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[ref001] NON-PROFIT RECOGNITION [ref002] Skepticism, Inc., the official publisher of _The_Skeptical Review_, has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization. This is important to us, because of the substantial reduction in postage rates that we are now entitled to, but it is also important to some of our readers. Although we do not make direct appeals for financial assistance, some of you have included contributions with your orders and subscription renewals. We want you to know that your help is appreciated, but we also want you to know that you can deduct your contributions on your income tax returns. FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to _The_Skeptical_ Review_ can be obtained by emailing [ref003]Jftill@aol.com or by writing to P.O. Box 717, Canton, IL 61520-0717. File contributed by [ref004]Farrell Till; page maintained by the [ref005]Internet Infidels. [ref006]Email: [ref007]infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref008]JL [ref009]Copyright © 1995 [ref010]Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. [ref001] jlowder@atheist.tamu.edu [ref002] http://freethought.tamu.edu/mag/sr/1992/1/1nonp92.html [ref003] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref004] mailto:Jftill@aol.com [ref005] /infidel.html [ref006] mailto:infidel@freethought.tamu.edu [ref007] /cgi-bin/mail?infidel [ref008] http://atheist.tamu.edu/~jlowder/ [ref009] /copyright.html [ref010] /infidels/


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