you need to take a nice long vacation. You're trying to book a monkey." 14 "But, sarge", the patrolman said, "he spray painted 'George Bush Sucks' on the wall of the telephone company." George saw the desk sergeant turn red. George looked up and saw a life-sized picture of George Bush playing horseshoes above the sergeant's desk. The autograph read "Love and kisses, George Bush." 15 It looked like the desk sergeant was going to explode. He screamed "Book him!" and apologized to the president's picture for the insult. 16 Curious George was led into a room with a camera. His picture was taken several times, and then he was fingerprinted. He was given a blue shirt and pants to wear and was led to a cage that contained, not monkeys, but humans. 17 The humans in the cage stared at Curious George. One human asked the other "You ever done a monkey before?" George wasn't sure what they meant, but he was certain it wasn't nice. 18 An eternity passed. Then, out of the corner of his eye, George saw his friend with the yellow hat, Happily, George screamed for joy. 19 "Boy, George," his friend said "you sure got yourself in trouble this time. But don't worry. I'm here to take you home." He picked George up, and they left." 20 The man in the yellow hat called the press and told them all about Curious George's illegal incarceration in jail. Headlines of newspapers across the country hailed George's courageousness. People were calling George "the catalyst of reform in the 1990's." But all George wanted was a banana. 21 Eventually, the policeman who arrested George and the desk sergeant were fired and placed in nice padded cells with crayons to write with. And they lived happily ever after. (The End) This file has been uploaded to London BBS (407) 859-2243 as a public service of the Vibrant Intensity Corporation. Not affiliated with the U.S. government or any other fascist organization. ,eb desselB | | ___\___/___ OCT, NR, yhcranA sedemihcrA .rF / \ | | noitaroproC ytisnetnI tnarbiV Look for other Curious George stories coming here soon! Now available: Curious George Does LSD Coming soon: Curious George Gets Nookie Curious George Goes To Hell


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