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[ref001] The Skeptical Review (Volume One, Number Three) [ref002] [ref003]The Skeptical Review: 1990: Number Three: Moffitt-Till Debate Postponed At Jerry Moffitt's request, he and Farrell Till have mutually agreed to postpone until next summer their debate originally scheduled for August 13, 14, 16, and 17 of this year. The location will remain the same (Independence, Missouri), but the exact date will be announced later. FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to _The_Skeptical_ Review_ can be obtained by emailing [ref004]Jftill@aol.com or by writing to P.O. Box 717, Canton, IL 61520-0717. File contributed by [ref005]Farrell Till; page maintained by the [ref006]Internet Infidels. [ref007]Email: [ref008]infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref009]JL [ref010]Copyright © 1995 [ref011]Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. [ref001] mailto:jlowder@atheist.tamu.edu [ref002] http://freethought.tamu.edu/mag/sr/1990/3/3debate90.html [ref003] ./ [ref004] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref005] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref006] /infidel.html [ref007] mailto:infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref008] /cgi-bin/mail?infidel [ref009] http://atheist.tamu.edu/~jlowder/ [ref010] /copyright.html [ref011] /infidels/


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