The Skeptical Review 1994 (Volume Five, Number One)

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The Skeptical Review 1994 (Volume Five, Number One) No Morality Without the Bible? Bibles? _Bibles_? We don't need no stinkin' Bibles! Humans are more than capable of determining right and wrong without the aid of holy texts and "words of God". Was the Amalekite Massacre a Moral Atrocity? The opening salvo in the debate over the morality of the Amalekite massacre is a bloody one, as Till paints a picture of a gruesome, God-order holocaust. The Amalekite Destruction a Moral Atrocity? According to Lindell Mitchell, killing babies is wrong, unless God orders it, in which case it's just fine. (Not a man I'd want for a babysitter.) And God Came to Abimelech in a Dream Does God actually communicate with humans via divine revelation? Only in your dreams. Did Paul's Men Hear a Voice? Dan Barker discusses a contradiction between Luke and Paul's account of Paul's conversion to Christianity. The Hovind-Till Debate A debate over the Genesis flood finds the inerrantist position sinking swiftly. Polytheism in Genesis: Baal and Ashtoreth vs. Yahweh God wasn't always alone up there in the heavens, as an examination of Genesis reveals. The Dobbs-Till Debate A review of the Dobbs-Till debate on biblical prophecy by a Christian who attended the debate. Till includes his comments on the review. To Those Who Worship the Bible-Idol Dave Matson rebukes inerrantists for allowing their blind enthusiasm for the Bible to cloud their moral judgement. From the Mailbag Recommended Reading Losing Faith in Faith A brief discussion of Dan Barker and his book, Losing Faith In Faith. Geisler-Till Debate Video Library A New Column Farrell Till begins writing a new column for the Secular Humanist Bulletin. Called, "The Twilight Zone", it will discuss inerrantist claims which are so outrageous, only a "Twilight Zone" mentality could believe them. Article Submissions Page maintained by the Internet Infidels. Copyright #169 1995 Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. -=- The Skeptical Review 1994 (Volume Five, Number Two) But If There Is No Tooth Fairy... A moral, joyous life is no more dependent upon God than upon the Tooth Fairy, as Till shows in this article. Just Whose Legs Are Unequal? The second round of the debate over the morality of the Amalekite massacre has Till chasing Mitchell over his refusal to answer some difficult questions. Mr. Till, Your Legs Are Unequal! Mitchell continues to defend the morality of the Amalekite massacre, mainly by hurling insults and dodging questions. No Bastards Allowed The laws of Moses barred illegitimate children from entering into the assembly of God, but apparently God was willing to make exceptions for a few Old Testament celebrities. The Skeptic's Sword Bill Lockwood claims that Farrell Till has fallen on his own philosophical sword, for according to Lockwood, Till's arguments in favor of seeking truth are self-defeating. As I Lay Dying (With Apologies to William Faulkner) Despite Lockwood's claims, rumors of Farrell Till's death prove to be greatly exaggerated. Touring the Middle East Jesus Style A bizarre comment in Mark shows that either Jesus really enjoyed taking the scenic route, or Mark didn't know the geography of the Middle East very well. From the Mailbag Page maintained by the Internet Infidels. Copyright #169 1995 Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. -=- The Skeptical Review 1994 (Volume Five, Number Three) Is Jesus a Counterfeit? Christians dismiss the tales of pagan saviors as mythology while adamantly insisting that it is rational to believe that the story of Jesus's virgin birth and resurrection is factual. They can offer no reasonable explanation for their inconsistency, and until they do, skeptics will have to insist that they are worshiping a counterfeit savior. Affirmations that Mitchell Did Indeed Make In the course of the debate over the Amalekite massacre, Mitchell has refused to answer questions on the grounds that he is not the affirmant. Is Mitchell within his rights here, or is he using this to dodge questions he would not be comfortable answering? Till claims the latter is true, and explains why. The Law of the Jungle Dave Matson shows how morality arises naturally as the result of humans interacting with other humans, not human interacting with God. Hare Jesus: Christianity's Hindu Heritage Could it be that Hinduism played a major role in the development of Christianity? Stephen van Eck thinks so, and shows several similarities between the two religions which inerrantists will find hard to explain. Another Flaw in the Perfect-Harmony Theory Inerrantists boast that the Bible possesses a thematic unity so amazing that it can be explained only on the basis of divine inspiration, but the facts do not support this claim. As an example, Till considers Yahweh's promise in Jeremiah 18:7-8, and his failure to keep this promise for King Josiah. Evidence That Doesn't Demand a Verdict Even in the Bible, people rejected Christian testimony and waited for hard evidence before believing. Who are we to disagree? The Geisler-Till Debate From the Mailbag A Reader's Letter to Mitchell Page maintained by the Internet Infidels. Copyright #169 1995 Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved. -=- The Skeptical Review 1994 (Volume Five, Number Four) God and O.J. Simpson Until Bible-believers develop the intellectual maturity to assess actions on the basis of what is done in an act rather than who does it, they will remain intellectually crippled hero-worshippers crying in the streets of common sense, "Let God go! Let God go!" Jairus's Daughter: Was She Dead or Wasn't She? Inconsistencies in the gospel stories of Jairus' daughter suggest that the gospels are the product of fallible humans, not an infallible God. The Blind, Staggering, Falling-Down-Drunk Luck Debate McBull to the Rescue Dobbs Raves On Chew on This...Again! Leviticus 11:6 mistakenly classifies the rabbit as a ruminant or cud-chewer, a problem for inerrantists, who claim that the Bible is scientifically accurate in every detail. This article shows why the inerrantist explanation of Leviticus 11:6 is difficult to swallow. The Evolution and Devolution of the Bible Just as modern scientists are certain that humankind evolved from lower life forms so too are critical scholars certain that the Bible is a product of an evolutionary process of its own. Much can be learned about Christianity by looking at the "extinct life forms"-- namely, the apocryphal books-- that this evolutionary process left along the way. Zoroastrianism: The Forgotten Source Zoroastrianism is almost unheard of today, yet this religion played a major role in shaping Christian beliefs. From the Mailbag Page maintained by the Internet Infidels. Copyright #169 1995 Internet Infidels. HTML Reproduction Rights Reserved.


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