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Possibly the best convention yet to hit Atlanta- with tons of conspiracies, vampires, sleaze, face-fucking bats, and SLACK-ful anti-music supplied by the Swingin' Love Corpses Anti-Music Dissemination Corp and Recreational Chemical Analysis Brigade. Terrific videos too- with 2 fantastic 24-hour movie rooms...and the Bob Tilton Fart Video. Full-scale devival included: Rev. Ivan Stang, Sister Mary Squared, Papa Joe Mama, Janor Hypercleats, and a host of others performing schisms, miracles, rants, launchings, and "Bob" killings. Don't miss this next year! Memorable quotes: Sister Susie the Floozie: "Without slack, life is like a bowl of shit with the handle on the inside" Sister Mary Squared: "Feed me, pet me, milk me, eat me." Janor Hypercleats: "To join the Church of Don, you must TAKE A LIFE!!" Rev. Ivan Stang: "Haven't they released those bats YET?" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Comics: Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. #12 by Sheldon and Mavrides Rip-Off Press - PO Box 4686 Auburn, CA 95604 (also ask for 1992 Fall/Holiday catalog) Savage Henry #23, Tequila with Clint Ruin. (Also from Rip-Off Press) Ren & Stimpy #2, Marvel comics. Sick and twisted, as it should be. 387 Park Ave. South, NY 10016 ****** The Church of Tina Chopp has transmutated into....... ******** The Church of Hemp! Dedicated to fight to re-legalize the PO Box 1511 sacred Cannabis plant! Still with the Bellingham, WA 98227-1511 GREAT Jack Chick-ripoff comic books!! Also check out the book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer, $14.95, available from: Help End Marijuana Prohibition, 5632 Van Nuys Blvd #210, Van Nuys, CA 91401 (213) 392-1806 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This news article was transcribed during a trance session. Mr. Ambasgun, completely zonked on 'Frop [TM] (Trade Name for Hazafropzipulops Herb Blend), apparently viewed it precognitively during a trance rant at the Chicago chapter of The Clench of the Stark Fist of Removal. T_Deacon transcribed the session, with annotations by T_Rev. BYRNE AND BYRNE BURN BYRNE, THEN BURN CHICAGO(UPI) - The bodies of famed entertainer David Byrne, comic book writer John Byrne, and former Chicago mayor Jane Byrne were identified this morning as apparent victims of a murder-suicide pact at the former site of the 3 Penny Theatre. Firefighters were alerted by the theatre's fire alarms almost immediately, but their attempts to control the blaze proved futile as the structure burned to the ground. The bodies were found near a locked iron box, which escaped the flames undamaged. The box contained old campaign posters, several recent issues of _Superman_, and Laurie Anderson's album, _Home of the Brave_. Police detectives also discovered an encrypted note describing in detail the motive and means of the murder. "It appears that John Byrne, in his final effort to subjugate women, enlisted the aid of the musician in a bizarre plot to protest women in politics and boost his employer's sagging sales in the comics industry," said police captain Margaret Sawyer. On the subject of the murder/suicide's details, Captain Sawyer explains, "It was a pretty grisly scene. We believe that John and David immolated the ex-Mayor, then doused the theatre with gasoline and set it ablaze, dying on their own pyre." Preliminary autopsy reports, including dental records, indicate a strong resemblance between Ms. Byrne and supposedly deceased Chicago political "Boss" Richard Daley. Pop psychologist Eric Berne, author of _I'm OK, You're OK_, was unavailable for comment. The comics and music industries have been badly shaken by the news. DC Comics released a statement that performance artist Laurie Anderson will take over the plotting and scripting of _Superman_. Many changes are in store for Anderson's Man of Steel. Anderson said, "As my new colleague Chris Claremont pointed out, 'Is there any reason why this character _can't_ be a woman?' I'll be exploring the implications of this in the months to come." Aforementioned comics writer Chris Claremont will be taking over David Byrne's mantle as songwriter/lead singer of the rock group Talking Heads. "I believe that the band will be reissuing _Life During Wartime_, and I personally have an idea for a Jerry Harrison limited series. Crossover characters will probably include Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Janet Van Dyne. Also, Louise [Simonson] has suggested that Power Pack be included." A lead to a possible link between the tragedy and a pornography ring based in the harbors of Chicago is being pursued. Any citizens having relevant infomation should contact the Chicago Police Department. [Soul-saving graphics here] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You'll pay to know what you really think" - Dobbs I'm here to quote various SubGenii sources and do a mini-Rant while waiting for Stang or someone to come rant for a while. Thanks to BoB TeCH (or however it's capitalized these days) for the group and the first introductory rant. Perhaps someday soon I'll do a real rant, for now though, I'll slack off... "We lie constantly and DO NOT TRICK YOU. The Conspiracy lies constantly and TRICKS YOU. We talk in absolutely _no-bullshit_ fashion about a FUCKED-UP WORLD, and the Conspiracy hems and haws and bullshits and FUCKS THE WORLD UP" - St. Clair McNutt non-pervert and Dad, in the _Stark_Fist_of_Removal_, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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