C.A. Update February 21, 1990 ladb carnet.ladb 525 pm Feb 21, 1990 CENTRAL AMERICA UPDATE

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C.A. Update February 21, 1990 ladb carnet.ladb 5:25 pm Feb 21, 1990 CENTRAL AMERICA UPDATE Copyright 1990 (Latin America Data Base, Latin American Institute, University of New Mexico. Project Director: Dr. Nelson Valdes. Managing Editor: Dr. Barbara A. Kohl) COUNTRY NOTES, PANAMA FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL RAMSEY CLARK ON CIVILIAN DEATH TOLL Last week, after returning to the US from Panama, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark said there is a "conspiracy of silence...about the number of [civilian] deaths" caused by the US invasion. Clark said his delegation found the number to be at least 1,000, considerably larger than the official US count of 220. Estimates heard most frequently in Panama, he added, ranged from 4,000 to 7,000 civilian dead. Clark personally visited a mass grave 18 ft. wide by 120 ft. long by 5 ft. deep. In this grave alone, Clark said hundreds had been buried. [Basic data from 02/17/90 report by Nicaragua Network (Washington, DC)] PANAMA: NOTES ON SALARY CUTS FOR TOP-LEVEL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS Salary cuts for Panama's top four tiers of government officials are estimated to save the treasury over $2.1 million per year. The monthly salary of the president was reduced from $7,000 to $4,000. The remaining $3,000 per month will be accessible as an expense account. The 12 cabinet members, 67 legislators, nine Supreme Court of Justice magistrates, three Electoral Tribunal magistrates, and Attorney General, among other positions that previously were entitled to up to $10,000 per month, will now receive $3,000. Another $2,000 will be accessible in the form of an expense account. The government has also named a committee of three judges who will attempt to regain control of assets said to have been illegally acquired by ousted Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. (Basic data from Notimex, DPA, 02/19/90) PANAMA: TWO SUPERMARKETS SHUT DOWN BY CUSTOMS OFFICIALS DUE TO NORIEGA'S FINANCIAL STAKE On Feb. 19, local news sources reported that Panamanian customs authorities shut down the Casa de Carne and Deposito supermarkets because ousted Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega had a financial stake in them. Some 1,000 workers were employed at the Deposito. Former High Command Colonel Marcos Justines was also believed to have had financial interests in the supermarkets. (Basic data from AFP, 02/19/90)


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