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Subject: FAIR:MAKE OPPOSTION HEARD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) Sun Jan 20 16:16 PST 1991 TO STOP THIS WAR, WE MUST BECOME MEDIA ACTIVISTS HELP GET ANTI-WAR VOICES INTO THE MASS MEDIA Unless the war debate is dramatically expanded, there will be little hope of stopping it. The national media are finally covering anti-war activity, but journalists trivialize it by an overemphasis on street action, disruption, and flag-burning. The media know the anti-war movement is huge and that millions of people oppose the war. But aside from occasional "soundbites," national peace leaders and foreign policy experts associated with the movement have rarely been allowed to communicate their positions to the public in substantive discussions on national TV. Too often, media "debates" are reduced to this year's secretary of defense vs. last year's secretary of defense or Republican hawks vs. Democrats who don't offer real opposition. THE SITUATION CAN BE CHANGED In the wake of FAIR's recent expose of bias and censorship against progressives on the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour, that program (seen by millions every day) began opening up to people who had generally been excluded from TV: Noam Chomsky, Erwin Knoll of The Progressive, Edward Said and others offered dissenting views on the Gulf crisis. Their presence helped move these discussions beyond typical TV "debates" focusing on tactical questions, such as "How long will it take to get this war over with and bring the troops home?" WHAT YOU CAN DO (Media addresses & phones on reverse side.) - Phone and write national media outlets asking them to be more professional in providing balanced journalism. Good journalism requires that policy critics be quoted alongside policy makers in print stories or TV segments. Democracy and independent journalism require full-spectrumed debates - not tweedle-dee, tweedle-dum. When you communicate with TV producers and other journalists, question their professionalism, their lack of objectivity and balance, not their "bad politics." - If you are part of an organization, set up media committees to lobby the media toward balance and inclusion. Demand that the leader of your national organization be included in debates. - Quick response: As soon as you see a report or TV discussion that excludes all but members of the white, male foreign policy establishment, that's the time to call and lodge a protest. Remember: African-Americans, Latinos, Arab-Americans were never part of the so-called "national consensus" in support of Bush. Women have been far more skeptical about the policy than men. Demand that people of color and women participate in the national debate over the war. - When you contact the news media, recommend a few of the many peace spokespersons whose viewpoints should be appearing more regularly in the media, people like Daniel Ellsberg, Barbara Ehrenreich, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Ron Dellums, Alex Molnar (whose son is a Marine in the Gulf), or any of the dozens of other peace advocates of your choice. - LET FAIR KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. SEND US COPIES OF ANY OF YOUR WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE MEDIA. JOIN FAIR. TO JOIN OUR ACTIVIST NETWORK, SEND A LETTER OR POSTCARD WITH YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER TO 130 W. 25TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10001. List provided Courtesy of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA ABC World News Tonight 7 West 66th Street New York, NY 10023 212-887-4040 FAX-Paul Friedman 212-887-3720 America Tonite CBS 524 W. 57th St. New York, NY 10019 Fax-Lane Vernardos 212-765-2724 Associated Press 50 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10020 National Desk: 212-621-1600 Foreign Desk: 212-621-1663 Washington bureau: 202-828-6400 CBS Evening News 524 W. 57th St New York, NY 10019 212-975-3693 FAX-Tom Bettag 212-975-1519 CBS This Morning 524 W. 57th St New York, NY 10019 212-975-2824 FAX-Eric Sorenson 212-975-2115 Christian Science Monitor CSM Publishing Co One Norway St Boston, MA 02115 800-225-7090 CNN One CNN Center BOX 105366 Atlanta, GA 30348 404-827-1500 Washington bureau: 111 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20001 202-898-7900 Crossfire CNN 111 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20001 202-898-7951 Face the Nation CBS News 2020 M St. NW Washington DC 20036 202-457-4321 FAX-Marianne Brooks 202-466-6237 Good Morning America ABC News 1965 Bway New York, NY 10023 212-496-4800 FAX-Jack Riley 212-887-4724 Larry King Live TV CNN 111 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20001 202-898-7900 FAX-ammy Haddad 202-898-7617 Larry King Show-Radio Mutual Broadcasting 1755 S. Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA 22202 703-685-2175 FAX-Pat Piper 703-685-2142 Los Angeles Times Times Mirror Square Los Angeles, CA 90053 800-528-4637 MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour P.O. Box 2626 Washington D.C. 20013 703-998-2870 MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour WNET-TV 356 West 58th St. New York, NY 10019 213-560-3113 FAX-Les Crystal 212-581-7353 Meet The Press NBC News 4001 Nebraska Ave.,NW Washington, DC 20036 202-885-4200 FAX-Christie Basham 202-362-2009 Morning Edition/ All Things Considered National Public Radio 2025 M St.,NW Washington, DC 20036 202-822-2000 NBC Nightly News 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10112 212-664-4971 FAX-Steven Friedman 212-664-6045 New York Times 229 W. 43rd St. New York, NY 10036 212-556-1234 212-556-7415 New York Times Washington Bureau 1627 Eye St.,NW,7th Fl. Washington, DC 20006 202-862-0300 Newsweek 444 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022 212-350-4000 Nightline ABC News 47 W. 66th St. New York, NY 10023 212-887-4995 FAX-Dorrance Smith 212-456-3335 202-887-7680 Nightline Ted Koppel ABC News 1717 DeSales, NW Washington DC 20036 202-887-7364 PBS 1320 Braddock Pl. Alexandria, VA 22314 703-739-5000 This Week With David Brinkley ABC News 1717 DeSales,NW Washington, DC 20036 202-887-7777 FAX-David Glodt 202-887-7977 Time Magazine Time Warner, Inc. Time & Life Bldg. Rockefeller Center New York, NY 10020 212-522-1212 Today Show NBC News 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10112 212-664-4249 United Press International 1400 Eye St.,NW Washington, DC 20006 202-898-8000 U.S. News & World Report 2400 NSt., NW Washington, DC 20037 202-955-2000 USA Today 1000 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22229 703-276-3400 Wall Street Journal 200 Liberty St. New York, NY 10281 212-416-2000 Washington Post 1150 15th St.,NW Washington, DC 20071 202-334-6000 Source: PeaceNet via The NY Transfer 718-448-2358 & 718-448-2683 --- [ This file has travelled through the Socialism OnLine! BBS at +1-203-274-4639, 24 hours, 300-9600 bps HST/MNP/V42bis, on its way to you, the reader of this file. Please share any information you have about "big brother." Venceremos! ]


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