Subject 92 BUDGET FEDERAL PRIORITIES Written 444 am Apr 12, 1991 by fcnl in cdpfcnl.update

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Subject: 92 BUDGET FEDERAL PRIORITIES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written: 4:44 am Apr 12, 1991 by fcnl in cdp:fcnl.updates SPENDING PRIORITIES IN THE ADMINISTRATION PROPOSED FEDERAL BUDGET for fiscal year '92 (October 1, 1991 through September 30, 1992) (Table to support "calendar" graphic ["pie chart"] in FCNL's February-March 1991 Newsletter) FY92 % of Proposed Federal Funds (in $ millions) CURRENT MILITARY SPENDING 294,399.151 25.8% TOTAL COST OF PAST WARS 209,411.387 18.3% NON-MILITARY RELATED INTEREST 126,759.029 11.1% INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 30,314.077 2.6% ANTI-POVERTY PROGRAMS 175,073.163 15.3% SOCIAL PROGRAMS 84,721.612 7.4% COMMUNITY AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT 62,474.224 5.5% SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT 36,100.454 3.2% FED. EMPLOYEE RETIREMENT & BENEFIT 43,866.042 3.8% MISCELLANEOUS GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS 85,069.702 less unallocated receipts: -85.000 -2,687.000 Pmt. to soc. sec. (off budget) -1,190.731 Gov't. programs, net 81,106.971 7.1% --------------- ------- BUDGET TOTALS 1,144,602.462 100.0% Notes: Total, military-related 504,186.890 44.0% Military-related interest(1) 177,219.458 15.5% Total Interest: 303,978.487 26.6% (1)Military-Related Interest: We calculate that 58.3% of the interest paid on the federal debt is due to debts that were incurred to pay for wars. What's in these categories? Spending categories are not exactly the same as those that appear as "functions" in President Bush's budget. For example, the president does include foreign military assistance as a military expenditure; FCNL does. FCNL also draws out a separate category of programs that are specifically designed to assist low-income people, distinguishing these programs from other development and social programs that are intended to benefit society in general. For an itemized list of all the programs included in each category, request FCNL Document G-113 (8 pages). In 1972, the Joint Congressional Economic Committee estimated the national debt as 75% war-created due to World War II and the Korean and Indochina wars. In 1977, FCNL recalculated the percentage of the debt attributed to military- related spending. It was then two-thirds. In February 1989, we recalculated the amount, based on the recent large deficit years when military-related spending has run about half the federal funds budget, and found it to be 58.3%. Based on this calculation, more than 2.3 trillion dollars of the 4 trillion dollar federal debt is war-related. Friends Committee on National Legislation 245 Second Street, NE., Washington, DC 20002 (202) 547-6000 FAX (202) 547-6019 For a copy of the February/March Newsletter send your request with a self-addressed stamped envelope. End of text from cdp:fcnl.updates from PeaceNet via The NY Transfer 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 --- [ This file has travelled through the Socialism OnLine! BBS at +1-719-392-7781, 24 hours, 300-9600 bps HST/MNP/V42bis, on its way to you, the reader of this file. Please share any information you have about "big brother." Venceremos! ]


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