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POT PROHIBITION...? JUST SAY... NORML NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE REFORM OF MARIJUANA LAWS The government claims you have no right to use pot, NORML disagrees. The Constitution guarantees rights to the people, not the Vice Squads. Did you know that: . Over 350,000 Americans a year are arrested on marijuana charges? . Marijuana eradication has cost California's economy over $450 million a year? . Marijuana decriminalization, in the past, has saved Californians $100 million a year? . The primary cause of drug accidents and violence is alcohol, not marijuana? . Urine tests register positive for marijuana 1-4 weeks after smoking? STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. DON'T JUST TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER! For free information on marijuana, marijuana laws, and drug testing contact: NORML 8749 Holloway Dr. West Hollywood, CA. 90069 (213)652-8654 NORML NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR THE REFORM OF MARIJUANA LAWS WHAT IS NORML? NORML is a non-profit, tax exempt educational organization supported by tax-deductible contributions from the general public. NORML provides the public with up-to-date, verifiable information about marijuana, the laws relating to marijuana, and the effects they have on American society. We respond to requests for information about marijuana from students, reporters, legislators, researchers, lawyers, health professionals, members and the general public every working day. ARE THERE LOCAL CHAPTERS? At the local level, NORML chapters work to educate the public and publicize the services NORML offers. Active members pass out educational materials, post notices, donate publications to libraries, hold public forums, write letters-to-the-editor, monitor court proceedings, and stage local demonstration. Working with a chapter, or alone, NORML members help raise public consciousness on the marijuana issue locally by participating in public affairs in their community. NORML ON DRUG ABUSE NORML is an outspoken critic of federal policy calling for harsh punishment for marijuana users. NORML favors a system of legal civil regulation and control of marijuana. Some who support the current system mislabel this position as "pro-drug". NORML does not advocate the use of any drug, not even marijuana. At the same time, NORML supports a system under which marijuana may be legally obtained. NORML distinguishes between the use and abuse of drugs, and notes it is only possible to discourage abuse if there is some legitimate control over distribution. (CONTINUED) NORML ON DRUG ABUSE - (Continued) We believe that consistency is a true mark of integrity. Marijuana is less dangerous than many commonly used substances. It is hypocritical to ban marijuana, while at the same time selling alcohol and tobacco. WHAT NORML DOES NORML's primary function is to serve the public. We respond to dozens of phone calls and letters every day requesting information on: . MARIJUANA AND HEALTH . MARIJUANA LAWS . THE LEGALIZATION DEBATE . URINALYSIS . REFERRALS TO LOCAL ATTORNEYS . DEVELOPMENTS IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM . LOCAL MARIJUANA REFORM ORANIZATIONS . RESEARCH CONCERNING DRUGS . LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS . EFFORTS TO CHANGE PENALTIES . AND OTHER RELATED TOPICS Our national staff is aided by hundreds of volunteers across the country in the effort to inform the American public on topics relating to marijuana. Volunteers also help us distribute publications prepared by our staff. Last year NORML distributed thousands of brochures and magazines about marijuana to the general public, including donations to schools and local libraries. NORML works with people. We counsel individuals, providing them with information and advice or referring them to people who can. We work with individuals to help them accomplish goals - whether they want to prepare for school assignments, or organize their friends to work for reform. The most important of all our activities is NORML's ongoing effort to record the stories of Americans whose lives have been damaged by Marijuana prohibition. The pain of a jail sentence, a false urinalysis test, and the inability to obtain marijuana for its medicinal properties, are measures of the profound effect marijuana prohibition has had on American society. NORML preserves the record of this tragic injustice, a record best expressed in human terms. HOW NORML REACTS When people started to question the logic of criminalizing marijuana in 1970, NORML persuaded the public to agree that adults shouldn't go to jail for marijuana use. NORML helped 11 states decriminalize marijuana possession, and works to keep those laws in place. In 1972, when research indicated that marijuana possessed potential medical value, NORML filed a lawsuit to compel the government to recognize marijuana's therapeutic uses. NORML helped persuade 33 