A FREE HAND FOR REAGAN IN PANAMA from La Jornada 31188 The day after the House and Senate

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A FREE HAND FOR REAGAN IN PANAMA from La Jornada 3/11/88 [The day after the House and Senate almost unanimously backed Reagan Policy in Panama--which includes cutting off what we owe Panama and then sneering because they don't have money--"La Jornada," Mexico's best progressive daily, published this editorial.] The interventionist resolution of the U.S. House of Representatives against Panama, restores the consensus in favor of Reagan's Central American policy and gives the White House a free hand to carry out large-scale aggressive mobilizations. The infamous accord of the Representatives covers the domestic political rearguard, already backed up by the U.S. press, and has suddenly raised the risks of this conjuncture. Washington thus finished the network of preparations it needs in order to deliver the final blow against a nation suffering convulsions, historically crumbling as it attempts to work out its nationality, exceptionally sensitive regarding its relations with other countries, and now practically alone. There are far more more governments joining either through action or omission in the campaign of aggressions being orchestrated by the United States that there are those who will speak out in defense of the principle of self-determination. Ronald Reagan had no trouble gathering the Congresspeople. For at least two years, the U.S. government has developed a solid structure of conspiracy that has allowed them to drag Panama in front of the firing squad. If governments, parliaments and mass media only see a gang of drug dealers in Panamanian military uniforms threatening the future of the canal, then Capitol Hill is easily persuaded by a similar interpretation of events. The same House that refused to continue financing the Anti- Nicaraguan mercenaries, now demands that changes be made according to its taste ("cambios a su gusto") in the internal government of Panama. In reality there's there no difference between yesterday's resolution and [the anti-contra] vote on February 3 which gave the Sandinista revolution a moment to catch its breath. In both cases, the criteria was intervention, the conviction of the people in the U.S. Congress that they can, with total impunity, discuss and pass resolutions about matters which are in fact the internal business of other countries. The difference is in the procedures discussed and the conditions of each case. The offensive against Nicaragua has already shown the risks which the United States is facing. The attack against Panama however can go ahead without any major discomforts at the moment. On the contrary, it can take place practically in clear daylight, while the whole world watches, without really committing military force nor troops, without running the risk of direct combat nor of getting troops bogged down in foreign lands. For Washington, the double coup at the end of February [when DeValle tried to fire Noriega and the National Assembly instead fired DeValle] was quite sufficient to cast an atmosphere of very suspicious circumstances. Given that, it was easy for Washington to propitiate the decomposition of the Panamanian government, widen the internal splits and set up a new government over in the corner, all leading toward the final event in the coup. By doing so, Reagan in the last few weeks has recovered his ability to make moves in Central America and recovered internal control in his nation. He finds himself once again in his true element [as a conqueror] and arrives on the brink of an attack whose consequences will be resented throughout Latin American for many years. --- Another fab Frontera News item ============================================= from The NY Transfer BBS 718-448-2358 Source: NY OnLine BBS 718-852-2662


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