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[ref001] Reader Reaction [ref002] Reader Reaction We receive many interesting letters that, regrettably, we have no space to print and often no time to respond to. In this issue, we are publishing three letters that we believe will be of particular interest to our readers. I have been reading your debates, and they are great! You really put your opponents to shame, and all they can do is use ad hominem attacks. I have a couple of comments to make on your literature.... In [ref003]Mac Deaver's article (Vol. 2, Num. 3, p. 5), he said God would not tolerate graven images. If I read correctly, Moses was instructed, by God, to make the ark of testimony ([ref004]Ex. 25:10-22). On the mercy seat were to be "two cherubim of gold." Wouldn't this violate the commandment against graven images? Moses said that he made the ark ([ref005]Dt. 10:3), but he also said that "Bezaleel made the ark" ([ref006]Ex. 37:1). Who really made it? "Moses made a serpent of brass" ([ref007]Num. 21:9), which was destroyed by Hezekiah about 750 years later, and which "the Children of Israel did burn incense to" ([ref008]2 Kings 18:4). These cherubim and the serpent sound like violations of [ref009]Deuteronomy 5:8, don't you think? Another comment, this one made by Steve Gunter in volume two, number 4, page 7, concerns [ref010]Genesis 3:20: "Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living." At the time this statement was alleged to have been said, there were only two people on earth. Adam had been formed from dust, and Eve had been made from Adam's rib. Of whom was Eve the mother? On the subject of failed land promises, look at [ref011]Hebrews 11:8-9. The writer says the land was to be an inheritance, and Isaac and Jacob were heirs with Abraham. [ref012]Verse 39 clearly says that all the heroes of [ref013]Hebrews 11 "received not the promise." [ref014]Romans 8:16-17 calls believers "heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ." Here is the problem! If you are an heir, you must wait for the death of the one who made you an heir. If you are an "heir of God," you must wait for God to die. One final comment concerns the Book of Daniel. Fundies think it was written in the 6th century B.C., but scholars say it was written about 165 B.C. The easiest way to resolve it is to ask why Daniel was not among the Books of the Prophets that became scripture about 200 B.C. The answer is simple: it hadn't been written yet. The Book of Daniel surely would have been included if it was as old as they believe. I think the main problem with Christians is in taking the Jewish Bible and presuming to tell the Jews what it means. If only they would ask the Jews to explain their book, many silly prophecy fulfillments would disappear. (This letter was received from Fred Acquistapace, the author of _Miracles_That_Never_Were_. The writer and information about his book can be obtained by writing to him at 3505 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407.) In replying to your argument that the Bible makes God out to be a liar, Michael Hughes used a revealing phrase occasionally employed by Bible-believing Christians. I've underlined the phrase in question: Of course, one can be like those Israelites and believe (or do) that which is right in their own eyes.... At the heart of this phrase (which originally referred to the anarchy prevailing in the time of the biblical judges) lies an enormous conceit inherent in many religions and especially in Bible-believing Christianity. In effect, the Bible-believing Christian is saying that his Bible, or rather his interpretation of it, is the standard by which all truth must be measured. People who dare to think for themselves are, of course, guilty of doing that which is right in their own eyes, meaning that they have rebelled against "God's truth." This subtle put-down is answered by noting that the conscientious, Bible-believing Christian always does that which is right in his or her own eyes. They are no different from pagans, atheists or humanists in that respect. If one acts according to conscience, Bible or no Bible, then one necessarily does what is right in one's own eyes. Thus, as we penetrate to the core of this little code-phrase, we see that it is a subtle vehicle to put down other beliefs without the benefit of analysis. Needless to say, the privileged position which Bible believing Christians generously assign to themselves and their Bible, at the expense of everyone else, is confined to their own circles. Such claims are rightly rejected by the majority of the world's people. Neither do they find support among mainstream Bible scholars who know the Bible all too well. In asserting that the world's many religions and philosophies are false save his very own, the Bible believing Christian has, in the final analysis, demonstrated his own intellectual bankruptcy. (This letter came from Dave Matson, 330 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106. His article "A Very Great City" appeared in the Spring 1992 issue of TSR.) The third letter was written not to us but to someone who has frequently been mentioned in TSR. Dear Mr. Jackson: Thank you for the copy of your editorial on Mr. Farrell Till, which you sent me in reply to my recent letter. I am sorry to say that I am baffled by it. You give your readers the impression that it is you who is being asked to provide a forum for Mr. Till's views in your publication. Isn't it the truth that it is Mr. Till who is offering you room for your views on the Bible in his publication? If Mr. Till is, as you say, "propagating error," then why don't you jump at the chance to propagate truth? It is all very well to preach to the converted, as I suppose you do, but if a shepherd has a hundred sheep and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountains and go in search of the one that went astray ([ref015]Matt. 18:12)? But this does not apply to Mr. Till alone; it applies to each and every one of the readers of his publication. If you have the truth, you should not hide it in a bushel basket or under the bed; you should take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you to proclaim it to the world--even from within the camp of the enemy. If God is with you, who can be against you? I look forward to seeing your presentation of the truth in Mr. Till's publication in the near future. I hope you are not ashamed of the Son of Man or his words or he will be ashamed of you when he comes again in his glory ([ref016]Luke 9:26). 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