[ref001] JACKSON-TILL DEBATE [ref002] [ref003]The Skeptical Review: 1990: Number Four: Jac

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[ref001] JACKSON-TILL DEBATE [ref002] [ref003]The Skeptical Review: 1990: Number Four: Jackson-Till Debate Farrell Till and Bill Jackson, a Church-of-Christ preacher from Austin, Texas, have completed a written debate on the Bible inerrancy doctrine. The manuscripts are being published by the Southwest Church of Christ, 8900 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748 and will soon be available at $2.25 per copy, postpaid. This debate clearly exposes the absurdity of the inerrancy doctrine. We enthusiastically recommend it. All orders should be directed to the above address. FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to _The_Skeptical_ Review_ can be obtained by emailing [ref004]Jftill@aol.com or by writing to P.O. Box 717, Canton, IL 61520-0717. File contributed by [ref005]Farrell Till; page maintained by the [ref006]Internet Infidels. [ref007]Email: [ref008]infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref009]JL [ref010]Copyright © 1995 [ref011]Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. [ref001] mailto:jlowder@atheist.tamu.edu [ref002] http://freethought.tamu.edu/mag/sr/1990/4/4back90.html [ref003] ./ [ref004] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref005] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref006] /infidel.html [ref007] mailto:infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref008] /cgi-bin/mail?infidel [ref009] http://atheist.tamu.edu/~jlowder/ [ref010] /copyright.html [ref011] /infidels/


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