DOWNLOADED FROM THE BIG ELECTRIC CAT (USENET) 1-212-879-9031 Excerpts from Alfonso Chardy'

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DOWNLOADED FROM THE BIG ELECTRIC CAT (USENET) 1-212-879-9031 Excerpts from Alfonso Chardy's July 5th _Miami Herald_ article on the secret government. Also inserted below are a few relevant excerpts from an affidavit filed last December by Daniel Sheehan, an attorney and general counsel of the Christic Institute. ... the affidavit in its entirety [is] fascinating, scary, and extremely detailed -- but it's huge, 146K bytes. Lines beginning with <> are from the Miami Herald article; all other lines are excerpts from the Christic Institute affidavit. <>From the MIAMI HEARALD, P.1, July 5, 1987 (edited for brevity) <> <>REAGAN AIDES AND THE `SECRET' GOVERNMENT <>by Alfonso Chardy <>Herald Washington Bureau <> <> WASHINGTON - Some of president Reagan's top advisers have <>operated a virtual parallel government outside the traditional Cabinet <>departments and agencies almost from the day Reagan took office, <>congressional investigators and administration officials have concluded. <> Investigators believe that the advisters' activities extended well <>beyond the secret arms sales to Iran and aid to the contras now under <>investigation. In the process, the Institute's investigators uncovered, long before the public exposure of the Iran arms deal, a "Secret Team" of former high ranking Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. military officials. Lt. Col. Oliver North turned to this Secret Team on behalf of the White House to re-establish the private Contra aid network after the passage of the Congressional ban on government aid. North later used the same group of men to carry out the Iranian arms deal. This affidavit outlines the Secret Team's history of political assassination and terrorism funded through drug smuggling and arms trafficking beginning in the early 1960's. The sources have been kept, for the most part, anonymous. Some seek immunity from criminal prosecution; others will testify only when if subpoenaed and forced to answer under oath. Many need to be assured of their personal safety. They include journalists, law enforcement officers, current and former high ranking Central Intelligence Agency officials, American mercenaries, individual contras, drug smugglers, and the pilots who have flown guns from the U.S. and returned with cocaine. This information is accurate to the best of our information on December 12, 1986, the day it was filed with the court and become [sic] a public record. Created without the federal subpoena power given to plaintiffs in later stages of a civil lawsuit, it demonstrates the abundant evidence available to those willing to look for it. <> Lt. Col. Oliver North, for example, helped draw up a controversial <>plan to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis, such <>as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent or national <>opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad. ... <> The plan did not define national crisis, but it was understood to <>be nuclear war, violent and wide-spread internal dissent, or national <>opposition against a military invasion abroad. [NOTE THAT LAST] ... <> The official said the contingency plan was written as part of an <>executive order or legislative package that Reagan would sign and hold <>within the NSC until a severe crisis arose. ... <> It is unclear whether the executive order was signed or whether it <>contained the martial law plans. Congressional sources familiar with <>national disaster procedures said they believe Reagan did sign an <>executive order in 1984 that revised national military mobilization <>measures to deal with civilians in case of nuclear war or other crisis. 17. During the second week of April of 1984, I was informed by Source #4 that President Ronald Reagan had, on April 6, 1984, issued National Security Decision Directive #52 authorizing Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Louis O. Giuffrida and his Deputy Frank Salcedo to undertake a secret, nation-wide, "readiness exercise" code-named "REX 84". This exercise was to test the "readiness" of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to exercise civilian supervisory authority over defense Department personnel, the personnel of all 50 State National Guard units and numerous, state-based "State Defense Force" units (which were to be established, at the behest of FEMA, by state legislative enactments) -- in the event that President Reagan chose to declare a "State of Domestic National Emergency" concurrent with the launching of a direct United States military operation into Central America. This military operation was to be code-named "Operation Night-Train." ... 20. During the third week of April of 1984, Source #7 obtained for me an introduction to Source #8 -- a member of the Legal Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the office headed up by FEMA General Counsel George Delt [sic]. 21. Source #8, who was known by Source #7 to be an honest and trustworthy source of information based upon Source #7's direct experience with him, was shocked that I had such accurate information concerning the content of Presidential National Security Decision Directive #52, but he expressly confirmed the accuracy of the intelligence report given to me by Source #4 concerning the two-fold mission of REX 84. Source #8 expressed directly to me a high degree of fear and anxiety about the legality of what was being planned by FEMA General Counsel George Jett, FEMA Director Louis O. Giuffrida and FEMA Deputy Director Frank Salcedo. Source #8 reported to me that he had never before seen inside FEMA such an intense level of security concerning any program. Source #8 reported to me that FEMA General Counsel George Jett had ordered the installation of a special metal security door into the hallway on the fifth floor of