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Msg#: 2061 *POLITICS* 09/01/88 18:27:00 From: TOM BETZ To: ALL Subj: CHRONOLOGY OF 1980 OCTOBER SURPRISE DEAL .[The following time line of 1980 Reagan Campaign Deal .With Iran was mailed to me along with a packet of .newspaper clippings that support the "October Surprise" .theory that I had previously posted. Reading all the .clippings (from everything from the Huntsville Times to the .San Francisco Examiner) makes me feel better about the .mainstream press. Maybe we just need to read the stuff .that isn't on the front page.] . .------------------------------------- .Throughout 1979 hostage crisis .and 1980 presidential campaign - CIA's Iran desk/covert .operatives rabidly pro-Reagan and anti-Carter [Witness by .M. Rafizadeh p.346] . .1980 - Iranian Cyrus Hashemi offers to open back channels .to Rafsanjani in Iran to obtain release of the 52 hostages .[San Jose Mercury News, 6/13/87, p. 21A. from L. A. .Times] . .March 1980 - Reagan Campaign pollster Richard Wirthlin .notifies Campaign that an "October Surprise" [release of the .52 hostages before the election] cannot be allowed to .happen or Carter will almost certainly win the election .[Hidden Power by R. Perry pp123-124, 144] . .April 1980 - William Casey, Reagan Campaign Manager, is .in communication with Richard Secord, then chief planner .of Carter's Desert One rescue attempt. [Rebel by D. Freed. .November 22, 1983] . .April 18, 1980 - Carter makes top-secret decision to .proceed with Desert One rescue attempt. [All Fall Down by .G. Sick] . .April 20, 1980 - Casey O.S.S. associate, Miles Copeland, .publishes details of Carter's Desert One rescue attempt, .which are continuously broadcast into Iran [Washington .Star, 4/20/80] . .April 25, 1980 - Desert One rescue attempt (chief planner .Richard Secord [Secord's testimony in Irangate hearings], .staff trained by Secord associates Cupp, Gadd and Dutton) .[San Jose Mercury News, 12/12/86, p. 23A], while Oliver .North is in Iran [The Nation, 6/20/87, by C. Hitchins] is .sabotaged by the CIA/Secret Team in communication with .Reagan Campaign Manager William Casey. [M. Rafizadeh, .Witness and personal communication]. Mrs. Cynthia Dwyer .tells Rev. Moore immediately following the attempt, in Iran, .that it was caused to fail by the CIA [Rev. Moore, personal .communication] . .May 1980 - Mrs. Cynthia Dwyer, who will become the "53rd .hostage", is taken captive in Iran. . .August 1980 - Reagan Campaign appoints Richard Beal, .assistance to campaign pollster Richard Wirthlin, to work on .counter strategies to a Carter "October Surprise." [Hidden .Power by R. Perry p. 124] and Richard V. Allen, the .campaign's chief foreign policy adviser, is appointed to head .one of two "October Surprise" groups [Albosta Committee .Report Vol. 1, pp. 47-48; NY Times 10/7/80; and San Jose .Mercury News, 4/12/87, p. 21A] . .October 10, 1980 - Iran demands list of arms and spare .parts purchased under the Shah, as part of negotiations for .release of the 52 hostages [All Fell Down by G. Sick] . .October 11, 1980 - Carter's Iran Core Group, including .Sick, compiles list of $150 million worth of U.S. arms and .spare parts, per Iran's request of the day before [All Fell .Down, pp. 369-370] . ."Early" October, 1980 - Secret Washington, D.C. meeting .between Richard V. Allen, Robert McFarland, and L. .Silberman representing the Reagan Campaign and an .emissary of Iran, who offers to release the 52 hostages on .Reagan's terms in exchange for later U.S. arms sales to .Iran, "to ensure Carter's defeat." [Knight-Ridder, 4/11-12/87; .Washington Post, 11/29/87] . .October 16 & 17, 1980 - Meeting of top Reagan Campaign .officials to decide whether to debate Carter. Decision is .made to debate even though Wirthlin's projections at the .meeting show Reagan should not debate if an "October .Surprise" can occur. [Hidden Power by R. Perry, p.144] . .October 18, 1980 - According to Wirthlin's projections, .beginning of crucial window of vulnerability for an "October .Surprise", i.e. when Carter would gain the most percentage .points at the polls, 10%, if the hostages were brought safely .home (between October 18 and 25). [Hidden Power by R. .Perry] . .October 22, 1980 - Iran suddenly drows all demands for and .discussion of arms in exchange for hostages in its .negotiations with Carter. [All Fell Down by G. Sick, pp. .371-372] . .October 24, 1980 - At Reagan Campaign national .headquarters, Ed Meese puts Admiral Robert Carrick .full-time on counter-"October Surprise" operations and .intelligence, in a campaign memorandum [Albosta .Committee Report, Vol. 1, p. 50]. In late p.m., Reagan .Campaign staffer in the campaign's Operations Center .boasts, "We don't have to worry about an 'October .Surprise.' Dick [Allen] cut a deal." [Larry King Live, .12/4/86] . .October 28, 1980 - Carter-Reagan presidential debate. .Barbara Walters asks Carter about reports that he is .negotiating a release of the 52 hostages in return for .weapons and spare parts together with unfreezing Iranian .assets. Carter responds that he intends to return to Iran .what Iran already owns. [Iran had already paid for $300 .million worth of U.S. weapons and spare parts under the .Shah]. . .Barbara Walters also asks Reagan about his plans for the .hostages. Reagan responds, "I have been accused lately of .having a secret