Article 6825 of alt.conspiracy Subject +quot;JFK+quot; lights fire under Sen. Specter Date

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Article 6825 of alt.conspiracy: From: Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies,alt.conspiracy,talk.politics.misc Subject: "JFK" lights fire under Sen. Specter Message-ID: <> Date: 6 Jan 92 03:56:46 GMT Sender: Organization: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA Lines: 27 Excerpts from "`JFK' puts a new blot on image of Specter" by Katharine Seelye (Knight-Ridder News Service): Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., already running for re-election during a recession, suddenly finds himself with another load of unwanted baggage-- courtesy of Hollywood. Back in 1964, Specter was an investigator for the Warren Commission and posited the single-bullet theory... In a freak accident of bad timing for Specter, the movie "JFK" now resurrects the single-bullet theory and portrays it as utterly prepos- terous... With it comes Specter's name--and the derisive hoots of moviegoers across the country... For Specter, the boils down to the ultimate three-second negative political spot. In the movie,...Kevin Costner, playing...Jim Garrison, calls Specter "an ambitious junior counselor" and brands his theory "one of the grossest lies ever forced on the American people." At the mention of Specter's name, some members of some audiences in Philadelphia and elsewhere hoot, cheer and applaud in apparent agreement with the disparaging reference. Asked if he intended to sue for libel, Specter said: "No comment."


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