states to adopt laws allowing marijuana's medical use. On September 6,1988, DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young decided the suit in NORML's favor making marijuana medically available. When in became clear that lies were being told about the health effects of marijuana, such as the case of its reputed ill-effect on the immune system reported in the mid 1970's, NORML reacted by gathering facts, analysis, and research from eminent experts to refute this typical scare story. When the government advocated spraying Paraquat on marijuana in the United States, NORML led the public outcry which halted the program. NORML demanded and won an injunction against the spraying until the completion of proper enviormental study, which established reasonable safeguards for use of any herbicide in marijuana eradication, and effectivly shutting down the use of Paraquat for marijuana eradication in the United States. When government para-military forces invaded Northern California, and engaged in improper search and seizure, harassment, and other illegal tactics in an anti-marijuana campaign. NORML worked with local attorneys to win a federal court order restraining the federal Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (C.A.M.P.) program to ensure compliance with the law. When urinalysis testing became widespread several years ago, NORML became a clearinghouse for legal and technical information, including information about recent developments. NORML also launched a lawsuit challenging the legality of the military's testing program. (CONTINUED) HOW NORML REACTS (Cont.) When misuse of inaccurate urinalysis results became apparent, NORML successfully petitioned the FDA to prevent marketing of over-the-counter urine test kits, and to stiffen the regulatory requirements of kits sold to laboratories. As discontent about urinalysis testing grew, NORML has held protests to demonstrate the opposition of much of the public to testing. NORML continues to be a leader in the fight for civil rights and privacy against urine testing. THE MARIJUANA ISSUE - WHY EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT The policy of jailing people for marijuana use is based on the premise that marijuana is a "dangerous" drug. Yet commissions appointed by the British government in 1898, the city of New York in 1944, the U.S. government in 1972, the Canadian government in 1974, the Austrailian government in 1977, the United States government again in 1982, and the British government in 1982 as well, have consistently refuted that notion. Efforts to stiffen marijuana penalties, or recriminalize marijuana in some states, are based on the claim that marijuana is more potent today, and therefore more dangerous. Prohibitionists contend that more potent marijuana renders previous research, including the work of the commissions mentioned above, irrelevant. Yet, the fact is that potent marijuana has always been around. Prohibition has driven the market to make potent pot more widely available than before, since it is more profitable. As with alcohol, however, marijuana smokers compensate for higher potency by using less. Unlike alcohol, and most other drugs, marijuana has an extremely low toxicity - it is impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana. Marijuana has been used by humans for thousands of years. Marijuana has not changed in the last ten years, although the arguments used to justify the prohibition have changed. Ignorance about marijuana and its use have been responsible for the unnecessary and unjust arrests of 300,000 - 400,000 American citizens each year over the last 15 years. Since 1965, over 8 million people have been arrested for a marijuana "crime". (CONTINUED) THE MARIJUANA ISSUE - (Cont.) Without public education, our government bases its policies on discredited information. Without public education, social leaders disseminate inaccurate and distorted information. Without public education, failed policies remain popular. This is why NORML is so important today. Please, join. HOW SHOULD YOU REACT GET VOCAL!!! Tell your legislators, and your Congressmen you believe marijuana, and marijuana users should be excluded from the "War on Drugs" JOIN NORML!!!! Send in the coupon on this page, along with your $25 annual membership to: NORML Suite #640 2001 'S' Street NW Washington DC, 20009 NORML's activities are funded by Tax-Deductible contributions from the public. Please give generously. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- NAME:-------------------------------------------- ADDRESS:----------------------------------------- CITY/ST/ZIP:------------------------------------- [] Regular Membership: $25 [] Low-Income Membership: $15 [] Family Membership: $35 Contributions: []$250 []$100 []$ Membership includes a subscription to THE LEAFLET, special product offerings, and more! ----------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------


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