plan with regard to the hostages...My ideas .require quiet diplomacy where you don't say what it is .you're thinking of doing." [All Fell Down, Gary Sick, p. 377] . . .October 29, 1980 - Six days before the Nov. 4 election, .Carter is assured his secret negotiations with Iran - .promising Iran $240 million in U.S. arms ans spare parts .paid for under the Shah, together with unfreezing Iranian .assets - will result in the release of the 52 hostages before .the Nov. 4 election. Iran's parliament is scheduled to meet .the next day, October 30, 1980, to approve the Carter-Iran .deal. [Miami Herald, August 9, 1987] . .October 29-30, 1980 - Richard V. Allen and George Bush .meet in Paris, France with a representative of Iranian .Mohammad Beheshti, a key member of Iran's Hostage .Policy Committee (other key members were Rafsanjani and .Khomeini's son). Bush and Allen give Beheshti's .representative bribe money to delay release of the 52 .hostages until after the 1980 election. Former Iranian .president Bani-Sadr reports that Beheshti's Hostage Policy .Committee suddenly killed Carter's plan, and the scheduled .meeting of Iran's Parliament for October 30, 1980 was .called off at the last minute. [Miami Herald, August 9, .1987; New York Times, August 3, 1987; personal .communication and call-in to radio talk show from U.S. .serviceman who was at the Allen, Bush, .Beheshti-representative meeting in Europe] . .October 30, 1980 - At the morning "October Surprise" .group meeting, Reagan Campaign Manager William Casey .boasts that the campaign doesn't have to worry about an ."October Surprise" from Carter's releasing the hostages .before the election. [Hidden Power by R. Perry, P.153] . .Following the November 4, 1980 Election - Iranian Foreign .Minister and CIA double agent Ghotzbadeh, in negotiation .with the Reagan Transition Team (Reagan's .post-election/pre-inauguration headquarters), secretly .arranges for further delays of release of the 52 hostages .until Reagan's inauguration [Former Iranian President .Bani-Sadr, San Jose Mercury News, 4/12/87, from the Miami .Herald] . .January 20, 1980, Inauguration Day - The 52 hostages are .released, as arranged; all aspects of Carter's .hostages-for-money deal are consummated by morning. [All .Fell Down by G. Sick] Mrs. Dwyer, the wife of a former .classmate of Richard V. Allen, now Reagan's first NSC .Adviser, is still held captive in Iran. . .January 21, 1980, Reagan's first full day in office - Reagan .tells Richard V. Allen, his new NSC Adviser, to tell Iran ."The deal's off" unless Mrs. Dwyer is released [Allen's .report, MacNeil-Lehrer TV Hour, 11/7/86]. The call to Iran .communicating Reagan's order linking his "deal" with Iran .to Mrs. Dwyer's release probably tape-recorded in White .House Situation Room [Washington Post, 4/13/87]. Reagan .holds first NSC meeting; topics: Iranian Ghorbanifar's .disinformation on Iran, and Libya [Seymour Hersh, San .Jose Mercury News; and Washington Post, 2/20/87] . .Late January 1981 - Secy of State Haig meets with Ariel .Sharon to discuss U.S. arms shipments to Israel [Newsweek, .12/8/86], and announces that U.S. policy toward Iran .depends on Mrs. Dwyer's release [In These Times, .6/24-7-7/87] . .February 9, 1981 - Mrs. Dwyer is released in Iran, and .returns to U.S. . .February 20, 1981 - Secy of State Haig approves Israeli sale .of U.S. arms to Iran with encouragement of McFarlane and .Ledeen, and meets with Shamir about the upcoming sales .[Wall Street Journal, 12/12/86, p. 54] . .Late February/Early March, 1981 - Israel begins shipments .of U.S> arms to Iran [LA Times, 1/25/87] NOTE: There .had to be a signed presidential finding to authorize these .early-1981 shipments of U.S. arms by Israel to Iran. That .same finding was probably used to authorize the .controversial Aug/Sept 1986 Irangate shipments to Israel, .which the White House denies there was a signed finding .for. Reason: they don't want the public to know about the .1981 shipments and their relation to Reagan's 1980 .arms-for-hostages-delay deal with Iran. . .Also Late February/Early March 1981 - Cyrus Hashemi .begins parallel shipments of U.S. arms to Iran, claiming they .are "part of an effort necessary to get the [original 52] .hostages released." [San Jose Mercury News, 4/12/87, from .LA Times; Washington Times 12/17/86; and S.F. Chronicle, .1/6/87, from Washington Post wire], and were with William .Casey and the CIA's authorization [Washington Times, .12/17/86]. . .1985-1986 - Cyrus Hashemi works with Oliver North's .Irangate network, from the very beginning [Jack Anderson, .1/26/87, S.F. Chronicle]. . .July 21, 1986 - Cyrus Hashemi murder, reportedly by .government agents [San Jose Mercury News, 6/13/87, p. .21A, from LA Times; Executive Intelligence Review, 8/1/86, .p. 47] . .-Phil Hughes . . Now, if anyone can read this and the sources referenced here, and not see clearly that Bush is the kind of louse who would make a deal forcing 52 Americans to stay imprisoned in Iran for three extra months just to insure Reagan's election... who would play power politics with innocent lives, who is so stupid as to leave himself open to blackmail by none other than the Ayatollah Khomeini... if anyone can read this and still support this louse, I must question either their intelligence or their patriotism.


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