the FEMA building in Washington, D.C. -- behind which door all of the planning for REX 84 was being conducted. Indeed, Source #8 reported to me that even long-standing employees of the civil defense division of the Federal Executive Department possessing the highest possible security clearances were not being allowed through the newly-installed metal security door on the fifth floor of the FEMA building to have access to the planning of REX 84. Source #8 reported that only FEMA Director Louis O. Giuffrida, his Deputy Director Frank Salcedo, FEMA General Counsel George Jett -- and a few other men whom Source #8 noticed all wore a small red Christian cross, or crucifix pin, on the lapel of their suits -- were even allowed through the metal security doors on the fifth floor of the FEMA building to have access to REX 84 information. Through a Source #9, I was able to obtain a series of Federal documents from inside FEMA which tend to confirm the above-reported description of the FEMA activities reported to me during April of 1984. ... 23. In mid-May of 1984, I was informed by Source #10, who was a professional journalist in New Orleans, Louisiana, that he had learned that [page 8] the State Legislatures of Louisiana, Alabama and Texas had sometime around April 1984 or May 1984 each passed legislation establishing units known as "State Defense Forces". Source #10 informed me that he was extremely concerned about this because the only people in Louisiana, Alabama or Texas who seemed to have heard of the passage of these statutes -- and who were, therefore, signing up to join these State Defense Forces -- were ultra right-wing para-military "survivalist-types", or "soldiers-of-fortune-types", who were being advised to sign up for these State Defense Force units at weekend Survivalist Training Centers or ultra-right "war-game" schools. Source #10 informed me that this concern on his part had caused him to undertake an investigation to ascertain what was going on regarding the State Defense Force units in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. Source #10 informed me that he had discovered that a group of men in Texas who had all signed up for the Texas units had been expelled by the Texas National Guard for being too radically right wing. This investigation led him to a Louisiana State National Guard Colonel, Source #11. Source #10 informed me that this Louisiana State National Guard Colonel had informed Source #10 that the State Defense Force unit in Louisiana was -- in the near future -- (this being in May of 1984) going to be receiving a large quantity of small arms and ammunition "in some kind of war game activity" supervised by the federal government -- but that the State Defense Force in Louisiana "was only going to have to give back of the arms and ammunition received in the war-games. The half which were left with them were going to be smuggled out of the country in Central America." This was to be achieved, according to the Colonel, by re-valuing the weapons, while in the field, from "manufacturer's" value to "replacement value", and then collecting the same dollar value, as was at the outset of the war-game. ... [There's a whole lot more, complete with names, dates, and references. It's pretty clear that the whole Iran-contra scam is just the tip of the iceberg.] If information contained in this Affidavit is reprinted, broadcast, or used in any way please credit the Christic Institute, a religious, public interest law firm and public policy center. The Institute is dependant [sic] on tax-deductible donations from individuals and from Christian, Jewish, and private foundations. The Christic Institute 1324 North Capitol Street Washington, DC 20002 (202) 797-8106 Contributions to the are tax-deductible. -- the Strike Force Government -- summary of a talk show Major X described himself as a member of an organization formed by the NSC called the SFG (Strike Force Government). The SFG was apparently formed during the end of Carter's presidency. It seems that the NSC was so fed up with the politics of Carter and his handling of the Iran Hostage situation that they decided to do something about it. The SFG was formed for the purpose of a military takeover of the US Government! A select group of top ranking military officers were chosen to step in and assume control of the federal government in the event that the president or Congress acted in a manner that they determined to be endangering to the country. Key members of the administration and Congress were targeted for military arrest and detainment while a "panel" of military leaders would step in. This is purported to be an existing oraganization that still maintains and updates this plan of action - the list of "targets" is kept up to date and their actions are continuously monitored. Supposedly, each of these targets has a military aide. The implication was that these aides would be called on to assist (or carry out) the arrest and detention. It gets even crazier. Once the transition of power has taken place (Major X claimed that it would happen so quickly, quietly, and smoothly that the American public would barely be aware of it), the first thing they would do is institute marshall law and impose a military curfew until order is assured. NEXT - get this (this guy was dead serious) - they would replace the Constitution with their own rewritten, "simplified" version! He said that it is the opinion of the people behind this group that the Constitution is out of date, too verbose, and grants too much freedom. Their new sanitized version would do away with (this talk show was not intended as a joke or fiction) freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Major X stated that the freedoms granted for speech and assembly were way out of line and very destructive to the fabric of American society and the integrity of the nation's security.


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