+quot;Cannabis Medicines Banned+quot; The prohibition of hemp by countries with Judeo-Chri

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*Cannabis Medicines Banned* The prohibition of hemp by countries with Judeo-Christian legal and moral codes since the 12th century. The following is an excerpt from "The Em peror Wears No Cloths" by Jack Herer. While embracing wine as a Sacrament, and beer and hard liquor as okay -- The Roman Catholic Church (R.C.Ch), during the dark and medieval ages, came out directly against cannabis ingestion (and just about everything else) The R.C.Ch. outlawed cannabis ingestion in Spain in the 12th century, France in the 13th. In 1484 (and lasting for the next 150+ years) Pope Innocent VIII singled out cannabis for special persecution, proclaiming it to be an unholy sacrament of the second and third types of satanic mass. Satanic Knowledge and masses, according to the R.C.Ch., were: 1) To Worship, Summon or Conjure Up Satan himself; 2) To Have a Witch's Knowledge (herbalist's or chemist's) of making, using, or dispensing to others any unguent or preparation--including cannabis--as medicine or as a sacramental wine; However, it was for the third and most popular type of "Satanic Mass" that the hate and wrath of the R.C.Ch. against cannabis ingestion was directed. This "evil" was called: 3) The Mass of Travesty--which can be likened to a Mel Brooks, Second City-TV, Monty Python, or Saturday Night Live--e.g., Father Guido Sarducci-type group--doing irreverent, farcial or satirical take-offs on the dogmas, doctrines, indulgences, and rituals of the R.C.Ch. mass and/or its absolute beliefs. In fact, virtually the only legal medical cures allowed the people of Western Europe by the R.C.Ch. Fathers at this time were: 1) Wearing a bird mask for plague. 2) Bleeding pints and even quarts of blood from all flu, pneumonia or fever patients (victims) was the most used treatment in Europe and America by doctors until this century. It does not work! and did not work for thousands of years (no matter how much blood they took). 3) Praying to specific Saints for a miraculous cure was encouraged. 4) Alcohol was legal.


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